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  1. i think alot of those flicks are nice but how come u dont write ur tag names?.....i like the rewind
  2. deceponer


    i have some flicks but no moa scanner
  3. its ok but use spraypaint
  4. http://zeffy.novus-logic.com/images/rximages/threadsux_bj.gif'>
  5. demos werk is sooo sick...dam wish i was that good
  6. wow dick riding huh? well if thats what u think....hmm hawaii forums are full of shit talking did u know that? cause i can smell it without even turning on my computer..but i guess im just a dickriding toy to u so blah hahaha
  7. i got hawaii flicks ...everyone knows about katch and bible well email me
  8. holy shit bomns away for lf and af u guys r gettin down...take me along lol.....sickness
  9. I love hawaii..ill be back to post some more shortly as soon as i get a new scanner......peace
  10. i like all of the crus here its just certaint writers that i dont like because they have shitty attitudes and outlooks..people should learn to relise that their paintings or throwies will not burn forever but they go through the cycle..u paint somthing and then it gets coverd so no get mad when someone goes over u..but just take a camera and flick it..but beef happens when they do somthing reel suck or just maliciously fuck with other writers but hell what do i know im just another toy.......DeCeP muthafuckin one
  11. the whole argument about writers being good and what not is not a big part of the equation but what really matters is how cool of a person they r. u see as cope once said ill paint with anybody as long as they have a good attitude. and i wont paint with the best writer if they have a shitty attitude..so throughout life attitude counts alot peace
  12. Re: L m a o r o F l im sorry but te has not been around since 1995 buddy..um as well for that the original name for that cru was uti....just another toy trying to set the record straight
  13. nice post im looovin all of it
  14. dem hawaiians r getting nuts
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