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    I've been urged by a few fellow 12ozers to make this post. On December 26th I was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal adenocarcinoma. This cancer of the lower esophagus was caused by acid reflux, something I never even knew I suffered from. It spread to my stomach, liver, and other spots. Back in the late-summer I noticed there was a pressure and constriction in my mid-chest after eating food. Foolishly I waited until early October to mention it to my physician. I was put on an over-the-counter acid and heartburn reducer. In November I met with a gastroenterologist who recommended an upper endoscopy. Mid-December the endoscopy revealed a 2" growth in my lower esophagus. The biopsy results came back a few days later and revealed it was cancerous. I did a CT scan and met with an oncologist a week later where I was told that the cancer had spread. I was told that without treatment my life expectancy would be 6 months. With treatment, 1-2 years. Surgery and radiation would no longer be an option at this stage. Chemotherapy begins January 6th and I am fucking terrified. This is not meant to be a pity post, but more of an open dialog about cancer and how much it fucking sucks. I'm sure in some way we've all be affected by cancer either personally, or through family and friends. What's your story? Also, I urge all of you to get screened or tested for cancer. Even if you don't show any signs or symptoms. It could save your life. On a positive note, I bought a new digital camera and lens as a "Fuck it, I have cancer" present to myself. My goal is to document what little time I have left. When it's all over my digital archive will go to a trusted friend who will see fit to publish a book.
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    Dudes hands are backwards. Thats gangster as shit
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    Chopped the top side off my 74 VW Bus so I can turn into a bar for my business. Fuck Im old I cant believe this site is even around still!
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    @misteraven @One Man Banned @Kults @KILZ FILLZ @NightmareOnElmStreet @SMdoubleXL @morton @Keepitrail @mr.yuck @Dirty_habiT @Hua Guofang @Schnitzel @abrasivesaint @Mercer @DETO @Drue_Down
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    Started to build a shed that will fit into my gangway (aka-space between my garage and fence) about 4 feet wide. I’m not a builder - never built anything actually. Got some tools and lumber and got started. More to do still. Pictured - said gangway and noob tools.
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    Okay so we've all been reminiscing and LOLing in the 80's-90's MEMORIES thread... Definitely a blast from the past and good fun to look back on. A recent post by @SMdoubleXL(and her response) got me thinking that it would be way more fun to actually post personal photos, rather than skim shit off the interwebz. So in honor of the Oontz and the opportunity for laughs, I decided to start this thread and will even post the same photo for you all to make fun of. So the way this works, is you post a personal photo (bonus points if its the age before digital) and add a little background to it. Here's me in High School. I think it was about 10th grade, so that would put this at about 1989 or so. I'd already been going to punk shows for a few years wuith friends, was deep into Misfits and Sam Hain and started really getting serious about graffiti after being accepted into Free Agents, a graffiti crew presided then and now by @dekayfa that was super unique fort its time since it was all punk and skater kids ( @diggity) would join this crew many years later when Dekay had moved to Georgia and inspired a whole new wake of skater type kids to pickup graffiti and eventually join). Anyhow, these were some great times... Not quite a kid, but not quite an adult, listening to everything from punk, hardcore through to new wave and progressive music. Doing graffiti, going to parties, going to shows and just having fun at the expense of my High School education, which basically sucked right up until getting kicked out of High School about a year later. (Dekay also got kicked out). Believe by about this point I had my first car, which was a 1972 El Camino Classic that was painted white and orange with house paint when I got it for something like $275. I spent about $20 for several cans of grey primer, another $20 for some Bondo and a yard worth of generic black carpet and switched the bench seat out for some bucket seats I stole out of another car somewhere. The car was a complete shit bucket that maybe got about 8 miles to the gallon. I never bothered insuring it and matter of fact, never even bother to register it. Those were the days when you could just steal a plate off a wreck out behind a mechanics shop and just hope cops didn't end up at a stoplight behind you. Good days and long before smartphones and internets. Kinda wish progress unrolled a little slower.
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    New plant that is already dying I’ll try not to kill. Breakfast game is always strong and hella greasy strangler. Snow in April. Ridiculous New England. (Also latergram aka maybe 2 weeks ago but my life is the same most weekends so applicable) New boots, who diss. Hikes. Though this was hand painted. Was not. Liquor stores will never be the same. Impossible to rob. **bonus perveract** Extra points given to myself since this broads dude was easily 2 ft taller than i. She had them cakes. could not resist.
