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  1. 15th century not 16th century.
  2. yes aol does suck. and its a shame i am still using it. i'll get something else soon enough.
  3. aim:lawabidingcitizn i am also bored out of my mind.
  4. shes kinda hinting that she wants to fuck anyway. all you have to do is invite her over with out saying you guys are going to do anything sexual .just. watch a movie or some shit. she already knows you want her. what will it matter if you try to make the moves while in person?
  5. i realized a long time ago no one really cared/cares for me. they might say they are your friends. but, i always seem to give more then they do. i always am the one saving others. worrying, wondering. wishing. friends.. non existent. maybe i expect too much. maybe i give too much. maybe friendship isnt what i think it is. i guess friendship is just people to go to when your bored. to have some company. to have someone there to pretend they are listening, when they are really just waiting for thier turn to talk, to give you advice, to pretend they are trying to help, while they are actuall
  6. she might be the best typer i have seen in awhile.
  7. i can name the most under rated album... well not the most.. but yeah. pinkerton.. i loved this album to death. and still do.. i fuckin love it. it seems that most weezer fans didnt though. they were expecting a buddy holly 2 or something. anyway. thier new album.. i dont really like it. i hope they were just in a slump or something.
  8. drowning pool. is that that god damn song about letting the bodies hit the floor or some shit? damn. no talent at all. anyone can write lyrics like that.
  9. depression. i have it. but im more secure when im sad anyway. so it all works out for the better.
  10. jungle cat

    depeche mode

    i wouldnt say they are the greatest. but they are up there.
  11. morrissey (or the smiths.. i forget dont get mad)-asleep
  12. death cab for cutie bright eyes far elliot smith ghosts and vodka down and out sparkle horse
  13. i seriously hate everyone including me.
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