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  1. the freash smell of sweet nector after u shave ur girl in the shower and go to townon it a garage full of paint fumes (until ur nose is sop full of paint buggers u have to breathe through ur nose jagermiester sothern comfort a burning honey slobed blunt stormy weather my shoes after a 3 hour sk8 session when girls flip their hair black bic pen ink mag 44 fumes my graff book i hate the smell of hair saloons panties ( if she aint a stank hoe) fontano's sub shop in illinois and to keep it short my car the day after a nice clam bake
  2. the phsycoanalys album is not lik any album in m y collecdtion big ups to pp
  3. ok domb ass....bam rides bmx use to skte whatever....he has a bunch of real sponsors, all that are strictly for skating companies or bmx products shit like that...nike,,,,who is a fucking sellout, makes every thing, clothes, shoes, iceskates sweatbands everything, bam is not going to let nike make money off of him,just so all the little kids will hear and see nike when they go to watch someone they admire ride, fuck nike and fuck u duuu jackass get a clue moron
  4. this kid i know did this thing called a british bulldog. he pulled his pants down right below his ass and pulled his nuts between his legs and got on all fours....i thought it was very homoic but i was stoned and laughed.....i think more girls should flash people...iwent to get alcohol with my friend and when we were heading to his house we pulled up to an intersection and i look over to my right and see two of the finest girls ive seen in a while....BUCK ASS NAKED...my mouth dropped and when they saw me staring at them they all started laughing and rubbing eachothers chest and shit ....i love
  5. east

    white people

    how come blacks can call eachother niggers and get all emotional when some one white says nigga, u people confuse me. i like when people are racist to me cus i think the word honky is funny as hell, u little fuckn hony u, makes me think of this beddiey eyed munchkin with a horn for a nose walking around making sounds like meemper from the mumpet babbies....ur petty little words are to funny to bring me down, ------im not racist i just hate every one----
  6. if the gurl dont stank ill eat that shit till the sweet nector stops flowing as her legs jerk around my neck
  7. the best is when ur fucking nasty hardfor a long time and that pussy gets dry and u pull out and BBBLLLLUUUUUUEEEEEWWWWPP...mad pussy fart and the bitch tries too look at u with a straight face....i cant help but laugh....its all right there more focused on the fact u just busted 3 nuts in a row, cum fly when ur having fun i shared this 2 bedroom apartmen with my boy and i overheard the yelping and faint aghs and ohs through the thin walls, all gets quite then SNAP, followed buy an OHHHH FUCKKKN BITCH, next morning i said Scotty what the fuck happend after u fuct last night, scott says"
  8. shut up..guys........im not drunk (stupid bitch trying to keep a straight face while her head sways back and forth) i hope that condom didnt just break Duuude.....ur sister's hot
  9. east


    nice real nice, i like the one with webster pulling out that fly gurlz but floss
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