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    Inspired by @misteraven's 70s-00s thread I started digging into some recently digitized family slides. I was born in Qalandarabad, Pakistan in the Himalayan foothills in 1984 to christian missionaries. Here are a bunch of family pics (mostly embarrassing) and random shit from my childhood over there. Some of these are before my time, order is fucked, and I'll probably slip a duplicate or two in, but you get the idea. Obviously my parents were not photographers... City pics are likely Karachi. Mountain pics are either Murree, Qalandarabad, Abbotabad (where they killed OBL), Rawalpindi, or some random spot in between. People are either my family, family friends, or complete strangers on the backs of some poor animal. I have to assume my love of brown women started here.
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    High School, rolling in my hot pearl raspberry 64 Impala SS. Circa 1989. Press sheets of 12ozProphet issue #6. Circa 1998. Probably my favorite piece I ever did. Go figure that it’s also the only one I ever freestyled and was drunk as shit while I did it. Characters by a very young Os Gemeos. Brazil circa 1998. Framed cover artwork from 12ozProphet issue #3 by Barry McGee circa 1994. Out take artwork for an AKA x Stussy collab that we’d been working on. Circa 2006. Handstyle by Crude Oil (RIP). Some jewelry we shot for Mikimoto in the old AKA studio in Soho. This necklace was 1 of 1 and was $2 million dollars. Not seen is the armed guard that sat watching us the entire time. Mikimoto 1 of 1 ring. Something like $900k. Some photos we did back in the AKA studio days for the Supreme Book. Mark Gonzales artwork (top) and Rammellzee (bottom). Myself and @psm026 Old AKA / 12ozProphet studio in Soho was lit.
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    Grocery store bagger Franks nursery and crafts cashier(free paint and christmas trees) Tacobell (fired 5 days in a row) William sanoma Oilchange place Started my first business selling stolen merchandise (clothing, cigarettes, alcohol, electronics) Life got put on hold. Caught a lot of cases that landed me behind bars for just a little bit. When I got out I had no plan including how I was going to get home once I stepped out a free man. Just like in the fucking movies my homeboy was sitting on the trunk of his car and said "whats up motherfucker? We live in tennessee now!" I could have fucking cried man. I took a hit and took a lot of heat off of other people when I got locked up and wasnt sure if anyone was gonna look out when I got out. Homie spent a lot of time with my grandparents explaining to them what was going on and reassuring them that everything would be alright. So I stop by my grandparents house, packed up whatever clothes I had and smashed out to Tennessee. My homie had started a whole new smaller selling stolen shit and finacial aid fraud system to secure us a nice 2 bedroom 2 bath apt in the burbs. I was hesitant to get back into this life as I had nothing over my head and wanted to keep it that way. So I walked to the McDonald's and got hired immediately. This is when my work history starts to get interesting. While getting ready to close one night an order comes through the drive thru for 3 coffees. This blacked out suburban pulls up and 3 italian looking gangsters pull up to the window talking shit. Flashy jewelry, sharp suits, all that. So I take their money and they are like "where's the coffee?" I kinda look up at them and say "i havent even started to make it yet." They start talking shit while im making the coffee complaining about how long they have to wait and wanting free shit. I tell them they get nothing for free. One of them says "Just throw in some free ketchup packs." I look at him and say "nah." They start laughing and roll the window up talking amongst themselves. They roll the window down and the driver says "hey kid, where's the manager. I want to talk to the manager." I told him "sorry the manager is busy. Guess you just have to deal with me." They start laughing again rolling the window up talking amongst themselves. They roll the window down again and the driver says "hey kid, you wanna come work for us?" Im standing there thinking to myself "I'll climb out this window right fucking now," but the words come out "I'll kill anybody." They errupt in laughter again and one guy in the back seat lets out an audible "jesus fucking christ," and another "this kid is perfect." They handed me a business card and told me to come check them out the next day. They worked for the largest chevy dealer in nashville. That interaction was the beginning of my confidence building in a professional environment. They taught me how to deal with the general public, that sales was about finding a way to relate with people on a personal level, they taught me how to commit bank fraud to secure loans, they taught me everything. Solid skills I could take anywhere. While there I met one of the Titans that was put up for free agency. People were falling all over themselves to talk football this and football that with him. He wasnt really impressed and seemed kind of annoyed by it. So he finally ducked around everyone and finally ended up in front of me. We didnt talk about football at all and actually became pretty good friends. One of the major regrets I have in my life was he was trying to steer me back onto the right path and was willing to pay for me to go to