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touched by a priest

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  1. jet, you wont battle anyone. yer a fuckin toy, and will always be toy. might as well quit.
  2. yeah, that was a fun night... so im told.
  3. JET WHY ARE YOU SOOO TOY? its the unfamous jet#437. dont worry about him, hes jealous cuz u got more spots on the pike than him, and thought of a few ideas hes too dumb to think up. by the way jet, im not monoe, fuck, i dont even write anymore, but monoe is going to find you, and when he does, watch out...
  4. you can fuck jetone, add, in the ass, 26 times, for 25 dollars.
  5. no, thats what your guys are all about.
  6. jet, isnt that your moms/makers job, dicksucker? hahahaha, boston cracks me up sometimes.
  7. drop dwelito a loin i mean line too if you get a chance...
  8. not to their face, but remember trendy steve from work? jeez, joke, lighten up. and you dont look like that i agree, you look like a raver!!!! again a joke.
  9. sounds like makro's been giving you a hard time.
  10. for you trainspotting fans, check out a movie called twin town if you can find it. dope movie, one of the funniet this shit talker has ever seen.
  11. uh ohhhhhhhhh someone's got a fan That's weird, I don't think he's biting bob hope and kema...maybe you're thinking of me. I fuckin bite those dudes hard. I once did a piece that said Bob Kemope. It was dope too, just cut and paste stuff. I have one of Bob Hope's dirty socks pinned on my wall. I do agree with you on one thing though, African Americans really are aware. oh crap...i forgot to create a new name for the sole purpose of saying this. whoops. [This message has been edited by Pilau Hands (edited 09-19-2001).] yeah, its cuz your wack that you forgot to re register. ne-fucking-oners whats up kid?
  12. the smart kids paint the empty ones. a lil common sense woulda told you that. jeez...
  13. haha, this whole thread was a joke. that last comment i made was a joke.
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