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    Oze is the shit, as is all this shitty shit. I love it. But seriously dudes, didn't you know that your graffiti style was supposed to mask your homosexuality not flaunt it? So, am I still in the crew?
  2. Thanks y'all, I appreciate the kind responses!
  3. I haven't looked in here in a while but reading this discussion makes me feel like I've been a little over-critical in my view of conventional graf on canvases. Everyone doesn't have to have the same goals within art or definitions of it. A personal goal of mine is to connect with an energy, idea or feeling within myself and give it as "true" a visual rendering as I can. I try to make my work speak to as broad an audience as possible by attempting to capture a spirit within it that feels honest, because it seems to me that there's too many fronts that people put on in this world and that people might benefit from seeing someone expressing a little compassion, vulnerability, understanding, etc., and that those viewers may possibly carry that warmth with them and somehow pass it on. I've always worked towards making the fingerprint on my work be very recognizable as my own while allowing myself to be influenced by other art and whatever else that I relate to. Yeah, I grew up as a cocky little prick feeding my ego with that "I'm fresh and those other cats are wack" attitude, but that reveals my childish need to latch on to something that I felt raised my status in this life more than it reveals any desire to inspire and enlighten, which is what I'd much rather be doing with my art. The more I live the more I'm trying to lift myself out of that impulse to dis for the sake of my ego. That gets back to my harsh criticism of graf. When I first started writing, graf was in a super early stage, so it was fresh and young with what I felt was a really raw creative spirit. Now I see it more along the lines of sign-painting and calligraphy; traditional artforms that have some room for self-expression and innovation but are more based in conventions and the development of craft. Of course there are exceptions to this and will always be. There's all kinds of different art that I find appealing for different reasons. I personally am not really moved by standard graf pieces as gallery art, just because it seems like if you're gonna go so far as to have people go see your stuff at a gallery you should be stepping it up a notch. That's only my opinion though. I can see why it might be satisfying for someone to produce a nice looking "graf style piece" (only in quotes because I don't think of it as graffiti unless it's illegal) on a canvas, but I'd prefer to see it on a jean-jacket I think. That's only cuz I'm an old-school real motherfucker. I'm playin', but anyway...I hold in higher regard the adventurers and super soul troopers of the art world, yet can totally appreciate the well crafted works of more traditional folks. There's plenty of super original stuff that doesn't do anything for me either. I just think it's important to have a genuine respect for each other as humans and not use art or anything else as something in which to present yourself on a pedestal. Artists are big ass nerds regardless of how well they do it. If your heart's in it and it's working for you without hurting anyone, dope. Haven't contributed in a while either so here's a couple pieces. The first one included just cuz it's the closest I've done to regular graf on canvas and I think it's pretty funny. Second's my most recent. http://chrissilva.com/studio5/SenorAmorRides.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/studio5/RememberToBreathe.jpg'>
  4. Snake Plissken, awesome. Nobody ever seems to know what I'm refferring to when I mention him. The babble is seriously going off. Just reminded me of Cuba photos that I thought I'd share. http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/cocotaxi.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/lilgirl.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/ruins.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/pastelcuba.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/wonderbug.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/greencar.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/odenis.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/mechanic.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/lildude.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/photography/cuba/sabroso.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/AmorPieceLandscape.gif'>
  5. http://chrissilva.com/studio5/Valve10.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/studio5/UpConstruct.jpg'>
  6. Dan Ezra Lang http://delstudios.net http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Illy_Images/Turtle_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Draw_Images/FishEye_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Draw_Images/Intent_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Draw_Images/Roomatizm_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Draw_Images/Situation_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Draw_Images/HeadCongestion_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Paint_Images/Tryptic_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Paint_Images/EyeAndI_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Paint_Images/TVMovie_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Paint_Images/BlueMoon_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Paint_Images/HalfUntitled_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Illy_Images/Penny_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/Illy_Images/Calarama_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/PP_Images/Colapsus_Samp.gif'> http://delstudios.net/Images_2/ID_Images/3HC_Samp.gif'>
  7. The babble, dope. 13 Liter, fresh. New fave thread.
  8. Thanks, yoink. Yeah, I'm definitley trying to keep all my work moving. If you're interested in anything let me know. chris@chrissilva.com
  9. Joker, that piece is crazy. Really nice. Here's a recent piece done with a wood burner, latex and found wood. http://chrissilva.com/studio5/WoodburnFellow.jpg'>
  10. Joker, Medic, Dillz, Tardo...awesome stuff in here, so good to see. Joker, I especially like the first one that you posted. The gradation in the one section and the color choices make for a real good feeling. http://chrissilva.com/studio5/GoldenShowers.jpg'>
  11. Yeah, those are fresh, tardo! I especially like the real gestural ones.
  12. Thanks for the good words. Yep, lots of inspirations, influences, etc. Gotta try and keep my stuff growing in some manner. And yes, my site is ChrisSilva.com
  13. Thanks, man. Likewise on that hottie hotness. Here's another one... http://chrissilva.com/studio5/TuffLove.jpg'>
  14. http://chrissilva.com/studio5/LoveStarDrawing.jpg'>
  15. http://chrissilva.com/graph/AntckAlleybot.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/graph/JaesFrance.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/graph/ThorShow.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/graph/gtek.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/graph/blu_antck.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/graph/2LIVE1.JPG'> http://chrissilva.com/graph/antckgold.jpg'> http://chrissilva.com/graph/gigstwist.jpg'>
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