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  1. crazy, now he's not a soldier that was under distress, but he's actually a gang-member that was high on coke and listening to gangsta rap. it was just a gang thing.
  2. Yeah it's a stretch. You should say: " I see Cuban culture like Cuban culture before columbus" but it doesn't work that way, you're trying to compare genocide to exploitation. By exploiting the culture it would probably encourage their culture, maybe the language might change to english, but what the hell, they seem to be pretty down with the whole syncretic culture.
  3. this is how it starts. you're a fan now. go to winners, they have cheap g-unit shirts
  4. it's funny how the spot lights remain on g-unit throughout the whole melee
  5. "it's like gettin two birds stoned at once"
  6. i saw a monkey run accross the street into a bush. i thought i was tripping, and didn't tell anyone til i read in the paper like a week later that this guy had found his missing monkey.apparently he has a whole bunch of cool animals. who's seen nothing but trouble? ok you know those 2 fat retard brothers? well once we were painting in this skinny tunnel that goes under a freeway and we hear the sounds of motorbikes coming, we hesitate on what to do, when these 2 really fat retard looking dudes come riding around the corner and through the tunnel on 50cc mini suzukis from like the 70's the ones with the lawnmower type starters, they rolled through and kicked over all the cans we had sitting around. one didn't even have a shirt on. we laughed after they were gone, but it was still weird found a table saw and a chainsaw hidden in a bush. we were all stoked til we saw that there was blood on the chain saw. i got a little freaked, but we went back to my homies ride and drove back to steal the table saw and both saws were gone. we were only gone for about 8-10 minutes. some people i tell that story too say that sometimes chain saw oil is red, but i'm pretty sure this was a bloody saw. either way it's weird that they were gone so quickly
  7. ellen's here and now dvd is on the boob tube now. it's funny as fuck
  8. absentee balot 3 weeks ago. NDP.
  9. if anyone in albuquerque wants to hook up and paint or something email me. ihadto@hotmail.com i'll be here for about a month. peace
  10. lol. chamele reminds me of my ex girlfriend andrea.
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