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  1. i cant find thier songs on the internet.
  2. try www.noidearecords.com for i hate myself.
  3. i agree.. but i also disagree.. sometimes i slip while im talking to some of my friends (acouple of them are gay) they dont mind . thy know i dont mean homosexual.. this generation has just made 'gay' mean stupid. kinda like 'bad' meaning good.. or whatever. dont get me wrong though.. i agree there is an overabundance of the use of the term.. but.. its just slang. and unless people make it ovbious that they are calling you a homosexual (instead of stupid) just let it go. but if they do mean homosexual just bring up a study that was done in berkeley awhile ago. the study was.. get 10 homophobes. get 10 hetero non-homophobes. put them in a room. turn on gay porn. end result? 9 out of 10 (reduced from actual number of people used) homophobes got hard. 2 out of 10 hetero non-homophobes got hard. yeah.. imma just shut the fuck up now. [This message has been edited by jungle cat (edited 08-03-2001).]
  4. sounds like you want my girl.
  5. jungle cat

    THE EX.

    im with a girl right now that you perfectly described. but knowing me.. i'll fuck it up in acouple months or so. adregret it fr the rest of my life.
  6. hours of fun.. better then bejeweled
  7. skylines were built for racing. dont talk.. if you dont know what your talking about. 30 Gs.. thats a big number.. where did you get that one?
  8. every now and then they come out with funny ass songs.. that i can listen to.. but pretty much all of thier album music sucks ass. pop will die in years to come.
  9. please.. i beg you.. stop comparing civics to chevelles we all know chevelles are faster cars. civics are bottom of the line rice burners. this is like comparing a 28.8k modem to dsl.
  10. waaaiiiit.have you been reading what we were saying? do you pay attention to politics? bush is president and your going to infantry. your going to be one of the first people to die. do something illigal now to get out of it. or.. if right now you still want to go. but once you get there, you realize what we have been trying to tell you, you wont like the army. then this is what you do. (this might be hard for you to do. but you will never see the people again.. so dont worry about it) act gay. tell everyone that on saturdays you go and assram a bunch of guys. you will get discharged. why you ask? you thought homosexuals were permitted to be in the army? this is true. they are. as long as they dont tell anyone and as long as they do not commit any homosexual acts while a member of the u.s. army. there are easy ways out of everything. take the easy way out. the gay way.
  11. this made me laugh. thank you.
  12. ok.. what the fuck? on the side of imports.. you guys are camparing a cheap ass car.. not made to be fast that kids modify because they dont have enough money for a real import. try racing a stock gto or skyline. then you will see why japanese cars are just that much better. um. i also like domestics.. but.. gas prices right now are death... and i dont have that kind of money.
  13. just so everyone knows. i am here to clarify. futura was navy. not army. 2 different things.
  14. i was going.. then they found out about some credit card fraud that happened awhile back.. at first i was some what sad.. i mean.. the army (for 3 years) was going to do everything for me.. i wouldnt have to think .. i would be told what to do.. I WOULDNT HAVE TO THINK... (i get stressed easily) then.. i started thinking about it.. they said i could go back in 6months because of how high i scored on that one test.. asvab or whatever.. but im not going to.. people are going to be telling you what to do. when to eat. when to sleep. when to blink. where to look. when to use the restroom. im telling you. think about it long and hard. they brainwashed me for awhile.. just.. seriously.. sit and fucking think. dont read anything from them thatthey sent you.. dont remember anything they said about some kind of better life.. think for yourself. and if you do plan on going in.. atleast wait until bush is gone.
  15. yeah i saw it yesterday. tv funhouse is another funny as fuck show... but its never on when im at home. sucks.
  16. relatonships suck period. try to get a girl that doesnt need labels.. like.. make it clear that you want to be exclusive.. but you ont want to be he boyfriend.. that might not make sense to you.. but.. its working great for me. labels suck. stay gold ponyboy.
  17. webs.. or whoever.. i was recently at the freewall over by linas place.. and well.. i saw a 'cope tmc' bomb.. you might want to talk to that kid about changing his name. just a thought.
  18. you think drawing your blood once is bad?.. the stupid mother fucker that did my blood thing dropped the first tube he got of my blood.. so i had to get it done again.. i could barely stand up.. it sucked. it would have been cool.. other than the nauseating feeling
  19. i cant believe you misspelled 'depeche'. thats like misspelling 'god' im disappointed.
  20. im not sure abot the first 2.. but the 3rd one was done in 2001.. if you wouldnt have just glanced at the picture im sure you would have seen it.
  21. rivers.. are you talking about the vagrant tour?
  22. yeah.. not giving a fuck works for me.. sometimes i get a little too deep into not giving a fuck.. like right now.. i should be out finding a job.. but im explaining to people ... hm... i just got another wave of 'i dont give a fuck'.. so im going to stop explaining myself.
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