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  1. and if you live in antarctica and do graffiti, what do you think your doing?. go out there and get some frost bite you fucks.. i swear you guys take that -30 degree weather for granted. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  2. hahaha.. this is good shit..
  3. i use a similar technique hesh. i either count.. or sing the abc's in my head.. or think about philosiphical ideas. it usually holds me up long enough.. but.. it doesnt matter.. i make the girl cream with my tongue before anything else goes in her. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  4. i like to think.. that the universe is infinite.. my reasoning is.. well.. how is the universe just going to stop?.. there is the whole black hole thing.. but those move around.. and it isnt like there is some kind of invisble.. or visible wall surrounding the universe.. or is there? my friend.. who i actually havent talked to in awhile.. believes there is something bigger then the universe (i also really like this theory.. im not sure if he thought it up himself.. or if he got it from somewhere) but our universe is like.. one of many 'bubbles' in a larger, greater space. these are the times that i wish i focused more on science instead of reading plato. peace. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  5. i wouldnt fuck a girl in the ass unless she had.. no.. wait... i just wouldnt fuck a girl in the ass. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  6. mental could you post the article, i dont want to go through the trouble of signing up.. thanks. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  7. um.. im not sure.. i dont have a good memory.. but.. its like.. think about i guess.. biting down on a curb.. the corner of it.. and then someone kicking you in the back of the head really hard.. kinda.. forcing the curb into your mouth.. etc etc.. i dont want to go further because im going to get really disturbed.. but hopefully you get the idea ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  8. pretend to go out with the bitch. or be homeless.. im about to get kciked out of my house.. since im 17 they have legal rights to my car.. they decided they are going to keep that... so.. im basically going to be a fucking bum.. because i wont do exactly what they want me to do with my life.. because.. according to them. money is everything.. and it doesnt matter how miserable you are (i just quit a job that paid 8.50 [which is good for my age]) and now they hate me for it. great. im hoarding all the food i can now. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  9. did you ever think about this shit?.. i dont see how anyone could actually do something like this to another person, even when i think about the person i hate the most.. i would never imagine curbing the guy.. i mean fuck.. i sometimes try to picture that shit happening to me.. i mean.. what do you think about when your jaw is about to get smashed into a curb. its just fucking disturbing. this all came on.. because a really good friend of mine said that her ex-boyfriend is in jail because he curbed someone. yeah.. that shit is just yuck. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  10. grr nelly furtado.. ive been hearing alot about um... her? i think i need to go and buy a compact disc that contains her recordings. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  11. i love you. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  12. dashboard confessional is great. glad to see someone else on this board has the same taste in music. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  13. intelligence is my anti-drug. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  14. jungle cat

    white people

    yeah.. im white.. and most white people piss me off.. whats strange about this.. is that.. when i want to talk to people that have the same views on this as me.. they dont want to talk to me.. because im white.. heh.. its one of those.. um.. things .. i cant think of the word right now. but yeah.. damn racism. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  15. i dont exactly have time to read the larger posts.. right now i am reading socrates cafe its good so far.. but.. i havent had time to really get into it. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  16. www.bored.com ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  17. any trip hop.. as long as its a female singer. i dont really need to get pumped to go bombing.. im always pumped to go bombing. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  18. wow.. this is my.. um.. i dunno.. i know its over 666 though.. so yeah!.. this my 666+ post! ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  19. thats seriously him in the b?.. i thought it was just something he painted in there.. holy shit! ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  20. yes i am getting off topic.. deal with it. bush is such a stubborn bastard.. if he would have just said.. 'i am sorry for spying on your country'.. even if he didnt mean it.. we would have all our spy technology back (which from what ive heard.. they have our top of the line spy shit) and the 2 pilots would also be back on american soil. fuck the president. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  21. it meant 2 percent of the world is like you.. not likes you. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  22. im 40 %.. only 11% are not as pure as me.. i think i need to become more pure.. .. or start lying on these types of tests. thanks for posting this.. i get damn bored when its raining. ------------------ yes.. yes i am.
  23. im not sure if this is over ten minutes.. but i think its rather long.. on the pennywise album.. i think it was the self titled.. it was on the last track.. the piano thing.. um the tribute to thier friend the bass player... im confusing myself.. im going to stop now. ------------------ http://www.geocities.com/allaroundloser/morrissey.art'>
  24. im not sure if he is underground.. but.. he only has one vinal out.. and it is only on vinal.. but last emperor is good. ------------------ http://www.geocities.com/allaroundloser/morrissey.art'>
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