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salty cracker

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  1. salty cracker


    1. It's good to see jobes is still alive. 2. I thought norman mailer was dead(or did he take someone elses life, I assume I got stories mixed up) 3. Regardless of sexual preference the boston thread definatley needed a vacation. 4. Battles don't count for much, it all boils down to opinion, this mans opinion is that target came off. 5. How do you spend a half hour looking for a thread?
  2. salty cracker

    Québec love...part/1

    Big up the dorian 3 and green flats from the great white north.
  3. salty cracker

    Diary of a trainbomber [Eyegasm Update]

    Those multiple choice questions made me chuckle, good stuff.
  4. salty cracker

    The Babble

    Big up the dreaded assasin,,,mash dem down.
  5. salty cracker

    random walls YOU LIKE

  6. salty cracker

    As Previously Mentioned

    Those things actually get caught, go figure.
  7. salty cracker

    The Wonderful Copenhagen Thread

    Say word, yo!
  8. salty cracker


    It's funny when you start a post asking why people are talking about another writer. Then you spend the rest of the post talking about him. Regardless of what I think of his style, I saw him up everywhere in austin. That gets respect.
  9. salty cracker

    Peeta: is this real?

    Like totally brah....
  10. salty cracker

    The Wonderful Copenhagen Thread

    I will go ahead and say word.
  11. salty cracker

    The Wonderful Copenhagen Thread

  12. salty cracker

    The Wonderful Copenhagen Thread

  13. salty cracker

    The Wonderful Copenhagen Thread

    Great thread.
  14. salty cracker


    Even gayer than that it says 2001 right above it.
  15. salty cracker

    europeiske gutter med diamant stil!

    I really cant front on the cityfox front page. Matching goggles for the whole crew. Hip-hop? oh I think so.