any art school I wanted but I turned it down to pursue hoodrat shit. He took me out for my 21st birthday and we hit strip joint after strip joint getting the royal fucking sports player treatment. Eventually I got burned out working 80 hours a week at 21 years old and bounced on the dealership job. I caught a DUI lost my license, couldnt go back to dealership so I got a job at burger king. Shit wasnt going right, my homie stopped doing hoodrat shit and couldnt pay his half with his gas station job. So we talked about it. He said he was gonna bounce back to Indianapolis and I was like fuck that, I'll end up dead if I go back there. So I rolled to Virginia to live with my parents. The guy that lived next to them died and was a total shut in creep job. This lady that owned her own business selling antiques was cleaning out the house handling the estate. There was this cute girl working with her so I strolled over to introduce myself. I had a straight school boy crush on this girl. I ended up working with the lady clear out this house. Turns out this old man restored art for the museum at the end of the block. This house was packed floor to ceiling with art. Shit was rediculous. Either way it was a cool little gig. The girl introduced me to a lot of cool people here and my hoodrat tendencies started to flare back up. I started making drug connections and it was off to the races. Once the house was cleaned up a contractor bought the property and started remodeling it. Once again I strolled over and introduced myself. He put me to work as a general laborer and I did this and that. There were some really knowledgeable people working there and when I was done with whatever task they would start putting tools in my hand and dropping little nugs of info here and there. I caught on quick and they took a liking to me and I really enjoyed the remedial building tasks they were letting me do. One day the contractor came in and some one obviously pissed in his cornflakes because he looked right at me and yelled "hey! Get your hands out of your fucking pockets!" I looked at him and said "Yo, who the fuck do you think you're talking to?" He ran away and when he was a safe distance away yelled youre fired. I ended up finding a school that specialized in trade work so I joined up. Turns out it was a class for felons to teach them how to read a tape measurer and get them into anything but the streets. I made more drug connections. And when the class was over they found me a job in NC as a trim carpenter. I did that for about 3 months before I had enough of trying to maintain a pretty fresh relationship with this lady that was a good 6 or 7 years older than me. So I moved back to VA and bullshitted my way into a job with a large local drywall company. I stayed there for about a year and stayed straight and narrow legally because we lived together and she had kids that I didnt want to jeopardize with my fuckery. She ended up breaking my school boy heart and I moved back to Tennessee. To a small town. Super small. Homie found himself a fine young piece and wifed her up and set up shop doing more stufent loan fraud to finance his life. My give a fuck was at an all time low. I took all the money I had saved up and started an empire trafficing drugs from Indiana back to this small town in Tennessee. I got a job at the only 24 hour gas station in town and started integrating myself with the locals. Homie had a lot of family in this little town so we had a ready made work force in place. Everything was going swell for a little while. Barney fife didnt have a clue what was going on and then the wheels fell off. One dude we were fronting that was having trouble moving Os calls up one day and says he needs 5 bricks. Im thinking yeah okay buddy and I say over the phone "I dont know why you are calling me, your brother is the one with all the weight." The next day his brothers door gets kicked in. Hoodrat tendencies are flaring and my homie steals a gamecube game from the local video rental spot. We get home and detectices are there within 10 minutes. It was so fast I just opened the door when I heard the knock. The detectives let themselves right in and said "oh here it is. They picked up the game case and started asking how did you get this security case open without destroying it? My homie says he doesnt know what they are talking about and some one left it over here. The det says we have you on camera stealing it. You can either confess or we'll come back with a warrant. I tell them to come back later. So later that evening after cleaning out the house my homie says "man, theyre full of shit. They arent coming back." I started laughing and said "oh theyre coming back." I jumped in the shower and while I was in there, he had brought his personal stash back in the house. Before I got out of the shower i heard thunder beating on the front door. My house was now surrounded by the entire towns police department. They already have homie in hand cuffs, they yank me out of the shower and they arent talking about stolen video games anymore. They let me put clothes on becuase they are good ol country boys and the first question after I get my go to jail outfit on is "where are the pounds and where are the guns," while our house is being turned inside out. We're all just shrugging our shoulders lookin like we're doing a shoulder bounce to some club banger. One of the cops pulls me aside thinking he might have better luck with the only