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  1. your a herb when you make up raps about herbs who get internet fame. fuck your skull!
  2. talking to the spirit world is gay!
  3. yo i aint tryin ta come thrue here an be like yo this mafucka right here be on some super scientifical knowledge or no shit but yo some a yall mafuckas need to peep this shit right here ya heard! yo why the fuck yall be talkin about hip hop? do hip hop be talkin about you? when was the last time one a yall faggot ass mafuckas was in the bathroom at a club an heard hip hop dissin you? you aint word up so yo why the fuck dont yall just leave hip hop outa this shit ya heard?! yalls actin like a jealous bitch whos man be gettin his dick sucked by some other bitch. yo i cant speak for no body but a mafucka like the christ puncher but yo straight up if i was some a yall mafuckas yo id be askin santa for some last minute sleepin pills so you can eat the hole bottle an kiss your dumb ass goodbye cause no on the real no body gives a fuck about yall mafuckas please believe it! ************** -edited by fr8oholic Christ Puncher One
  4. if i didnt want to bang madonna id say you were fucking gay.
  5. wigger boots are fucking gay. calling them timbos is even gayer. right up there with your benzos. fags.
  6. yeah, he got a fucking weekend pass so he could come to scribble jam. use your fucking head for something more than blowing men gay guy.
  7. this is why YOUR STILL GAY!!!!!!!!!!!
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