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  1. garbage men make many many dollars. yes yes yes.
  2. look at how bored i am.. i am sitting at my computer.. in 12 oz.. replying frequently to a thread.. damn it. oh well.. for me it was free.. seeing that i had connections and shit.. so uh.. i dont know.
  3. absofuckinglutely great performance.
  4. um.. two days ago i went to a radiohead concert. i was on shrooms. it was a great concert, but in the middle of thier performance i started getting all paranoid.. like.. everyone in shoreline knew what was happening and i didnt.. or like.. everyone else in the place KNEW i was insane. the reason i posted this was more to brag that i went to the radio head concert.. my friend knows someone who works there too.. so i got to sit in the 'gold' section.. i got a fucking waitress.. and all the hurricanes i wanted.. life is great. im also getting to sit in the 'gold section' when depeche mode comes around. life.. once again.. is great.
  5. i move out soon.. my sister used to be reall bad.. loud annoying.. everything.. but then she hit her teen years.. and she became mature i guess.. i havent said a word to her (or her to me) in acouple months.. i like it.
  6. saves the day is more new jersey then the two of them. god damn it.
  7. i know bible.. well.. i knew him.. until he moved to hawaii. but he comes back here every now and then and visits. tell him to get back to san jose.. screw hawaii.
  8. cyne. please. just shut the fuck up.
  9. jungle cat


    its ovbious that none of you read what ese posted. do that.. and then edit your messages.
  10. they still make monster snaps.
  11. i heard about this last night.. i dont remember where.. but.. im kinda siked.or whatever.
  12. jungle cat


    another good read
  13. DAMN IT ESE, JUST PICK IT UP NOW.. FORGET ABOUT READING ANYTHING ELSE ON 12 OZ.. IF YOUR AT WORK.. TAKE A GOD DAMN BREAK OR GO 'HOME' SICK.. GO GET A FUCKING MODEST MOUSE CD.. ok.. dont do all that... but get out there and buy one.. its good shit.
  14. jungle cat


    that was premiered a long ass time ago.. and we had a topic on this a long ass time ago. please delete.
  15. does your mom have a signature?
  16. yes.. they are great. actually i heard a certain vermin named moe wrote thier music for them.. but he doesnt ask for any of the credit.. so.. thats where they get thier name from. what the fuck.. im in a wierd mood.. cut the kids in half.
  17. sudz sudz the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you poop sorry.. just wanted to grab a post out of this topic.. yeah.
  18. jungle cat

    roll call

    i like not bieng noticed. im glad im not cool.
  19. jungle cat

    your kicks

    some axions ive had for god knows how long.. some new balances ive had for god knows how long.. i need to steal some more shoes.
  20. starla monica monica only if i have 2 girls.. if i have a girl and a boy.. it will be starla and what ever the lady wants to name the boy.. because boy names suck.
  21. we should have population control.. kill random people because we are over populated.. then maybe i could get an affordable apartment.
  22. jungle cat


    there is nothing wrong with bieng an alkie.. there is nothing wrong with driving drunk.. the pedals feel cool when your drunk. you just have to pay extra special attention. you dont have a problem until you start craving it just out of no where.. like.. you'll be sitting there talking to your girl and start thinking about how you would rather be downing some vodka than talking to her.. yeah.. then you have a problem.. i think.. drink vodka. i just got into mized drinks.. alien secrecian (im sure i spelled that one wrong) hurricanes, and mudslides, oh my.
  23. becoming a bum.. getting a car to live in before that happens. yep... not really anticipating it.. well.. kinda.. it seems fun to be a bum.. i can always go to my friends house and take showers. heh. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
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