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  1. quadruple fisting will do that to you!
  2. bump for that buhue shit. i flicked that gold freeway yesterday...looking good. im positive thats some sj shit.
  3. im feeling the doterology. some sick colors. thats mane.
  4. so much hate directed toward the dogs on this thread. id rather see the pictures of these cute dogs than the ugly girls who post their shit pictures on this thread. talk about the real dogs in here.
  5. fuck kure, dirty work snitch, fucking nobody...nice cirv...
  6. To the sweetest, sexiest girl I know....happy birthday baby!
  7. where the fuck you at gassy gus?
  8. I never thought she was hot, now she's just fucking hurt ugly. She's not just borderline retarded but fully retarded.
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