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  1. ive had some experience with hacking. i got caught (not for the actual hacking itself, but it was involved) they dont give hackers slack. and you dont seem as though you are the brightest of individuals. why you ask? because you came onto a graffiti forum asking about hacking. hacking is dumb shit. you will get fucked. and you will get hooked. trust me. you wll fuck with this one person. then you will fuck with other people. then you will start to do other things, that are more exciting.. more dangerous.. getting a bigger rush (sound like graffiti to anyone?) just stick to your aol and leave the hacking to professionals. dont be stupid.
  2. there is another one. but i cant think of the name right now. damn.
  3. i went to mexico with this girls family. i didnt know her. she was cute. they had porno. we started watching.. and the rest is history. but i still hate sex.
  4. read the book you lazy good for nothings.
  5. i eat the malt o meal cereals. like $1 less then the real shit. and my tastebuds cant tell the difference.
  6. fuck the team. i wont take shit for the team.
  7. 1. girlfriend-shes in florida. im in california. i still have to wait about a month util she comes back. 2. $45-i need that to register for college. i dont have that. i dont even have 45 cents. school starts on the 20th. 3. apartment- getting kicked out soon.. moving out with my girlfriend (coughreallybadideacough) but all my friends have around 10k debts because of cars. she is the only one able to pay a monthly rent. we havent been dating for too long.. so im sure this moving in together is going to totally fuck it up.. but if i dont.. im going to be living on the streets. yeah. shut up man.
  8. buy a shitty car. but buy one that will run. make sure you have enough money at first to buy a decent muscle car. so.. i would suggest a shitty car that isnt american first.. probably some 1980 japanese thing. then save up. so you can get a decent muscle car. that wont break down everytime you press on the gas pedal. but dont listen to me. im an idiot.
  9. it would be nice to have a low class job.
  10. awhile ago.. oh wait. this is a long story. nevermind.
  11. i make sure i dont brush one tooth so that every 6 moths i get some nitrous.
  12. i thought you were describing me,. except for anyone ever telling me i have some sort of dylan appeal.
  13. my first and last now comes up as a gardening website.
  14. i dont really enjoy sex.. so.. uh.. im not denying any impulses when it comes to sex.
  15. its summer time? sorry.. too busy to notice.
  16. jungle cat


    short for emotional. if you dont know the definition of emotional.. then.. i dont know what to tell you.
  17. jungle cat

    I hate EMO

    your basing your information on one site. your such a fucking idiot. kill yourself now or quit graffiti... we dont need more ignorant fucks in our culture, we have enough as it is.
  18. i would paint george bush's face (the president not the guy on this board)
  19. yeah.. its all about enjoying your self. and you enjoy yourself alot sooner when you drink vodka.
  20. damn.. all these pussy ass drinks i have to take like 20 cans/bottles to get drunk. drink vodka you fucks.
  21. double post. [This message has been edited by jungle cat (edited 08-06-2001).]
  22. no thank you.. hello vodka.
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