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  1. Like I said before, they already searched my friend's previous house. Two police, spending over an hour going through all of his shit. It happens.
  2. Thanks for the input, Smart. Yeah, I know he's kinda fucked. It just sucks for me, because I have canvases all over my walls, thousands of flicks, sketches people have done for me, paint, everything that would raise police eyebrows. I keep my room locked when I'm not here, and there is NOTHING of mine in the common areas of the house, and nothing illegal either that cops could see. One of the walls in my backyard is painted, it's about 80 feet long, hopefully they don't notice that. Technically there isn't anything that I could get busted for, but if they try and say I'm holding shit for my roommate, it's gonna get messy. Oh well though, because if it comes to it, I have the time and money to sue for any police related injustice :)
  3. I've actually had this happen to me twice. The first time it was a stolen account, and I got burned for about $25 in the end, after recovering some. Got a letter from the FBI telling me all my rights and everything. The second time dealing with a stolen account I waited, and the day before I paid I received an email from the account owner saying not to pay, as their account had been stolen 3 days prior and EBAY had still failed to do anything. The account had 6000+ positive feedback, and in the end the person who stole it made off with about $7500 I think. But yeah, in this case, give it some time. Worst comes to worst EBAY will refund everything but $25. Give it a week or two though.
  4. PoutyDuck


    Re: Comedy Who is this Rain over?
  5. PoutyDuck

    160 STAY OR GO?

    Don't go... just shoot yourself in the face with a shotgun.
  6. Lots of people collect cans... Montana... old Krylon...
  7. Rather than just be a nameless toy, I decided almost a decade ago that I'd take photographs and whatnot, and one day eventually publish a book with my photos. Call me a jocker, call me whatever. Life goes on.
  8. Re: dont sweat it When he was living at his old house, two officers came by and searched his room for over an hour. They looked through all of his photos, everything.
  9. PoutyDuck


    The great thing about graffiti is most people think their preference of style matters more than the next. Kept, I don't care for your style, but you're smart enough to know that you're not painting for anyone but yourself.
  10. PoutyDuck


    Are you friends with any of those guys anymore?
  11. PoutyDuck


    You shouldn't tell people they don't know shit, when you're talking about a crew that Kept hasn't been pushing for almost a decade.
  12. I was thinking the same thing :lol:
  13. Recently a long time friend of mine became my new roommate. Unfortunately, he has been convicted of misdemeanor vandalism, and as a result he is on probation and can't posess any graffiti related items such as paint, markers, incriminating photos, and all of the other obvious objects. My question is in regards to how much authority the police have. I'm not a writer, so I don't stress *too* much. I do however have thousands of photos, hundreds of magazines, cans, canvases, etc. that I would hate to have searched and/or confiscated. I have a lock on my bedroom door, my parents own the house, and I have full rights to exert any measures that I deem necessary in regards to denying police access. Can they search my room? My house? Thanks for the advice, -Quack
  14. PoutyDuck


    Time to do the five car: one night. Time to do the riverbead: many nights over a span of years. Let's keep in mind this is the ELSE thread... not the STEEL thread. No further clarification is needed on this issure. Thank you.
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