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  1. is that a lead a2m freight?
  2. all you gay east coast cats on here talking shit about all the midwest cornfed witers are real funny the past two years hot shot big mouths from ny come out here talking dhit and get split laat year it was SET this year someone else... tough is tough no matter where your from i mean really do you think things would have been diffrent if all yo real niggas in the crew were there hahaha there just would have been a bigger fight and all of you would have got knocked out being from the eastcoast dont make you hard. and why is it that it was a bunch of hill billy midwest writers that came to ny and schooled evryone kern five merz and verbs
  3. that modern is off tha heezy fo sheezy
  4. am i the only one getting sick of seeing onorocks same repetetive style granted he puts in plenty of work its just getting boring
  5. damn them TA niggas is trill
  6. tell me that guy really doesn't write meas
  7. boo for the fake MET Met TA has been crushing shit since the 80's he kinged NY before you could spell graffiti, and got more trains than you and your crew combined, fuck i bet he's got more whole cars than you've got trains TA STOMPS
  8. thats dope you caught that big ass T anyone caught the A yet
  9. drop it like its hot my neezy
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