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  1. your mother and i were baking cookies the other day, and when i opened the pantry door to retrieve the brown sugar, i was shocked to discover -bound and gagged- a canadian mounty.
  2. i am replying to this with the sole intent of bringing it to the top of channel zero.
  3. Ive never went out of my way to be public enemy # 1 on here. Oh and by the way, Im actually a white kid. haha. 100% contradiction. leave. kill yourself.
  4. easy E- "merry christmas motha fuckas" yelled out just before spraying a crowd with an uzi in a drive by shooting.
  5. IntangibleFame- youre not funny and youre wasting everyone else's breathable air. kill yourself.
  6. st.nick

    Arms Post!

    cant find my flick of the ARMS piece next to this, if you have it put it up. http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/island/island01.jpg'>
  7. st.nick


    http://www.iamlost.com/features/slomo http://www.iamlost.com/features/slomo/slomo.gif'>
  8. who's the mac FOND DU LAC, Wis. -- Mark McGwire may be known as "Big Mac," but he's got nothing on Don Gorske, who has eaten more than 18,000 of the McDonald's sandwiches since 1972. Gorske told students and faculty at Fond du Lac High School on Tuesday he still has a taste for the burgers. The 6-foot, 175-pound Gorske started eating Big Macs in the spring of 1972 when he got his first car. He made three trips that day, each time ordering three Big Macs and tossing the cartons into the back seat. He kept up his nine-Big-Mac-a-day diet for a month, until he finally cleaned his car and found 265 Big Mac cartons. Fond du Lac High School math teacher Tom Strauss met Gorske in 1987 and wrote a problem-solving curriculum around Gorske's habit. Students have figured Gorske has gone through 14.5 cows, 6.25 million sesame seeds, 1,900 whole pickles, 563 pounds of cheese and 100 gallons of special sauce.
  9. http://www.mnftiu.cc/mnftiu.cc/war.html dont forget there's 2 pages
  10. st.nick

    anthrax in NY

    America is way behind and those in school ned to re-educate oneselves. can we get some grammar police in here please... wheres THE LAW when you need it..?
  11. "I did two years in a Georgia prison (96'-98') for cutting a guys jaw off with a shovel."
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