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  1. yel 2k

    dope vegan shoes?

    not to be a dick but man the shoes are already made the animal is already dead. they are going to be bought or maybe eventually thrown out. it make more sense to just buy them instead of waisting the shit. and if those kids werent making nikes for what they get paid do you know how much shoes would cost??? a shit load. and those kids who get paid dirt compared to what we get paid. they actually have a lot of money in comparison to people who are unemployed.
  2. yel 2k

    How do you make Pancakes, or any other type of breakfast food?

    hmmmmmmmmm just ask jeeves he knows all
  3. yel 2k


    hahah vanity you beat me too it. dude your shit is probably brused. think about it. it gets hard from blood rushing into it and making it swell. so if its hard for a long time why wouldnt it bruse. than there is always the occasional accidental cracking of the unit. that always sucks. only worry if you got some shit growing down there or funky discharge
  4. yel 2k

    boys ONLY gurls don't read this

    ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhh i think this is big kid talk and i should leave
  5. yel 2k

    what was the last thing you ate?

    a whey protien shake with crushed ice and water. yummmmmmmmmm
  6. yel 2k

    who likes chili

    ok my chili is gone but not forgotten i got some serious gas and stomach pains.
  7. yel 2k

    whats the best gun

    i thought it had a bad kick but maybe i hold it different. and as for cocking you might want to start weight training if you wanna cock that thing. definitly a pretty gun.
  8. yel 2k

    who likes chili

    i made up a huge batch of chili today. damn this shits good. yum yum yum. anyone else make their own chili?
  9. yel 2k

    whats the best gun

    anyone actually shot a desert eagle?? the kic the kick the kick. imagine someone tossing one of them cannons up in your grill. id have heart attack on the spot
  10. yel 2k

    2 articles on "celebrating" palestinians

    seeking the white kid you edited into that picture looks just this kid curtis i know. did anyone see how americanized there terrorist looked?? i wouldnt be able to tell ive seen gas station attendants more shady looking.
  11. yel 2k


    you could wear an interesting shirt to start a convo or attract people with similar personality. and as for lack of friends sometimes your better off without any.
  12. yel 2k

    Beardo? and that streaming phish link...

    if you want to know about phish ask freddy. i heard he eats a lot of em
  13. yel 2k

    whats the best gun

    my cousin has that magnum research desert eagle from that first page he paid $1,500. fuck that shit id rather buy a glock. what you know about the cold deffender compact?? [This message has been edited by im a big toy oner (edited 09-17-2001).]
  14. yel 2k

    favorite cartoons....

    invader zim tin tin (the dude with the dog) the snorks the simpsons dexters laboratory