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  1. Two isues I wanna bring up: 1. toyeattoywar brought up the idea of "paying dues" again. Shit, Wallnuts has their dues paid before ANY other crew outside of NY and SF, basically. Riot, Demer, Muse, Cope and OH hit cleans. Muse, Free5,. Kern and Met kings of freights... anyway, its funny to hear people talk about 'paying dues' anyway, cuz who gives a shit at the end of the day? I guess graffiti to me is a social deal if someone is cool, he's down to chill and paint with me, even if he just stated writting yesterday. Mostly cuz most people who are 'real graffiti writers' are fucking assholes... onward to point two: 2. Cuz I'm not from NY I have a question/comment. the way i always saw NY styles was basically 3 piecing schools: the TKid type shit (FX, etc) , the Sento/Ghost shit (loopy shit like early Wallnuts, BFK, Crow, etc) and the ID (clark, Wise...) type shit like straght letter shit almost like old SF shit, am i way off?
  2. sucks well, i know first hand that the FBI is involved with freights and freight yards now. instead of being chased out of a yard by cops or workers, my boy got raided by FBI, the day after he painted. they picked him up in from of his house. no idea how they tracked him down. "federal offense" means a whole new thing when the FBI is involved. they ended up handing him over to the local authorities... whatever...
  3. yeah, he is thinkin'! dude, what if a bunch of non-hip hop people show up. or worse yet: WHITE PEOPLE!
  4. i love this... looks awsome w/o the help of colors or a 3d. know what i mean? god, muse has style! NICE POST, by the way...
  5. god! this 'event' sound bootilicious. so much hip hop culture! i can't believe i'm gonna miss it, cuz it's the same day as the p-diddy, nelly and dmx show in my town. i gotta represent, you know. i have my blue timberlands and my shiny all denim fila suit ready to rock. i mean, ready to chill. that's what us graffers do. we chill. viva el hip hop!
  6. that "resto" is doooooooooooooope
  7. i must say i also do like kyt at all. i've met a few of them and they were cool, but i hate the crew over all and their style. my 5 cents.
  8. i happen to know for a fact that a few of KYT members DO watch television.
  9. dam! that vizie is ill! that kid is off the gancho!
  10. A few more famous Jesse's ... also don't forget Jesse's girl! http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/27/ret.jackson.cnna/story.jesse.jackson.jpg'> http://www.doli.state.mn.us/jesse.jpg'> http://www.glamazonfollies.com/Jesse-Roxy3.jpg'>
  11. two things: 1. Jesse is the man, and anyone living in the NYC area knows it. Big ups! 2. La Mano is a fucking dope writer, i didnt know he'd been in NY...
  12. http://jjj.image.pbase.com/u11/fr8rider/upload/6713000.Grey.jpg'>
  13. http://jjj.image.pbase.com/u12/fr8rider/upload/3111635.High.jpg'> does anyone have a flick of the wholecar i'm talking about? i know i've seen it here before...
  14. Re: yo i'm with ya' there. i never understood what all the fuzz was about.
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