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  1. "a real thug is a thug that's hush" so yeah i haven't been on her in forever, i've been busy learning "a few things", any of you miss me, i'm anxious to find the time to look at the new stuff in the bench section, let alone find time to paint for myself, school and work put together is a bitch. so any of you miss me? if you wanna drop a line.. e- me fatcapone@yahoo.com peace y'all. and stay up. ------------------ "think you're on point, but left your points of pressure open"
  2. lets see... aressted development. bdp..ghetto music..(had the tape, but i got a cd player for my car) and...nin starfuckers imported single. halo13
  3. krs one at lupos in providence, in 97. memorial day they're gonna have the best show ever there....stetsasoinc, bran nubian, special ed, utfo, force mds, doug e fresh, and the ruler, slick rick...whooo... can't wait.
  4. lol, inside joke for me... http://www.12ozprophet.com/ubb//wink.gif'>
  5. i got some dope new adidas yesterday, there is nothing better than new kicks
  6. i've taken those, they are shit.
  7. in light of hiphop week i think mtv should bring this show back. i have a tape of the show when common hosted it..
  8. this guy kills shit, dope thread.
  9. i wish i had photos like this....
  10. haa.. boo. bees.! boo. bees.!
  11. what finger would that be, i'm not down with cash money. down with cash money...plthh..
  12. kr v.s. twist? that's new to me, but you can't even begin to front on twist, he is too good..
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