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  1. http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/sear.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/sever.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/trixter.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/ucron.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/zroejolt.jpg'>
  2. http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/learn.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/lovelife.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/mesko.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/neva1_1.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/phemstun.jpg'>
  3. http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/heat.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/hush.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/irm.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/join17FR8.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/graffiti/korah.jpg'>
  4. Neva thread! Good idea... Gimmie a couple days to get my stuff together. Keep it up, good stuff Raer.
  5. Wow, I guess I gotta say it again. I'M NOT JOINER!!! He's been hitting a lot of frieghts lately and I thought I'd post a few. Damn, get off your high horse kiddies! _Fazer_
  6. I'd just like to clear up some confusion, I'm not Joiner. This is not a shameless plug. I write Fazer, but I just felt like putting some of his flix up here. I wasn't aware that in order to post or start a thread featuring an artist, they had to meet certain specifications. Join is just doing his thing, I know some of you are feeling it. But, if your not... I apologize.
  7. http://www.djmener.com/join/join7FR8.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/join/join10FR8.jpg'> Please post more if you've got 'em!
  8. http://www.djmener.com/join/join12FR8.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/join/join13FR8.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/join/join14FR8.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/join/join15FR8.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/join/join16FR8.jpg'> more coming...
  9. http://www.djmener.com/join/join2FR8.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/join/join3FR8.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/join/join4FR8.jpg'> http://www.djmener.com/join/join5FR8.jpg'> more coming...
  10. :scream: *BUMP* Joiner! *BUMP* Post More Join Fr8's!
  11. This flyer was sent to people all over the community. http://www.hometown.aol.com/NAUGHTYDWG/flyer.jpg'> I'm going to go there and voice my opinion, I've been writing graffiti in Reno for over 3 years now and I don't want the meeting to consist of 3 old ladies bitching about a subject that don't even know about. So, anyone interested I need help, advice, your opinions, info, stats, or even just some good luck. A lot of people have been tossing me ideas of a legal wall, but Reno hasn't ever had a legal wall nor have I ever painted one. So with that said I might also need articles, info, and opinions on how legal walls could help. Thanks for your time and I apologize if this is in the wrong thread, I thought more people might see it here. :huh?:
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