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  1. my left hand is swollen from skating... it hurts
  2. dood your so cool and smart and stuff.... you should talk to me on aim more if i dont i.m. you its cuz of the foxy females... dope post read learn listen and dont leave you cans and tops and random trash in the yards, also tags and general graff in and around the yards... yay southern
  3. my first post was directed to mako, i was asking if you had gotten your pack from southern kid... i hooked you up with something in it....
  4. i have my tongue, my left nostril and i use to have 4 gauge in my ears but they are back down to like 16 and i now have hoops in each ear.. but they are double pierced and the same hoop goes through both holes (in seperate ears)... confusing two holes in each ear one hoop kinda sideways through 2 holes.... shit
  5. hey mako did you get southerns gift yet??? he better have sent it......:loopy: :loopy:
  6. in argument while drunk " every time you open your mouth i just think of you giving me oral sex" "time to puke" "this time i promis not to molest you" "did i show you my new belt?" my roomate shits more than you can imagine
  7. yea i was gonna re post that last one buuut someone already did... holy shit those are good... his fackin illegals have more attention to detail and color than so many peoples legals... much respect goes to a guy who rocks ill spots with out typical fast bomb stuff... ya hurd me?
  8. i like the piece you used the belton on the best.. and the white one you showed me before that shits tight... sucks the city facked you...
  9. i cant believe i missed this post... i so hate the dog god.. why did he have to take my homeboy charlie.. and those are my cheese burgers he was eating in that bag.. man i am still pissed.. and sad... im sorry dood you know i will miss him too... man im sad rip
  10. the fetus i know? claimin a weird area eh?
  11. guys i painted this on a model this isnt a decal.. post model trains you have painted
  12. this is the biggest penny i've ever seen. my dedication to NACE RIP post more if you have them. i know a few people on the board do.
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