white guy there and said "you look like a smart guy. What do you know?" I told him "yeah im smart." He said "good." Then I told him I went to all the best schools. He didnt think that shit was as funny as I did and they took me straight to jail for theft and my buddy shortly after me when they found his half ounce of weed. They ended up charging him with theft, possession with intent, and like 15 counts of paraphernalia. Homies mom paid the $600 to get me out that same night. My homie took the wrap for everything but they didnt let me know so I copped to the theft to make things go quick as possible. When court was wrapped up they asked me how I wanted to start making my court payments I told them I dont want to make any payments. I just want to give you all the money. I gave them their $700 out in the hallway and the prosecutor put the money in his pocket, tore up all of my court papers and said "get the fuck out of our town." I agreed and left the next day Virginia bound. When I got back I set up shop in Richmond with a new young lady. She was everything I needed and I got another job with a drywall company. Now with actual experince under my belt I was able to negotiate a wage high enough to support my own place on my own. It was a smaller company and the other finisher there would take me along to his side jobs for extra money. I was making more money working these part time side jobs than I was all week for this outfit. I started to see the dollar signs in construction and i actually enjoyed what i was doing. This fucking succubus turned out to be a raging whore so I paid off the balance of the lease to save my credit and bounced back to the beach. I set up shop once again with my hoodrat tendencies and got back to business. Things were going great. I stayed moving from spot to spot, kept a lowish profile, and life was good. At the time I was smashing this giant titty girl. The really funny thing is this giant titty girl was using her friends phone to get in touch with me and I thought it was her phone. 90% of the text conversations I was having with her was really with her friend. Thats the story of how I met my wife. Eventually me and the wife moved in together in one of the drug spots. She's a down as bitch but even she was like "you are 27. You need to get a job." I agreed and found me a little bullshit 1 man opperation looking for help that would keep me out of trouble during the day. This guy taught me everything about the business side of things and I stuck with him for about 2 years. He knew about my other business and could tell towards the end that I was wasting my time with him and was losing money to these streets by fucking off with him all day. I quit and turned my house into a 24 hour drug convenience store. We rolled this way for 2 years and I almost never left the house unless it was to go get more drugs. I was robbing other drug dealers, i was straight wylin. I woke up one night in the middle of the night and told my wife "we need to get the fuck outta here." I started packing up the house instsntly. First thing in the morning I called my landlord and told him fuck you, fuck this crappy house and Im out. He literally moved a new family in 2 days after we left. I got a call from him 3 days after the new family had moved in. He said some one kicked in the door tied up their whole family and said they were looking for me and drugs. He said the police are really interested in talking to you but I cant find your paperwork with your name on it. I said "thats fucked up. If I can be of any help, I will." I then tossed the burner phone out the window into a storm drain and forgot all about it. I found a new spot and went to get right back to business. My wife was like "you need to chill the fuck out." Everyone was getting knocked off by the feds, snitchin was wildfiring around so I agreed. One of my old customers got me on with his company doing drywall repair work. I lasted there about a year before me and another employee decided we could just do this for ourself. We did fairly well togerher but he was so god damn unprofessional it was scary. Pissing on the side of customers houses, throwing lit cigarettes onto their roofs. Shit was rediculous. We parted ways after about 6 months and a lot of bullshit. At this time craigslist was jumpin and free to post ads. So I stayed on my grind posting highly polished ads getting brow beat by everyone but still making better money and working less than I would 40 hours for a company. By sheer luck I got a call from craigslist from a guy asking me if I wanted more work than I knew what to do with. He introduced me to doing insurance construction work. I have been doing this ever since. Over the course of 7 years I have moved from doing small patch and paints to turnkey restoration on house fires. I currently have 4 house fire jobs running in various stages. Total jobs running are around half a million dollars. There have been ups and downs in this industry. There is a high turn over rate for project managers so you have to continually build new relationships and its a challenge to find the right one. Finding large claim managers is key. Last year I got stuck when 1 guy quit and his replacement was the low man on the totem pole. That about ruined me. Shit. Sorry this turned into story time. Moral of the story is you can achieve whatever you want if you put your mind to it. I would have loved to have been introduced to this line of work 15 years ago.
