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  1. im on the midnight train to gorgia. what the fuck does that have to do with anything you ask? everything my son. everything.
  2. heh... um... cute?.. heh..
  3. the ecoli break out was everywhere in america.. i think.
  4. try licking the abc's on the snatch. works or me. snatch is a good movie.. im going to go watch it again.
  5. i listen to pussy emotional punk. no help from me.
  6. they is the good shit or something.
  7. dashboard confessional, reggie and the full effect, saves the day, no motiv, and ultimate fakebook august 11th. great american music hall.. its going to be great. hate me now.. because i have my tickets.
  8. my thoughts that do not matter. just sit and think about it for awhile. it is real. in your mind is real how do you define reality? reality is what your sitting on. its what your typing on. its what you are. do you see real as what is actually there.. or what is in your mind.. do you think that if everything that is around you is just your imagination. would that still not be your reality? everything is confusion. [This message has been edited by jungle cat (edited 07-14-2001).]
  9. i dont know what to tell you unknown.. it works for me. try typing it in. or .. maybe try this.. http://www.staywhatyouare.com/index2.html i think that will work.
  10. yeah.. ive had it for ever.. i just didnt want anyone to really know about it.. but.. now.. uh.. i decided to share the wealth.
  11. jungle cat


    fuck america.. 'land of the free' bullshit.. if its so free.. why cant i import a fucking skyline and drive it on the streets? japanese kids can drive skyline on city streets.. why cant we? amsterdam.. enough said. i HAVE to sign up for the draft or i go to jail.... dont get me wrong.. i like the country.. its just we are getting way too.. un-free to be called the land of the free. a skyline is a car.. mind you.. i would think.. to be the land of the free.. we wouldnt have laws that are made just for our safety.. if we want to be safe.. we will be.. for instance.. the seat belt law.. the helmet law.. i believe in new york it is now illigal to drive while talking no a cell phone.. its all bullshit. this probably made no sense.. and i could probably create a better argument if i wasnt drunk. late.
  12. i retract my statement., [This message has been edited by jungle cat (edited 07-04-2001).]
  13. you cvant simplify number 1 because none of the letters are the same (each letter represents a different number).. i forget the proper term for it.. but .. oh well.. and number 2.. 27+t+s+r i think thats right.. i dont know.. i havent had algebra since the 8th grade.
  14. i retract my statement [This message has been edited by jungle cat (edited 07-04-2001).]
  15. do you want to hear it before it comes out? http://www.staywhatyouare.com is where you can. yes yes.. have a good day. saves the day. day saves the. the day saves.
  16. i come on here only for channel zero. .i everyonce in awhile go to the bench.. but. im staying away from the other 3. yes.
  17. the song is called hyper-ballad. its on.. post.. i think (album name) but.. i think homogenic is better. .. yes.
  18. lawabidingcitizn id be more worried about saying what you write on this thing.. then telling them what your aim name is.. i mean.. if they really wanted to catch you .. they do have the technology.. just dont say what you write.. and you will be in the clear. i personally dont even think there are any cops on this board.. but dont listen to me.. if you havent noticed from my other numerous posts, im a dumbass.
  19. final fantasy is going to be bull shit.. its going to be just something pulled out of someones ass with acouple of the same character names.. i cant believe they are actually trying to pull off that space adventure shooting type shit.. and slap the name final fantasy on it.. OH MY FUCKING GOD I HATE PEOPLE JUST IN IT FOR THE MONEY.
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