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  1. this poat is a steamin pile i dont wanna see old shit i wanna see these guy's new stuff
  2. www.pbase.com/mediaone it has an updated freights section
  3. it says robot i think didnt worms write that?
  4. you bastards always find a way to turn a dope thread into an arguement
  5. just bite color schemes and maybe some out lines
  6. embalmwon

    war zone

    hahahaha this is soooo wack i wish i had a scanneri bet i could shut you bastards up
  7. i just love listening to people bitch save it for the yards fellas
  8. i think some kids should just shut their mouths and just let people paint and do their own shit and stop bitching
  9. uhhh i like the 4th and the rest you can keep
  10. ohhhhhh looks like there was some hair pulling
  11. hahaha sure you found it yah bastard
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