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    Also, LOL if they think i’m putting this fucking thing on my face. Check that manufacturing date and location.. Hell naw breh.
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    liquor store south side Chicago
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    The beginning of a new era
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    update: new favorite reason... “my cousin got sick, and he was a preacher!” even children of god are catching the virus, who woulda thunk.
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    don't know if this thread is dead or not. anyways I would love to see a 12 oz lego collar like in your sketches @misteraven.
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    Do it the right way! Women have to put them on each side of the toilet and spread the legs, split them lips 🖖
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    Thats suspect as hell. Samsung knows what you want. What you really really want.
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    I have also seen people whistle with pulling their bottom lip out (kinda like a spout). But I couldn't find a pic of that version as that was the first picture that came to mind.
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    Instead of sucking on Extacy, you "absorb " it?
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    I’m sure they’re reporting the numbers to where it matters. Mass General Hospital is one of the top 5 hospitals in the country, i’m sure they’re playing ball with the “authorities.” I have a few friends that work at MGH in the OR. Like other hospitals, and like here, they transformed some operating rooms to make shift ICU rooms. Last i heard people were being sent home from the OR in MGH because of lack of work. They’ve also been sending people home here where i’m at, and we have 3x the death rate if Massachusetts so you can assume the critical care hospitalizations are higher as well. I got paid to sit on my ass last night from the comfort of my bed. Just like here, at MGH they were talking about reassignment to help other departments when things got bad. If they’re sending people home instead of reassigning them, it’s not that bad. NY, specifically NYC seems to be the outlier. Cases are climbing everywhere, like they will, because they’re testing more.
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    Only thing I’m wondering is if imma use a paper or plastic bag over her head....... 🤔
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    The nose is OK, it's the rest of her head that is too small. That's why her eyes are bulging out like that, there's not enough room in her tiny ass head to fit them inside so she's sporting those buggy semi snail eyes.
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    Her head/pallet might be too skinny to fit a dick properly, but I'm down to feel molars on both sides. It would make me feel like I was huge, I'd probably just go with it and instruct butterface in a deeper voice than normal.
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    smash and walk around in public with, fuck it. that ass is great.
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    Okay, so going to put this out there... First time I've seen this NY Forklift situation mentioned by MSM. Watch the videos above and then look at the MSM version of the incident. Should we write this off of them simply telling another story, or instead doing some sort of damage control because rumors are going out about a heap of bodies in NY being moved by fork lift? Not for nothing, but these are entirely different versions of the same truth. One video is showing a lone forklift driver with a small heap of bodies being moved. Other video show an orderly moving of a single body that included solemn guards standing guard and respectfully assisting. NY Post is pretty sensationalist so wondering why they chose a far less sensational version of this? Anyone want to speculate one way or the other? https://nypost.com/2020/04/01/somebodys-got-to-do-it-forklift-driver-who-moves-coronavirus-victims/?utm_campaign=iosapp&utm_source=message_app
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    You're pretty much right on this one, quite possibly on almost all of them. This is type of chick every dude would say Trash, in front of all their buddies, but be hind closed doors you know we are smashin like there is no tomorrow. The only thing about it none of us are going to openly admit it. Until one of us slips up... Then come to find out everyone hit it and kept in on the low. We all laugh... and now she becomes home girl... In short, Yes, Smash.
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