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    We don’t need to be putting each other down. @Dirty_habiT @Drue_Down @Hua Guofang
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    Don’t correct me whilst I’m drunk 😵
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    ^^Alright who invited the fat drunk feminist to the party. I thought we were trying to have a good time here. Guess who's going home tonight, still a virgin, still mad at the world for things they could change if they put some real effort into it. Ok! /spiciness
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    I learned my boss really doesn't have my back
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    i would offer those people money for that Rusto plastic sign. and also rob them blind...
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    To clean after use, just drop it in the tub while you bathe to save time... everyone’s time.
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    Suicide by double tap to the dome. I recently listened to Slow Burn and when Bill got elected to president one of his folk blasted himself in the grape with his right hand when ol boy was left handed. “And nothing of value was lost”
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    @KultsLol, I have never heard of that game. Anybody play Dark Castle on Mac?
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    I have a true love of handwriting. Not just cursive or script, but all of it. As a kid I would practice, and practice, and practice, trying to get my handwriting to mimic an Architect's handwriting because I figured that's what I wanted to do when I grew up (I'm not an architect... ). I've spent a lot of time teaching myself good penmanship... in script, straight letters, then Graffiti handstyles trying to teach myself different regions local styles (still can't figure out Philly). One thing I've never tried but love is calligraphy, and I absolutely love when Graffiti writers bring a little of their style into it. One guy who does a beautiful job at it is Luca Barcellona. I wish I had the time to dedicate to teaching myself this craft. Maybe once I retire and have nothing but time...
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    from weekend. some people hopefully going to be like WTF? second spot is just above a layup where kids do run ups on the downhill trains ( my city so small they can operate single track lines with crossovers here) on that close track. rear track is the freight track
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    My son came over, some here is some stuff I made for us
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    OMG, that's disgusting. If this is what I'm missing out on by not being a part of social media, i'm going to use my internet machine to sign back up ASAP!!
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    Right?! Lets get @misteravenin on this, I know he loves his Teslas
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    I've been driving around in NYC traffic 5+ hours a day for years and don't drive without a dashcam. With that said, I'm a fan of the Transcend models because of the wifi and phone apps. I started out using gopro's but they have a tendancy to be unreliable due to you having to manually turn on/off every time, plus they tend to overheat if you power via USB more than 1/2 an hour which makes using batteries, or an older Hero 4 with aftermarket battery bypass option more reliable. Plus, I wouldn't leave a gopro as visible bait for a window smasher. Had a dash cam save my ass more than once, still have some of the footage. Good stories considering how NYC is full of scumbags that are incapable of telling the truth, but unfortunately got a meeting I need to get to. I'll see if I can dig some footage up later.
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    Now those were the good old days. Every time I t@gg3d that up everywhere, the reactions where priceless. Got more of a kick in Drawball. I cut my name just like Caitlyn Jenner cut her Bruce Jenner.
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    @iloveboxcarsword. The right way to say genre is the French way but even that sounds off and people will bust your balls. or like niche. There’s three different ways nitch, neesh, nish fuckin engrish
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    Okay, lets see how you guys are feeling about these... I think the first 3 are the same person.
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    HHere's a teaser photo of my old paint wall.
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    Heads up on Risk though. The host is quite possibly the most annoying person I’ve ever come across. He talks for about 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each episode. I highly recommend skipping it. There is no important information there, he just blathers on with the worst voice known to humanity.
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