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    i dont know if someone aswered this, but it looks like a photoshop'd image, greyscale then halftone pattern filter-horizontal lines. just a guess. that red portrait is HOT.
  2. wow LTS in detroit? here is another forum for you all to worked up about, have fun.... Detroit Yes Grafitti Thread
  3. DIBS


    seized posts are a bummer. try this, i know you have soaked it, use triflow if you have it. get a hair dryer, set it at high and blow dry the seat tube, heat expands metal, try to keep the actual seat post cool, ie:wrap it in a cold damp cloth. when the seat tube is warm try to twist the seat post, repeat till it gives. also, remove your bottom bracket, and drip try flow into the seat tube and set bike upside down. flood the seat tube if you can, just let it soak over night. the hair dryer works pretty well if your patient. good luck
  4. your an as#ho!e. font lab is pretty good. i have used it a lil for mac, just to tweak a fontset though. fontographer is a windows app. (mac os9 or classic also) not much experience with it though. you should be able to get a copy of font lab off a torrent site pretty easy.
  5. F@#K YES! i still remember so vividly the first time i heard the misfits (1988). i really believe that moment combined with finding skateboarding about the same time changed my life forever! excellent thread, thank you.
  6. i can try to help, i am fairly familiar w/ illustrator. if you are trying to cut/copy a selection from photoshop to illustrator. the photoshop file must be set up coorectly. illustrator will not accept jpgs or gifs. make sure your file is one of the following, tiff. psd. or photoshop eps. also here are some good tutorial sites for photoshop tutorial1 tutorial 2 also seeking is right, for a sharp edge, you should learn how to use the pen tool(you will need to anyway to do anything in illustrator) convert the "path" into a clipping path or a vector mask in the transpearancy pallet. then you can export them as working paths to illustrator.
  7. these drawings are awesome. good luck w/ the magazine. which magazine is it?
  8. actually, the "untitled" forum is for non-graf related art, as i understand it, as is much of its content. part of that content includes at least one or more other "photography threads". my question was why it was nessesary to start another one. is yours a special photography? too good for the other photography threads just because its "old" looking? there are too many redundant threads is what i am trying to bring to light, and you are just contributing to the problem.
  9. arent there enough photography threads already? coudn't these have gone in the other photography thread photography thread ?
  10. hes the man. he put out a really nice book of his prints through Arkitip magazine. it was a lmtd thing, i dont know if its still available. even hecox book
  11. i would love a powerbook for its esthetics. small, sleek, portable. but i could never see myself taking it anywhere, i suppose i would find somewhere to take it. either way i vote for desktops and easy expandability, just picked up my G5 today, merry christmas.
  12. frank stella is always one of those artists i forget about or does not often come to mind, although i like his work. alot of people i have talked to(ok so like the 4 or 5 people) do not like his earlier minimal geometric paintings, but i enjoy them alot, and especially with todays design trends, he would seem to me ahead of his time given some of the resemblences. i really like his newer sculptures, like picture 1 and 3. those peices are very interesting to me. high priest, you cover alot of ground with the artists you create threads about, another great thread with an underrated artist in my opinion. thanks
  13. DIBS


    i agree, for an intro to the basic skills going solo, adobe classroom in a book. the Bible is more useful once you have grasp on the app. and its workings etc.
  14. excellent work, very dark. i had seen her work before but not this much of it i guess. i really like it.
  15. its such a good forgery. i was sooooo excited when i found it, i really wanted to believe it. what a shame. a guys gotta have dreams. after researching more, the story originates here.axis of logic
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