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    Here’s some extra old school shit... Out taking graff flix with my dog. Believe this was 1985 or so. Rocking them cool vans and my sporty SoCal skate look. First piece I was truly proud of, even if they were just simple blockbusters. Copyright 1989. Can’t remember the exact year, but about halfway through college when I took a year off to do graffiti and drink lots of malt liquor in Savannah GA. Suppose that would make this 1993 or so. Freights there were easy and I got into doing clean readables most of the time. Cool group shot the day after hitting more freights. Went back the next day for clean day shots. Shie, me and Jel (Inkheads) around 1993. Fun little wall featuring a Bode mouse. Also Savannah, so still 1993. More readable freight shit. 1994.
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    Haven't released details of this yet, but figured I'd give you guys a first look since this is 12oz. New series I'm playing with that is intended to push the experimental side of the design and production process a bit (here and here). This one is Experiment No.001 and features a Black (tonal) ink, as well as white, fluorescent red, reflective and discharge, which is like printing with bleach instead of ink. Each shirt is individually numbered in an edition of 100 (left bottom side) and also has a little message for Zuck, as well as a QR code link back to the forum like I did with the Forum Reunion tee. Unsure when this will drop, but will be released together with a murdered out, black on black subdued version of the 12oz Stacked Logo tee (also limited). Anyhow, I'll keep you guys posted, but here's some crappy iPhone shots...
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    Thought you guys were proposing we change the name of Channel Zero. Was about to start ban hammering the fuck outta people.
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    Found IRC way too confusing (circa 1996) and figured there had to be an easier way for writers to discuss shit on the internet. Met a kid named @Misk-TheDragonthat was a hax0r and helped put up the first forum. Following that, he would hack into competing sites and redirect their traffic to 12oz for a few days until they could figure out how to switch it back. Used to pay him in free sodas and mail order merch cause he was just a little kid, we were all young and 12oz was just getting started. Now he’s a trial lawyer. True story.
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    I know its not MS Paint, and I feel like I have failed my duties on C.Zero due to it not being mspaint.
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    Okay just putting it out there in case you;'re stuck at home and need to practice your screenprinting. Limited run shirt for the channel 0 heads so we can remember these troubled times/over blown panic Maybe customise it. with "pass-the-corona-ese"
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    I remember when i first started re-posting on here about 8 months ago i was fresh off the streets and in bad shape mentally. Well people in the resource centers here saw that and decided to set me up in a pretty nice section 8 apartment in a classy section of town. Pretty sweet. I gotta pay a dumb low amount for rent plus utilities. 👍. I dont get a mental check yet but im working on it. Tryina do 1-2 time odd jobs for under the table money off craigslist. Anyway, its a big step up from that tiny home village i was staying in before this. I actually have like running water and an oven and shower, basic shit like that that werent in my last house. Right now im just saving up for a car then its on like donkey kong. 💪. Been having old school friends that are homeless stay over for a night or 2 just to give them a little break from the streets. I remember when i was there aint nobody help me like that. Feels good to give back to the homies. 🙏. So all-in-all things are looking up. Praise Jesus Allah or Buddha, or whoever the fuck is up there. L.Ron Hubbard maybe? Lolol. Need to make and buy some art the start hanging up. Lemme know if anyone has any sites or stores i could check out for that. Yall be easy. Take it sleazy. Oh yea heres some snaps of the place.
