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  1. I love the internet..... both clears are doing there thing, why do I give a fuck? Big ups to the rich Jew who puts Screwdriver in his video!
  2. Bump for my ego... The only thing bigger than your crew!
  3. Nice post I like cread a whole lot!!
  4. I think everyone is forgetting some key facts: A) cops are fat and lazy B) cops lie C) the cops are NEVER your boys... When they say that they are there to help you, you should take this to mean that they want you to rat out your boy and fuck you up the ass... Don't get it twisted, just cause they smile to your face doesn't mean thier not plotting behind your back.
  5. Yeah! WORD! You pussies are toys... I ain't even from jersey, But I know whos jockin who.....Your brain is on the grill at nightime. and what about the daytime? I hear the wack ones, they get alot of playtime. Sayin' thier wack and wastin' my airtime. ...jersey...
  6. Everytime I see an MBER train, I can hear him laughing while he paints... What a nerd.
  7. I would just like to take the time to big-up our ass-backwards neighbors, real steel...Mmmmm... Trik owns Toronto as far as I could tell when I was up there for New Years.
  8. That Rcade is hat ta Dizzy! That dice is old as hizzy!
  9. Also iced-out Rolleez, Wallyz, and scrolling shirts be the gear... Never Stop Flossin' Must Stay Paid
  10. Directed at you faggot! Watch that shit faggot!
  11. FACT: The flyest shit in this post is cast... B'leedat!... That motherfucker singlehandedly blew up DC bombing. Despite the fact that he is no longer in the country he is still one of the most up writers in DC... Word.
  12. fvk1

    Mobb Deep - Infamy

    I'm gonna cop that shit first thing tomorow. I hear its decent.
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