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  1. ever wonder.. if there is a god.. and if the big bang theory is correct.. that.. the reason why the big bang thing happens over and over again.. if god likes to watch all the life forms over the many many years scramble to become smarter.. to create.. etc etc.. and yeah.. he just watches it over and over again.. maybe we create the same things over and over again.. maybe its the same people (or lifeforms) that create it over and over again (seeing as how [i think] the big bang theory is where everything pretty much happens all over again)maybe he timed this big bang thing just right.. so it happens right before we create something to actually get away from it. i need to stop reading plato. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  2. its way too easy to draw japanese animation characters. get off japans jock and make your own style.
  3. graduate on drugs and sleep until morning.
  4. we should make an anti-graffiti holiday.. and make all this big hype and shit.. make people go around buffing everything because graffiti is illigal.. yeah.
  5. my friends and me had a fight club for awhile.. it was just body shots though.. because were pussies.. but.. yeah.. that was fun... see what movies do to us teens.. damn..
  6. im going to band mental invalid and beardo on this one.. and say.. fear and loathing, alice in wonderland, fantasia, it all kinda depends on what kind of drugs your doing.. if your going to see a really fast type.. action packed movie.. take acouple hits of acid.. yeah.. thats fun. but i dont do drugs.
  7. damn.. this shit gets posted like once a week.
  8. i only go to two placves on this board. the bench.. and channel zero.. i no longer go to any of the other ones because its so fucking repetitive with the etch bath and the krink and the 'how do i apply ink/paint to any surface' type questions.. it just makes me want to kill you.
  9. the name should be as follows... 'this is the name of the band because we couldn't think of anything good'
  10. salvador dali.. or petrei? and i do read... (you seemed to assume i dont) im just not too well educated on artists.
  11. traffic tombstone um.. i forget.
  12. if she doesnt stay with you for who you are (graff is a part of you) then ditch her.. or if she leaves you.. it wasnt meant to be and shit. graffiti is life. girls are stock caps.
  13. god doesnt kill people, people kill people.
  14. salvador dali. what can be said.. if you have seen most of his work (not just the shit in .. rasputins or whatever) then you know what im talking about.. i wish i had half the skill as this guy.. i cant wait to become a fucking art fag. damn.
  15. i am a thug guys. i swear.. hey.. STOP PUSHING ME! JERK FACE!
  16. yeah.. that shit always intrigued me. never really got around to reading mine everday/week/month.. whatever.. but uh.. yeah.. every time i do read one its right on point with most of the stuff.. wierd shit.
  17. you are what? 13.. you dont know what its like to be hurt yet. seriously.. that is no big deal at all. dont trip.. go fuck someone else.
  18. . i dont bite my nails.. i dress like im from britain(for instance.. right now.. im wearing an adidas jacket that is white.. the sleves are blue.. theres i red line where the white and blue meet.. blue/red lines on the pockets.. um.. tight jeans.. like.. 'loose fit' i guess.. and rowley (vans)shoes.. yeah.. britain.. (i dont know if thats good or bad.. you decide) i like to sit by myself.. but watch whateveryone else is doing.. who the fuck wants to face the wall at a party? im not sure about the y thing. my dog died. is 6'0 short? i eat the taco.. but i wont eat just anything (food wise) i have no idea about posture. i dont like people touching me or vice versa.. unless we are having sex. people say im funny. i laugh almost all the time at the funny noises that come from sex.. but uh.. if someone spills something on me im not gonig to laugh at it. i rarely have money.. but when i do have money it goes to paint and music.. is that spending wisely? ive had mixed feelings about how i kiss. um.. some people say i can dance good.. but.. im white.. so.. they are probably lying. and now im done.. and now i ask myself why the fuck i wrote all this.
  19. jungle cat


    i drive an american swamp truck.. ok.. its really an 85 ford.. something.. i forget.. i hope someone totals it.. please.. steal it from me. i will leave the keys in the ignition.
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