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  1. hews wholecar nace, sope throwies (cycle i believe) arsn/ich..."sidebusted and released" forget who else was on it. freak super/con..old one. no pictures.
  2. e-mail fr8hound@hotmail.com dude put more work into that than you know and barely broke even on costs so buying one instead of dubbing will always be appreciated. i think it's still being sold through the scrapyard too. and yes, number two is in the making.
  3. now why would you go and do that.
  4. what did you use to make the mold?
  5. all burnin....not seein the drugs thing either.
  6. hahaha...sounds like "el loco." [This message has been edited by Mr. duke (edited 02-15-2001).] [This message has been edited by Mr. duke (edited 02-15-2001).]
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