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  1. SEKAonerHW


    but what I wanna know is how the fuck is there a trail of Komes tags right to my house? comes? holmes? did you come see us rap? 6.dos
  2. fuck me. thats a fucking dope post. Elk is te man. Caught a very dope QGRY of his this weekend. propperz. www.13stars.org www.endemikmusic.com
  3. I was wondering if anyone has all the flix from the Matokie Slaughter RIP post. I would really like someone to email me em if so, as my computer did crash and I lost em... (ps; i checked the original thread but a lot of the photos had been removed from thier servers...) thanks sixtoo@hfx.eastlink.ca AIM: sickztooh
  4. breast cancer is a hard one to beat. rest in peace, sincere condolences to friends, family and admirers SEKA
  5. SEKAonerHW


    I hate most "graf gear"..but I do however like a lot of graf-inspired design. I have 4 l's and 2 xxl's left of my latest rags. "sixtoo.1200hobos" at the top and "kill all tracks" below the commuter trains (which were stolen without permission from http://www.dutchdamage.com...a dope little site). I might trade off the remainders for some slick ass packeges. SEKA. www.sixtoo.com
  6. man you fools are tripping. Im fucking iced out in 14-karrot maple leaf earrings. http://sixtoo.com redesigned today as well. SEKA
  7. prevously caught in Halifax, Canada three weeks prior. Sectr got video footage of it... peacers, SEKA
  8. Modern: your shit is killin bro. Great crushes, no doubt...If you see the homie Five, tell him i said whattup, as well as devi and rinso. I also think Im jocking peach...but it could just bee those eyes on the characters. Youll have to excuse me, it has been a minute. Hey man, i just figured out that Im not gonna be bumpin at scribble this year, the funds are too tight, and my distributors dont pay, so thats the way love goes. Ill send you a packege next week though. i lost your email addy, hence my bare chest. Peacers. SEKAeshdub
  9. Actually, let me check myself...I have in fact just realized that you were not one of the toys that wrote on my house. If you do however decide to write on my house and join your friends, you may take that before-mentioned ass whooping into account. My bad. SEKAtheinternetthug
  10. Geto: I like that bcit a lot, the rest are aight. I wish I caught some of that other shit. peace homie. Come back to our house soon...and speaking of my house.... Etch: you ever write on my house again and Ill beat your ass right off your skeleton, comprende amigo? You cats hella fucked up by getting your little tags up on our roller...which gets to slide once...you have been warned. Keep fucking around and ALL your shit will be outta commision. SEKAonerHfuckingDubblEwe.
  11. fresh kills. I likes. SEKA (hatewhitey)
  12. BMT = Big Motherfuckin Tokes. that shit is blaze
  13. Im jocking anek http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//smile.gif'> heh SEKA.HW
  14. fucking sick. Im loving all that shit. peace!
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