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  1. sometimes you dont have milk.
  2. that second one.. i think. .the scientist guy is dope.. just do characters for a very long time.. paint them.. no letters until further notice.. and you will make us happy.
  3. when you get drunk its easy to keep the bonerage to a minimum.
  4. by the way you spell.. it looks as though you just killed your stash
  5. i like it.. but.. i think the j should be touching the bottom also.. yeah.
  6. actually, i personally wouldn't enjoy it.. from my experience (which is not too much mind you) sex isnt as great as its cracked up to be. i mean.. sure.. it's nice.. but, seriously.. i'd rather just sit around and get drunk with an intelligent fun to be around girl, then fuck some fine bitch that isnt up to the intelligence level of bricks. i know most.. infact.. probably all other than me.. enjoy sex emensly.. i dont know if its just the partners ive had or what.. but.. yeah.. never mind.
  7. um.. i wasnt calling you gay.. i was just saying.. your getting into this so late in the game.. dont take shit i say to heart.. its a message board man. and im assuming your trying to say your cooler than me because i know something more about video games then you do? well.. to tell you the truth.. i really hope you are cooler than me.. because if not.. you'd be worse than a person that does graffiti, plays video games, alcoholic, addicted to 12oz, and just a plain bastard.. yeah.. that would suck to be you..
  8. im going to a record release party in acouple hours.. i stayed home for radiohead.. and im on 12 oz.. FUCK im a fucking loser.. i cant stay away from this shit now.. i hate myself.
  9. gay. old. the game was for sega genisis not for the internet.. so you dont need the internet to know it. thats pretty gay that you just found out.
  10. ive read the book.. very good book.. people have told me about the movie.. and.. that makes me want to watch it alot.. yes!.
  11. jungle cat


    try something else.. that has nothing to do with drawing or art.. and you will be set.
  12. your a short little bastard.
  13. i forgot that there even is a connecticut.. damn states that dont do shit.. and barely get noticed.. like canada.
  14. i think anything to do with my intestines getting pulled out while im alive would take the cake. getting analy raped by some very 'blessed' man while the girl i love is telling me how much she despises me and someone poking me repeatedly, all over my body, with a hook type needle that rips just a little flesh everytime it comes back out and all the while getting your eyes flushed out with battery acid. yeah.. having all that shit happen at once would not be nice. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  15. ok.. this is really sad.. but uh... nobody knows the trouble ive seen.. nobody knows my sorrows. -the rabbit from the "Big Rock Candy Mountains" fuck i feel so damn stupid because i know that.. damn it.
  16. is there a 'life' after death.. or maybe.. how was the universe really created... those are the two things i think about most. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  17. 3d is cool, but some of you jock 3d way too much.. it isnt that great.. i think that most begginers are into 3d becuase it looks so difficult and technical, when it really isnt all that tech. i myself like american stuff more, but i live here, i havent been exposed to as much european stuff as i have american, this 'argument' will never be over, just give it up. it seems every once in awhile someone comes up with one of these coutry vs coutry topics. and all i have to say to that is, gay.
  18. zest fully clean, your not fully clean unless your zest fully clean.
  19. i heard there was no such video and seeing how suge is a lying bastard anyway, i dont believe there is said video tape.
  20. what did you get arested for?
  21. i think its the coke talking.
  22. im digging comps shit.. and the own thing too.. artistic shit.. i think both of you should have your own topics, instead of posting in this.. but.. the rest of you got acouple more years of posting in this topic. oh wait.. there was one other guy that had potential.. i think it was right before comps post.. other then that. peace. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
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