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    Hey guys, hope 2020 isn't busting your balls too hard. Was just thinking this morning that its so wild how many of you guys were around back during 9/11 and now will be able to later look back and say you were on here posting for the shit show that's been 2020. Anyhow, I know a few of you noticed I'd been MIA for the better part of two months and maybe a couple of you have noticed I've been lurking and posting again for the last week or two. Assume you guys are aware of the situation, but figured I'd post an update and do another one of my updates to keep you guys looped in. The screen printing business really turned a corner these last couple months. We'd honestly been doing fairly well for a new business since what I consider the official launch; September of 2019 when the website went live and I started really doing outreach. But its interesting to see how we happen to be one of those businesses that has actually benefited from COVID. Most of the industry is in CA with a lot in the North East. Obviously those areas were hard hit with all the shutdowns and meanwhile I've engineered my life around social distancing, so we were well positioned for this mess. Couple that with a lot of relationships, colleagues and friends from my old life and that lead to us getting super slammed with work. So for like 2 - 2.5 months or so, we basically worked 90+ hour work weeks trying to keep up with a series of huge jobs that came through. Actually have a number of jobs on deck this week and next, but these are all much easier to service and we've improved out processes and efficiencies exponentially in these last months so not the avalanche of work that the preceding couple of months were. Anyhow, we've since hired 4 additional full time people and added a roster of about 5 more temp workers. We're talking to our press manufacturer about several pieces of heavy equipment we're looking into getting for next summer and will very likely be moving into a 10,000+- sq ft building sometime next year. Anyhow, its pretty wild and being honest, I've had a tough time wrapping my head around whats happening and what my next steps should be. Seen lots of companies fail when they grow too fast and likewise, 2020 is a shit show and its only going to get worse as far as my personal opinion on the subject goes. Likewise, there's a huge opportunity here that will allow for a lot of exciting things and you guys already know that I plan to funnel a lot of that success and resource back into 12ozProphet and the brand. So in regards to screen printing, I'm still looking for good help. Most permanent positions are filled for now, but we'll be staffing again in Spring, if not sooner. I'm still open to internships and part time work that can likely turn into permanent positions if it works out exceptionally well. We definitely have a good thing right now and I'm looking to continue assembling the team that's going to keep it growing and improving. Plus being located where we are and the lifestyle that all that entails has been a hugely awesome decision that seems to be validated more and more with each days news. Anyhow, if any of you are looking for a big change or know someone that sounds like a good fit, DM me or email. As for 12ozProphet, obviously I'll be around a lot more regularly, at least until the next huge drop gets dropped in my lap. Even then I think we have things pretty well dialed in so even if things go bonkers again, I should be able to maintain on here. @Kults @Mercerand @Dirty_habiThave been hitting me up from time to time with news or updates. ------------ As far as the brand and 12ozProphet... I'm definitely going to replace the main website. Been a plan for ages and I've worked off and on putting something new together. Hate leaving it as a shop only, though the challenge is always keeping a stream of worthwhile content up. If nothing else, I've always wanted to have a place to showcase some of the notable projects and stuff we've worked on and perhaps have a place to post some basic news and updates. Not sure, but definitely want it to be more than a shop. Likewise, I am still planning a podcast. Few people I had sort of helping out have mostly disappeared so will need to figure out a manageable plan, but I havent given up on that yet. Likewise, I also want to create a regular email. Once a week or so, but definitely once or twice a month. Thinking of trying to reassemble a contributor team to help out with that, but we'll see. As far as the brand / product, that's obviously going to be a big focus. We'll start to see some of the real advantage we have with the screen printing company soon enough. Obviously I managed to push out some tees over the last couple years, but as mentioned above, we're turning a corner with that side of the business so I'll reapply efforts to the brand side that'll capitalize on that. Also leveraging some relationships that are being strengthened as a result of the screen printing stuff to pull the brand through the door and open some opportunities. I need to dust off some old plans now that I have a little more to work with, but that's going to be a big part of my focus over these next months as well. Anyhow, just wanted to pop in and drop some news. Kinda cathartic to work through it and put it into a post and figure I owe it to you guys to mention whats happening. Lots of really good things, even if it seems half the world is burning. Hope you guys are all doing well.
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    I've been building models for a long time, and then one day I got bored and started taking photos of them attacking my brother's cat. This project has evolved over the years and my hobby has reached the point where I have gotten some illustration work out of it.It's been a really fun project that offers all kind of opportunities for experimentation. You can find my work at http://armymenaroundthehouse.ca https://www.instagram.com/armymenaroundthehouse/ https://www.facebook.com/armymenaroundthehouse/
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    Installed a temporary electrified bear fence to buy time until I can build a permanent one all the way around my chicken coop and run, gardens and orchard area (which the deer decimated two summers ago or it would be an actual orchard and not just an “orchard area”. ) They did tear some shit up last night but didn’t manage to get in.
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    This is like the Pakistani 80's version of a Bboy crew photo
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    @misteraven- my Mom has the heat photos from the 70s and a few from the 80s, but unfortunately I have nothing to speak of that is a photo of myself as a teen. I know some old friends have some photos but I haven't seen or talked to any of them in twenty years or more. I'll have to dig through what I have and see if anything will qualify. But just so I'm sharing something... here's one from 1992 when I worked as the in-store artist at Tower Records in Dublin, CA.
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    re: a few pages back saw this on IG and it’s a good picture of how to get food off of the food you just ate. Great way to start veggies without having to germinate seeds
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    Almost posted this to the thick thread. Fuck corona. I’m gonna die as god intended. Heart disease.
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