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    Took a couple days off to the wood/beach for a little glamping birthday weekend. Kind of sucked but not completely. Here are some cOoL sToRY flicks. Do not enjoy them. In order of operation. IMG_0305.MOV
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    I just wanna know which one of you toys designed these fucking toys? Straight outta paper chase, I'd recognize those doo dads anywhere.
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    But enough about sammiches, back to pies.
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    It's a twig you fuckin' idiot. Fitting you can't tell the difference you liberal piece of shit. #trump2020 (I'm totally joking, by the way)
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    They checked out the keys to the 12ozprophet private jet a while back. Haven’t heard from em since @One Man Banned
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    These newly hatched wrens have just left the nest for the first time and are learning to fly. Here they're following their mom's (not pictured) lead that they can grab the wall and hang on.
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    make us all into mini oontz figurines call em collectors items 💫 like these
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    this thread went differently than i was thinking but this is mad interesting
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    Shamelessly_stolen-asmd89kz36f51.mp4 This is the most powerful man on Earth right now.
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    Van's slip on pro TV This popcush insert is taking Vans everywhere...I dont know how or what they made this shit with but it completely improved how these shoes feel...night and day with past pro models
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    I notice a few members have dropped off/been MIA from here for a bit. Curiously, they all seem to be mods/admins..... @misteraven... @Fist 666... @Dirty_habiT The only logical conclusion is they've all been drawn into a Pulp Fiction/Homo Dungeon type situation:
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    costumer: Why do I have to wear my mask, no one is in here?? cashier: uh, sir, heh... erm... *nervously looks down at feet*.. I’m someone and I’m here... uwu
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    this is "Good Kill" with Ethan Hawke i think
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    Hey for real my first reaction to this picture was "what kind of monster cuts their sandwhich this way?" Then I got into an argument with my wife about how the only way this was an acceptable way to cut your sandwhich was if you were on your way to cutting it into quarters. In 39 years I've never cut my sandwhiches this way and I think thats why I had such a violent reaction to it. Now that I have had about 30 minutes to weigh the pros and cons, I realize this is the only acceptable way to half a sandwhich unless its diagonal. Props
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