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  1. where are all the girls,how is my money going,where the fuck is everyone,damn i need to paint more
  2. those last 3 flix are mine^^
  3. those characters are preatty ill.post some of ur painted stuff if you have it i would like to see.
  4. yea both ewoks are preatty nice but on this count its ewok 5mh because of his use of space and creativity.i always wundered why the other ewok didnt go all the way 2 the top.does any1 know?nice post.
  5. yo dont be dissin the whole fukin crew because your legal got dissed.i just found out about it.i didnt do shit to it.
  6. ears alll the funking way.im just startin to see his fr8s.niiiiiice.
  7. HOLY FUCKING SHIT CLOSE THIS AND OPEN ANOTHER ONE..i cant belive its still up..nice though just make a new one because it takes a LONG TIME TO LOAD and SLOWS DOWN YOUR COMPUTER...WOOW.
  8. it seems like nuthings real,nothing really has an appel,its just a mind deal,strikes you like a poisonous eel,whats color teal,blue,orange,rouge,is any of this true,or is a just a rule,.you can use your mind, its divine,am i really freestylin this rhyme ,or am i sitting in a chair reciving information to my mind,its hard to find out the codes of the matrix,many of you must hate this,and non belive and concive the homosapien breed.....and lead to differant dimentions and may i mention my new invention,which is top secret,you cant peep this,or reach it,and i refuse to teach it..
  9. kreatin weird shit,after smoking multiple spliffs,smoke hits,like mushrooms out of cowshit,you trip,ill hit you with these hollow clips cuz i aint got shit,ill piss on your piece and throw chinease food grease,and deceased fetuses spleans,im sick in the head,i liked watching how much it blead till it was ded...ENUFF SAID!
  10. fukin niiice.i like that merz scrap trian how the window is broken thats xXXCOOOCYXXx
  11. damn..nice fukin post.shit.fuck.shit.hahaaaaaaaaaa..niiiice!!!!!!
  12. i think its 2 greys faded together.it looks like a winter gray and a smoke gray or something.worm is nice though.
  13. wow nice ass post.i really like that lexus.thanx.
  14. u guys are fukin wak.learn the rules before you fukin go out and do shit.dont be goin over anything especially at your skill level.
  15. yea i seen one of those charaters on a door in the movie juice in an alley from i think 95?im not sure..anyways preatty nice.
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