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  1. fuck it, i'll go out buy the album and 7", i know they're going to be shithot...i've been holding off buying records cos of debt, but a new Fugazi lp would enrich my life long enough to forget about my dirty big overdraft...last i got was the 'Red Medicine' lp, did i miss something after that? (apart from the 'End Hits' collection)...havent been keeping up with my punk & hc past few years, but finally found a mint, complete, vinyl, 2nd hand 'Christ The Album' by Crass last week after nearly 10 years hunting for it...also right into Make-Up right now, thought Nation of Ulysses were shit, but Make-Up! fucking amazing live...just remembered i sold my Rites of Spring album for beer vouchers years ago, fuck! starting to ramble now...um...BUY VINYL!
  2. got sick of hunting for make-up vinyl so borrowed my mates extensive 7' collection of their gems, so one of these gems... blue is beautiful little black book substance abuse or... or... or... these questions are too hard:lick:
  3. joy division - atmosphere a silver mount zion - 13 angels standing guard 'round the side of your bed spacemen 3 - take me to the other side spiritualized - stop your crying the 1st two would have people crying their eyes out so the other two would be better for a dirty heathen humanist funeral (with a bar tab from my will to see me off in drunken style):dazed:
  4. la haine rockers bladerunner the harder they come delicatessen
  5. i got nb's and i buy etnies as most of theirs are synthetic nubuck, going to try osiris next, some of them are synthetic too...i'm still looking for shoe shoes though, something like clarks wallabees but i've had no luck
  6. irvine welsh is fucking excellent, him and iain banks are the only writers i want to keep reading...i think it was danny boyle who directed shallow grave, then trainspotting then the heap of shit that was the beach...in the film of trainspotting the redhead in the club where rentboy pulls was my old flatmate, used to go to that club too until they demolished it
  7. apart from getting back into my old punk stuff and techno... e.s.g. mogwai beanfield joy division goldie/dillinja/doc scott a silver mount zion/god speed you black emperor but mostly the new spiritualized album 'if i'm good i could i could add some years to my life, but i'd rather add some life to my years'
  8. in case i'm not the only person that didnt know about this...my dad showed me this and i was mighty thankful... on www.barnesandnoble.com (right address? something like that anyway) you can go to the music section, search for an artist then listen to half minute snippets of up to half the songs on a cd (if you have realplayer)...then go to your local independent record store and buy the good stuff you found...
  9. i was on the www.spiewak.com site and i think a couple of their links were to free font sites...i downloaded a shitload but i cant work out how to get my computer to convert damn zipfiles... 'that fonts called violation.. its a very distraut, sad, melancholy sort of font... reminds me of a 16 year old girl sitting in her bedroom on vicadin and vodka, smoking camel lights, listening to smashign pumpkins 'gish' sad cause her and her best friend/bisexual esperimentation friend are having problems and her parents are fighting in the next room over....its a happy sort of font ya know...' - thats beautifully emotive, i thought it was just me who who had wildly detailed conceptions about menial shit like fonts and handwriting
  10. jointhedotz

    fruit boots.

    haha! i hadnt heard the name 'fruitboots' until the skate shop my mate works in put up a sign saying 'we do not sell fruitboots'...i hate how the wee twats always overwax a decent ledge or bench until its fuckin lethal to skate, cunts.
  11. jointhedotz

    depeche mode

    'enjoy the silence' is fucking classic...got the kruder&dorfmeister mix album with 'useless' on it, fantastic, need to get their new album
  12. A Silver Mount Zion Joy Division (maybe TOO grim, 'atmosphere' gives the chills) Spacemen 3/ Spiritualized (uplifting in a depressing way, every song is either about smack or broken hearts, lately because his fine chick left him for that twat from The Verve)
  13. jointhedotz


    i've been after one of them for ages but i got a good deal on an slr instead, there was an exhibition in my city of photos just from lomos, i like how theyre bright but with the fuzzy edges, developed for low light by the russians/finns/polish?, indestructible too...i think they have some kind of website, might be just www.lomo.com although could be wrong
  14. blaine is a pecker, he's just telegenic with whats been going on for centuries...i cringed when he had the coins spilling out that poor homeless guy's paper cup, sanctimonius patronising bastard...his levitation is bullshit too, the trick ones he does in the street i learnt (although some twat i know blew the secret doing it half-arsed) you only see the crowd reaction for those ones but then you get the shots where he fully lifts, no crowd...cables
  15. red bull & vodkas been happening where i am for years but i managed to avoid them, guaranteed puke inducer...i prefer it straight from the freezer, takes the burn out...malibu & pineapple is what its about or else g&t for the more discerning drinker (mother's ruin)
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