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  1. After dividing my time between BME and the 12oz forums, I have decided to make an effort at satisfying both habits at once. Anyone else in here into body modification? Not just piercings and tattoos, but anything of that nature. As of now I am tattoo free, but I have: 5/8" lobes (fighting myself about stretching again) 2ga dermal punched sadhus (conches,straight down) 12ga labret (on it's way to at least an 8ga) 8ga horizontal nipples I also had my frenectomy done last week (cutting the webbing that restricts your tongue), and plan to split my tongue soon (if anyone has anything to say about this email me). My immune system is really the main thing keeping me down on this. As soon as everything has healed, and I am feeling good again, I plan to have diagonal surface piercings over my ribcage, a pubic ladder, apadravya, three dydoes, a frenum, my rims dremaled to a 6ga, and my nape.
  2. Jesus of Nazareth


    Funny, I don't remember ever having the conversation with you. Now quit bitching out in front of everyone and drop that knowledge, son. It shouldn't be that hard to explain if it is as obvious as you seem to think. I mean... if you are too feeble minded to describe your surroundings..... *SF1 is convinced I'm Kabar, and that he has pulled my card.
  3. Jesus of Nazareth

    favourite movie quote pt 22228887647844889899378

    "Do you know who I am, Mr. Worley?" "......I give up, who are you?" "I'm the antichrist. You get me in a vendetta kinda mood, you'll tell the angels in heaven you never saw evil so singularly personified as you did in the face of the man who killed you. My name is Vincent Cocotti.
  4. Jesus of Nazareth


    Fuck you bitch, you don't know me! I can't stand your ass. Go fuck your way back to Make Out Club, slut. You're not welcome here.
  5. Jesus of Nazareth

    Burlington, VT?

    Anyone up that way and have recommendations for sight* seeing/ shit to do? I'm kinda late on starting this thread, I leave tomorrow morning... Which is correct? "Sight", or "site"? I guess "seeing the sights" is kind of redundant.....but it still makes sense in my mind. "Site" makes sense, but I am still curious enough to ask.
  6. Jesus of Nazareth

    Burlington, VT?

    keep- What's up man? I moved a few months ago, so I'm not up in that neck of the woods too often. Hit me up on AIM or something, dropped bme after the it became a pay site and all that.... Rage- I'm already back....but I"ll hit you up. Check your mail in a few.
  7. Jesus of Nazareth

    if you have a weak stomach this aint for you

    There is a version of this complete with sound out there in the virtual world, and it is much worse than without. They really shouldn't have cut away so soon. There is another which has a guy sitting on a hill tied up. He is shot in the gut and then has his head sawed off with a machette (sp?) while he kicked his feet and trys weakly to fend off the soldiers who seem to be doing this recreationally.
  8. Jesus of Nazareth

    a picture....just a picture

    I figured it was a tongue splitting of some sort, but really, what the fuck? There is more tongue in that mouth than I can account for.
  9. Jesus of Nazareth

    Burlington, VT?

    I think the "site/ sight" debate could really run either way. I guess it comes down to circumstance. I was just wondering if any one on here was up from that neck of the woods and could drop some insider's tips. I was actually born there, just haven't been home in 19 years or so. Anyone?
  10. Jesus of Nazareth

    a picture....just a picture

    What the fuck is going on with that tongue?
  11. Jesus of Nazareth

    For All you National Geographic lovers, i present...

    Nearly every job I have had in the last three years was under the table. Fuck the IRS. Wonk saggin.
  12. Jesus of Nazareth

    For All you National Geographic lovers, i present...

    I wish I owned worthwhile things to trade for some of those. How'd you get that job, by the way? Sounds pretty nice.
  13. Jesus of Nazareth


  14. Jesus of Nazareth

    For All you National Geographic lovers, i present...

    Cool. Post flicks from the articles.
  15. Jesus of Nazareth

    Were everyones at?

    Currently stuck in the Dirty South. Looking to head North soon.
  16. Jesus of Nazareth

    ebay junkie

    I've been reformed.... I stay away from it for two reasons- It has been getting progressively worse as the years go by. Now all the auctions are run by companys. Ebay is flooded with undesirable crap as a result. I am also too broke to buy anything, and I hate window shopping.
  17. Jesus of Nazareth

    They are not from this earth...

    Giant Squids These things are straight crazy. I don't swim in the ocean. check out the claws.... Pretty good motion shots here....one that is alive.
  18. Jesus of Nazareth

    Girl Questions...

    That shit doesn't work man.
  19. Jesus of Nazareth


    Browner keeps me informed on the world. Respect.
  20. Jesus of Nazareth

    Frozen Gogurt

  21. Jesus of Nazareth

    'The Empty Ocean': Invisible Extinctions

    Good post, Brownie. I don't have time to research it, but I remember watching a show about a similair topic (kinda, but there aren't many ocean awareness threads in 12oz). There is some kind of marine plant that was adapted for use in aquariums. It is notable for the fact that it can reproduce from a single cell, and it also blankets the ocean floor (think a front lawn under water), smothering out all the life in whatever area it spreads to. It can live in just about any temperature, and is popping up all over the globe. First popped up in France, if I remember correctly. Just another way we are killing our planet. Way to go humans.
  22. Jesus of Nazareth

    4 words

    Much love for coffee Why am I here? Know many black Jews? Your fuel tank's empty Running on stolen creativity.
  23. Jesus of Nazareth

    Home made tattoos 101

    Find a coin corresponding to the size you want your dots (or anything metal for that matter- the head of a nail or bolt, a washer, etc.). Holding it with pliers, heat it until it is glowing red. Now place it on your skin where you desire the tattoo. Let it sit there until it has cooled, effectively burning away your skin. Now, rub a mixture of ashes, water, olive oil, and pen ink over the spots, and let it heal. Post flicks.
  24. Jesus of Nazareth

    4 words

    niggas had bes' recognize
  25. Jesus of Nazareth

    4 words

    really want to smoke need to wake up Splinter's a good name Ninja turtles run shit It is their world We just live here.