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  1. begr...chris...veks....detok...urine and all on some of the best trains on the rails. quality post homie
  2. bump with more fliks. http://yourphotos.com/users/2776/suckerherbs.JPG'> aeon.. kick... rade...
  3. El Guapo

    Some flixs?

    Hahahahaha...hahahahahahahahahaaaaaha ok im done
  4. very nice post~ as well as the update on the site.
  5. excellent post my friend. check your email if you would.... heven and chunk kill shit,period.
  6. good post money...erupto and ahcer stomp ya.....
  7. that doesnt look like a worker diss bro..... as much as i hate to say it. but of course we wont know who did it because they leave no names....pussys
  8. i want my flick of that train you fuck ! and i'll take a copy of that cavs/sento also b u m p
  9. that would be moNe slick...as stated below it....:cool:
  10. i cant take all the credit...some flicks are courtesy of my man tax jiant bumppp
  11. http://yourphotos.com/users/2776/SUPERPOST6.JPG'> rumer FS heat... ny tour supreme by zine...whoaaa
  12. http://yourphotos.com/users/2776/SUPERPOST5.JPG'> awe..shit heat/isto on the dopest train... zine/mone.. thanks renko
  13. http://yourphotos.com/users/2776/SUPERPOST3.JPG'> vibes 97 hence 97 sien5/ces who cares how old it is...
  14. http://yourphotos.com/users/2776/SUPERPOST4.JPG'> dg/aven.. jase/con pre..
  15. El Guapo

    graf tattoos

    dont sleep...my man ASHER also
  16. http://yourphotos.com/users/4867/1.jpg'> http://yourphotos.com/users/4867/2.jpg'> http://yourphotos.com/users/4867/3.jpg'> [This message has been edited by El Guapo (edited 09-20-2001).]
  17. http://yourphotos.com/users/2776/Spoter.jpg'> one i caught a while back..
  18. very nice met/when. much respect r.i.paint
  19. zack...email me @ elguapoe78@aol.com thanks
  20. byuo7b9 mckxksmqhapo?>;LMCXCNL.
  21. cenzo dances a realllly good jig....EMSHINES!
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