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  1. "SIGN YOUR NAME"-Terrence Trent Darby "Stop Before we Start"-Bobby Womack feat. Candy Staton "T.O.P."-C-RAYZ WALZ
  2. The song is "BEATBOP: K-ROB vs. RAM-EL-ZEE"
  3. Stetsasonic- "Go Stetsa" T-LaRock- "It's Yours" Jeru Tha Damaja- "Come Clean" Run-DMC- "Peter Piper"
  4. Trust me...it's heavy duty. Oh, and if your refering to the synopsis i just posted above...perhaps you need to read a little slower there duke.
  5. _New book deals with Graffiti in NYC back in the day:"Fortress of Solitude", check it out http://www.randomhouse.com/features/fortre...ress/index.html This is the story of two boys, Dylan Ebdus and Mingus Rude. They are friends and neighbors, but because Dylan is white and Mingus is black, their friendship is not simple. This is the story of their Brooklyn neighborhood, which is almost exclusively black despite the first whispers of something that will become known as "gentrification." This is the story of 1970s America, a time when the most simple human decisions-what music you listen to, whether to speak to the kid in the seat next to you, whether to give up your lunch money-are laden with potential political, social and racial disaster. This is the story of 1990s America, when no one cared anymore. This is the story of punk, that easy white rebellion, and crack, that monstrous plague. This is the story of the loneliness of the avant-garde artist and the exuberance of the graffiti artist. This is the story of what would happen if two teenaged boys obsessed with comic book heroes actually had superpowers: They would screw up their lives. This is the story of joyous afternoons of stickball and dreaded years of schoolyard extortion. This is the story of belonging to a society that doesn't accept you. This is the story of prison and of college, of Brooklyn and Berkeley, of soul and rap, of murder and redemption. This is the story Jonathan Lethem was born to tell. This is THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE.
  6. TESS and NO preceded the Guerilla Girls by several years.
  7. http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/28/bomb09.jpg'>
  8. http://www.confusedrobot.co.uk/hurtyoubad/28/bomb15.jpg'> now appearing in Old London Town
  9. http://image.pbase.com/u30/njrep/large/18507313.DCP_2320.jpg'>
  10. Somebody better post my shit...or I'm gonna have hurt feelings.
  11. Duke, this post was started in 2001...when the current NYC thread didn't exist, why someone brought it back I dont know. If you are refering to me as an "out of state fuck" for starting this thread, then why don't you begin by saying what you write? Me, I write KEO T.O.P., G.N.D., X-MEN, B.Y.I., TC-5... Brooklyn Born and Bred since 1967. Hit damn near every line that layed-up in Brooklyn (and when I say hit the line...I mean the TRAIN, not the rooftops NEAR the line.) I did pieces on CC flats, Double R's, shit that don't even exist except in movies anymore... Now if you wanna state your pedigree, I am always pleased to talk to someone who knows "more about bk than all u's put together". Peace.
  12. This cat needs to colab with Rick James...maybe get Bobby and Whitney on the track, intro by Daryl Strawberry or Marion Barry. Shit would be ill.
  13. http://durocia.com/images/00d_dike.jpg'> ...there you go, DIKE T.O.P. 1977.
  14. KURL= Devious Doze...The Cool 5 HEART= Lady Heart, one of the nastiest female writers ever
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