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  1. I am posting this here because I know that most members look here at some point or another. This is Bobobi and I am only on here for this one post. I have frequently been receiving emails from what I am sure is a rerouter that contain viruses. I have been receiving these on average of 2-3 or more a day. Not too worried about it, because my virus program catches and quarantines them. However I have received information that makes me think that the same person is also spamming infected files to the NoGraf Network as well. Again their virus program is quarantining the items before damage is done. If the person responsible for this is a member of this forum I have a request. First stop wasting both of our time by doing this. All that it accomplishes is a few more messages in my inbox to delete. Second if you must continue to harass me for my actions on the board fine, leave others out of it. Third, you obviously have my email so if you are still this upset over my identification then email and tell me so instead of halfassed trying to infect my computer. That's it. I have stayed off of this forum since I said my peace and then was later banned. I will continue to stay off the forum in the future. Moderators please feel free to ban me again if you would like, I have made my request and am out. Thank you.
  2. I'm sure there are others, but I do not know their sn's. I tried to keep away from them as well. This is the last time I will be posting. I am not trying to defend myself or my actions, however since there were some who wanted an explanation from me I gave it to the best of my ability. I know you are angry and betrayed and you have a right to be. When you calm down a little, check over some of the threads I posted to on getting caught and take that information to heart. Many of the people on this board talk too much. Seeing as that is that case it is obvious that I do have infromation on many of you. I will not use this information unless provoked. My personal info is all over this board now, that's fine. But if you never believed anything I say don't ever forget this. IF ANYONE USES MY PERSONAL INFORMATION IN A WAY THAT HARMS ME OR MY FAMILY I WILL USE EVERY PIECE OF INFO I HAVE ON THIS BOARD AND INDIVIDUALS TO MAKE LIFE HELL FOR YOU. That having been said I will leave you alone. Again I am sorry, I know that is hard to believe but it is my true feelings. Those that I had a chance to get to know are nice people and I wish you all the happiness you can find.
  3. Everything I want to say seems ridiculous. Check my personal reply to you. I will try to come back here and reply some more, but for now my heart hurts and I need to think. Again I am sorry.
  4. And you do not know a thing about me. Or the obstacles I have overcome. I am sorry Are2, I never meant to hurt you.
  5. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate that you are talking to me reasonably. I don't like the misuse of trust either and that has been my biggest regret. I do see the people under the names and have for some time. There are many on here that I could have informed on but chose not to because they had not personally harmed my community and because in a warped sense of friendship I like them. I would also hope that some of the people on here see me as the person under the name and do not choose to act on the information they have about me.
  6. Explain how I am contradicting myself. I am just trying to answer the questions and accusations being leveled against me. It is a bit overwhelming to get hit with all this after a weekend of being sick. And I am getting behind in my replies, so I am getting confused at times.
  7. That was the goal. Do you honestly think that the buff is stupid enough to think that graffiti will go away for ever? No, but it needs to be manageable. With every toy that picks up a pen writing on every available surface, graffiti has gotten hot. You said it yourself, Philly is not bomb central anymore. When the bombs stop, the heat from the community on the city stops and the fight is once again mellowed with each side somewhat looking the other way. And I didn't expect a commendation, I expected you to notice you had misread my comments.
  8. I am not trying to defend myself, but I am also not going to slink away like a coward.
  9. I did accomplish something positive by coming here. I humanized writers so they weren't just some nameless vandal. I have done everything I can and continue to explain that jail is not the only answer or even the correct one. And it is very idealistic to say that I don't have to keep doing what I am doing. Maybe one day you will find out that life isn't always so easy. As for "poor travis" I think that anyone that had been arrested as many times as travis and continued to use the same name should have gotten out of the game a long time ago.
  10. As a matter of fact I have been. I actually volunteer a lot at my school because I feel that my kids deserve that. But I am one person, I don't control the funding. I can talk and try to make the city more understanding, but in the end if they are intent on making a war on graffiti, I would rather it be quick and economical so we can get on to better things than drawn out and money sucking. Do you realize that this country spends very conservatively $15 billion a year just to remove graffiti. Not for investigation or any other expenses just removal. And that doesn't count volunteer groups either. At least I am trying to do something for my community. You bitch that cities divert resources to removing graffiti, then why cause the problem in the first place. Why not try to find another way of getting your voice heard, one that is positive?
  11. Yes WE. Just because I have a job in graffiti abatement doesn't mean that I personally hate all writers. It doesn't mean that I am absolutely closed minded. I have feelings about both sides of the coin. And you know what, if I hadn't been able to come on here and talk to you guys without the "you suck because you are the buff and I will never talk to you" I would have continiued thinking that the other anti's were right and that you were just a bunch of rebellious kids. I suspended my beliefs to listen to you and realize that this issue is not black and white but many shades of gray.
  12. That's funny. Philly has a reputation as being one of the toughest buffs around. The only way they got to the point of free walls was by breaking the graffiti community in that town. And maybe you should ask me what I have done for the good of graffiti. That I have talked till I am blue in the face about free walls, and mentorship programs instead of jail, or that I am also on the board for a mural program. You now I can understand that you are upset. I would probably be too. But you know what I was able to look past the fact that you are a vandal and see that you are also an intelligent, sensitive woman who was more than a stereotype.
  13. I can understand that. There are actually laws that I find stifling myself. Skateboarding is a good example. We recently changed the laws in Portland so that skateboarding is allowed in the street just like a bicycle. I have also be a proponent to new skateboard parks. I think skateboarding is a good hobby and one that my oldest son enjoys. I understand the need for regulation with boards though since I have seen several pedestrians knocked down by boarders without enough respect to look out for people in their way. This is just as bad as drivers who hit bicyclists or even boarders by not looking where they are going.
  14. Are2 I am sorry that you feel so betrayed by me. I can also understand you feelings about my career. There are no words that I can use over the internet to make you believe that I never meant to hurt you. As far as my "detective" skills if you read what I wrote above again you will see that I was trying to prove that writers did not fit into the profile that has been pushed since graffiti abatement became a job. I am sure that my children will expose me to a lot of trials and tribulations, hopefully not with the justice system since I seek to keep an open communication with them.
  15. You know funny enough I got this job as a temp because I was a good secretary. I had just been evicted from my apartment and needed a job, this one came along. To start it was mostly urban planning and the graffiti aspect was given to me later. By that time I was well into the job and believed the bs given to me. It was only later that I began to doubt what I was doing. I don't really hate my job, I just struggle with the moral implications.
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