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  1. Just wondering when U.P. 2005 is scheduled for, I guess usually the first week in August? Can anyone confirm this, or post other pertinent information? Thanks.
  2. Tao


    that last whole car is proper! looks recent too. hey sick fish, check your email...
  3. what i have never heard but has always seemed apparent to me is the obvious inspiration a lot of the other a2m writers have taken from Lead. i mean even if not directly, it atleast can't be argued that he jumped on this style bandwagon, cause he's been doing the shit that 95% of writers are doing today for like five years now. it's pretty apparent from benching freights for a minute....
  4. i think veks is the one of the few american writers doing original shit these days. big props.
  5. Tao


    that clack is nice.....
  6. hahaha, that first ich is like gumby vs. the 'blob freight', but it came off.......is that learn fgs to the right of it?
  7. on the vancouver door with rade,remio, a green kaput tag on the right, who does that face with the tongue sticking out and a baseball hat on?
  8. Tao

    KER PLUNK....

    probably because you never see offpoint shit from the guy....
  9. dope to see such a true representation of posting what you see.
  10. Tao

    my first pieces

    for me, yeah there's no letter structure, but remember painting shit like that? everything was new and dope. painting was so fun, sometimes there's too much bullshit with painting, meeting people, us telling this dude his shit is wack. whatever, seeing that makes me nostalgic. it's dope. keep painting.
  11. nice catches. ugly(i've liked that dudes shit ever since i saw this dirt shit that said clean at 60 mph) and that simpler sewon is nice nace r.i.p.
  12. the 2nd unknown is somber. good to see ichenstein on a southern? with norms.
  13. word doggy. truzl for sheezy. yeah.nope.
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