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  1. 15th century not 16th century.
  2. yes aol does suck. and its a shame i am still using it. i'll get something else soon enough.
  3. aim:lawabidingcitizn i am also bored out of my mind.
  4. shes kinda hinting that she wants to fuck anyway. all you have to do is invite her over with out saying you guys are going to do anything sexual .just. watch a movie or some shit. she already knows you want her. what will it matter if you try to make the moves while in person?
  5. i realized a long time ago no one really cared/cares for me. they might say they are your friends. but, i always seem to give more then they do. i always am the one saving others. worrying, wondering. wishing. friends.. non existent. maybe i expect too much. maybe i give too much. maybe friendship isnt what i think it is. i guess friendship is just people to go to when your bored. to have some company. to have someone there to pretend they are listening, when they are really just waiting for thier turn to talk, to give you advice, to pretend they are trying to help, while they are actually just trying to make them selves feel better.. and look better in yours and others eyes. 'friends' are scum. they dont care about you. friends hate it when you become successful (to quote morrissey) .. friends hate it when your better then them. friends dont truly love/like you. i will end this topic on a lighter note. bic.
  6. she might be the best typer i have seen in awhile.
  7. i can name the most under rated album... well not the most.. but yeah. pinkerton.. i loved this album to death. and still do.. i fuckin love it. it seems that most weezer fans didnt though. they were expecting a buddy holly 2 or something. anyway. thier new album.. i dont really like it. i hope they were just in a slump or something.
  8. drowning pool. is that that god damn song about letting the bodies hit the floor or some shit? damn. no talent at all. anyone can write lyrics like that.
  9. depression. i have it. but im more secure when im sad anyway. so it all works out for the better.
  10. jungle cat

    depeche mode

    i wouldnt say they are the greatest. but they are up there.
  11. morrissey (or the smiths.. i forget dont get mad)-asleep
  12. death cab for cutie bright eyes far elliot smith ghosts and vodka down and out sparkle horse
  13. i seriously hate everyone including me.
  14. i like her hair on the first one.
  15. you went from real vodka to smirnoff ice? my god man, what happened?
  16. ok. sorry, just wanted to pretend to be smart for a second.
  17. hm.. this is a very rough question but.. could death be the speed of light? or could death be just a different speed of.. i dont know. does anyone know or have an idea of what im trying to say?
  18. im sure mny of you have thought of this also.. but here.. if the object 'ceases to exist' (cease to exist meaning.. it exists.. but can not be detected by us, and it cannot detect us) then how do we know that these particles that scientists are pushing (for lack of a better word because my mind went blank), trying to reach the speed of light, have not? some one said that scientists made the particles go 99.99% of the speed of light. well. if the particles reached the speed of light, we wouldnt be able to detect them, and apparently when they slow they end up at the same point in 'time' that they left, which means, we will never truly know if you have accelerated a particle to the speed of light, unless we are able to accelerate a human to that speed. and the question has to be asked, is conciousness able to exist at light speed? or would we just end up in a different place as soon as we decelerate, at the same point in 'time' as when we left. i hope this made sense.
  19. ever notice all the g.i. joes were supposed to be the best of the best.. but they never shot straight. if they were the best.. shouldnt they have been able to point and shoot correctly with out missing 50 times while cobra commander runs away with the innocent little boys and girls? god damn it.
  20. bright eyes- a perfect sonnet.
  21. unstable. i dont stick to one thing for very long. there is only 3 things that i have stuck to. and there is 1 im planning to stick with. art. music. life. significant other.
  22. dashboard confessional belle and sebastian bright eyes new amsterdams elliot smith death cab for cutie most songs from the snatch soundtrack portishead crustation saves the day reggie get up kids (not that much though) modest mouse on september 10th im going to see modest mouse live on october 4th im going to see bright eyes live i was supposed to go and see belle and sebastian too but i wouldnt have enough for rent if i did that. damn. 2out of3 isnt bad though. <<i almost forgot bjork. im also going to her concert. and i jut bought a dvd with 13 music videos of hers. good shit>> [This message has been edited by jungle cat (edited 08-30-2001).]
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