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  1. the jumping out of airplanes thing isnt a job with in itself.. you pick a regular job.. and then you also ask for airborne (jumping out of planes) if i were you.. id go for air assault. you repel out of helecoptors ad shoot guns while falling. thats the shit. reconsider this shit. the army is not the way to go. i was going to join for awhile.. because i was only listening to the recruters input. listen to other people.
  2. i dont know what not too hard and not too soft is.. so im going with soft.. new amsterdams dashboard confesional download a song from one of those if you ever feel like soft music. el softo.
  3. id like to have mine blank. or maybe just a bunch of question marks.
  4. get up as much as you can. painting everyday is the way to go.
  5. i agree with all three.. Boxer.. (which was on vagrant records for about a year).. smashing pumpkins. [This message has been edited by jungle cat (edited 07-20-2001).]
  6. must agree with the shyness.. i dont have too many friends either.. but.. all of my friends arent aquantences so yeah.. i also dont shave that often.. hm.. im so shy actually.. that when people try to talk to me, and i dont know them.. i just blow up.. and.. tell them to leave me alone.. just.. not as nice.. because i get so uncomfortable its unbearable. damn nice people.. trying to say hello.
  7. damn i forgot about this shit. why did you have to bring this back up.. im all disturbed now.. how can someone be so fucking heartless.. i mean. i could shoot someone.. but i could never curb someone. that is just.. fucked... sure shooting someone is too. but atleast its fatal.. curbing usually ends the kid up in the hospital for hella(i hate bieng from california) days ahh my fucking god i need to stop thinking about this.
  8. i used to skate.. still manage to get out there every now an then.. it just sint fun when your better then all your friends you have nothing to really strive for.
  9. i drink quite the amount of alcohol as well.. i used to drink alot of soda.. but.. ever since i started getting my alcoholism on.. i have to drink water before i go to bed almost everyday so i dont have a hangover the next day.. and.. i just decided water is the way to go. water is fun. wheee
  10. once again. stop bitching. just kill her.
  11. i will have to do a search for it.. but our language.. in some kind of mathematical sense relates to the bible.. the christian bible i believe.. yeah.
  12. yeah.. movie sucked... cars were ok. but i can also see cars just like it any time/day of the week. story line was.. just plain stupid. snatch on the other hand is such a great fucking movie.. brad pitt has been getting sove very nice roles lately.
  13. i think jinks meant a girl that doesnt need to be taken out all the time. he just worded it wrong.. or maybe im wrong.. i really dont care.. and uh.. this whole thing about thrift stores and the emo look. i listen to emo. but i go to thriftstores because im poor. not because it is cool to go to thrift stores.i mean.. if i was rich.. or suddenly became rich.. i probably would still go to thrift stores .. just because i like wearing clothes that no one else has.. (they might have it but they wont wear it)... i dont even know what the fucking emo 'look' is supposed to look like.. anyone want to explain this to me?
  14. i used to have a dream book. it was all lies.. everything opposite happened.. hate.. death...
  15. never you mind. [This message has been edited by jungle cat (edited 07-18-2001).]
  16. you dont have sound added to the movie correct? just put it on a 'test' webpage.. and watch it from there.. if it still fucks with your music.. try it from a different computer.. if that doesnt work.. uh..kick someones ass out of frustration.
  17. in a month from now i will have m answer to this question.. and it will be.. the saves the day/dashboard confessional/ultimate fakebook/reggie and the full effect concert on the 11th of august. yes.
  18. dont paint somewhere just s she will see it. fuck her.. she got rid of you.. get rid of her.. think of it this way. no more girl to worry about.. alot more painting to do. take ll of your agression out on the streets. just kill shit. after about a month or so of this.. you will be up alot more then you are now.. and you wont be thinking 'damn i dont got a girlfriend' you'll be thinking 'damn there is nothing else to bomb' and you will move on to the next city. and keep going.. and then you will become slowly.. all state.. then all west coast (or east coast where ever your from) then you can go into canada or mexico.. and start becoming all world.. what the fuck am i talking about.. just go kill her.
  19. i have a classic case of the-unattractive disease. i wear clothes from thrift stores.. my hair is... just.. not cool.. i dont have that much acne.. like.. a pimple or 2 is all i have.. but.. my facial features just dont match.. im tall and lanky.. i look.. dumb. yeah.. i was the one with the weak bladder when god was handing out.. pretty much ..everything. [This message has been edited by jungle cat (edited 07-17-2001).]
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