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  1. ceilingblue


    acid seems to have a hallow type of feel to it esp. when it's the thoughts you have. thinking in circles almost. the newness deadness of everything. w. burroughs wrote a lot about it. i've thought about it and i think i'm though with acid all together. it's that great and doesn't get any better. almost pointless really.
  2. ceilingblue


    i know this and i take every precaution in doing so. i don't take lsd daily or weekly. it's more like bi-monthy, if that.
  3. ceilingblue


    has anybody heard of somebody getting "touched" or "hit" by acid. from what i understand, it seems to have a little following in the underground dance culture. your supposed to take a large amount of acid at one time and from that you are supposed to become enlightened or "touched". yes, it's a very stupid idea but the reason i ask if anybody has heard of it is because yesterday evening i was given six or so tabs of some real next level acid. i took two and gave two to a real good friend of mine. the trip lasted all afternoon and all night and was not very good. real extreme, real hard. i guess standard acid that is taken in clubs is like that, but i really don't know being as i never have been to rave before or never really had the desire to go. has anybody heard of this before?
  4. harassing all citizens and breaking numerous legal statues and laws all the time.
  5. i heard the twins paint sooooo fast that it's unbelivable. what about some emuse stuff?
  6. it's funny to see people posting bands that only have two albums out. anyways fugazi and aphex twin are my two big ones. this includes most imports and all the rare stuff i could get my hands on, i'm sure their is a ton more stuff out then what i have, but whatever. e for effort.
  7. "hey shorty.. what's popping" me to a girl. now, you have to realize that i am neither a fan of rap music or speak in slang that often, so it's sorta funny. it's not a quote, but one time i was over at a friends house and about four people including myself were drinking. after about 4-5 hours of straight drinking (rum....) everybody started to get shitty. one of the kids started to pass out and looked/acted like he was going to throw up. so we decided to drag him out to the front lawn and just let me throw up there. if anything, it's was funny then. maybe not now. but then, sure thing.
  8. secret.. i know what your talking about. i'm not a female, but i've had that happen many a times on girls that have been in the bed with me. the funniest thing is falling off of the bed. i'm gulity of it 100 percent.
  9. i know the majority of the kids on this board won't read or get any of this, but they should.. sooooooooooo bump right up.
  10. a round of applause and a pat on the back.. good job, friend. everything i wanted to say has already been said. and willy, i've been thinking about that little talk we had and your right. a child's instinctive abilty to not be able to comprehend the normal bounds of reality is one that is very wonderful and very beautiful.
  11. that made my stomach cringe.. the thing about merz in south carolina finding 16 cans of jungle.
  12. anything salinger. phillip k. dick; valis and scanner darkly. william s. burroughs. hunter s. thompson. catch 22 by joesph heller. the virgin sucides is good. i just finished it today.
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