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  1. good ass shit, i lived in sao paulo for two years and got to witness some of the works they have done, and like it was said it is a direct corrilation to what society is like there.. alot of them are illegal because the police force in that part of brasil is almost non-existant.. damn good post
  2. yo tuckfart nice website..
  3. this chick mrs*erms and her hermaferdite friend ieo12 bombed good and plenty http://www.imgstudio.com/lthumb/82014532316.jpg'>
  4. nope that kid in that flick wasn't me, nor ieo12, but its one of my boys
  5. what could you possibly mean by that statement? don't take this serously
  6. Mad props on that wall, wie, mad, cykeo, deem, mako, chose, zyon, snoe, sec, MASK, KEVER.. dope shit, mask, i have always given you props when i see your stuff on here, your definitely killn it.. Kever, damn good shit, i m loven it, still waiting for a response from you bout goin and gettin up.. Bored, i keep trying to go out and paint with you, we gotta pull what we did before..
  7. DAMN! giant, emer, sever, dream! excuse me, i gotta go clean the load out my pants
  8. word mask, i ggot those same flicks of mes, rebel, and filth..
  9. your more of an embarasement to va then me..
  10. i am lovin that shit, post some flix of your stuff on walls..
  11. damn good stuff, keep that stuff up..
  12. I would hate to tell all of you this but he isn't british.. hes german, ask mask, i meet the man and he said his name ment in german (rei) and the he is from germany..
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