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    My name is IOU. I like long walks in dark alleys while spraying rap letters with various types of crack heads, pookie puffers and needle ninjas.. I used to mad oontz, now it's broken. If I heard correctly this just some virtual test lab to see the Rap Letter Sprayers outside of their normal hate on everything enviornment.. Anyways, good to this fucker still alive and kicking. Can't front it definitely play a roll in my life that actually still to this day influences my life. Much appreciated to all the cats at 12oz.. I've seen other graffiti sites and never spent any time or even made an account other 50mm.. I met up with a bunch of random people from here years back which for me was a big thing, cuz fuck people. I used to not do things like that. At all, but that's definitely changed. Made me more comfortable with myself, which had a lot to do with the people I met not being shit bags. Except for Soup, he's a bitch. This place helped to fuel my interest in photography, which is still in my life. I usually don't leave my house without a camera. That slowed my ass down and got me looking at things differently, you know like actually taking in where you're at. Seen a lot people grow from this place. Some didn't of course but we laugh about them later... Through it all definitely made some friends but the one constant has been home slice Sookie.. Mad appreciation and love for her. Freaking Cali, dude is just good people through and through.. That's my words for now. So yeah, I appreciate this place and the mad men behind it. Respect!
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    I do not recall this, however.... story time with seeking..... the year is 1997. I’m a dj and promoter in Detroit. After booking hieroglyphics a couple times for shows, we wind up being somewhat friendly. Particularly taje and A plus. On one of these trips the guys tell me they need to find a big ass bag for merch. I happened to have a friend that worked at an army navy store that just let us steal shit, so we headed up there. After getting a bag, we head to my house, which was nearby, so they could reorganize their shit. During this period of my life i was living with my grandmother, because grandmothers are the 5th element of hip hop and i was, as is probably evident, VERY hip hop. So we get to the house and they bring all the stuff into the living room where my grandmother happened to be watching jeopardy. For the next hour or so, Taj and A sat on the floor next to my grandma rolling t-shirts and playing along with jeopardy. It was hilarious. Eventually, my g-maw, bring the host she is, offered to make them sandwiches. An offer they refused. They did however - and this brings us to the situational relevancy of this story- go into the fridge and take a few pieces of lunch meat for a game they liked to call ‘meat pocket’. The object of the game, it seems, was to put a piece of meat in the pocket of someone’s jeans in their bag, then eventually laugh when days later it was discovered, rotten and stinking. Having toured and lived in vans with dudes, this seems to me to be a game in which everyone loses, but hey, I don’t make the rules. And that is the story of hieroglyphics and the meat pocket. Also, Del is 100% just as weird as you’d expect him to be. (Happy now raven?)
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    Why protect yourself? Google logs and analyzes so much information about a chrome user's browsing habits, it can tell who they are, out of billions of people, without even needing them to log in most of the time. A lot more than targeting an advertisement can be done with your browsing history and info which is stored indefinitely. Along with the companies that pay to access this info, random google employees/contractor, hackers, or even government representative with no warrant can access it, and potentially know you better than you know yourself. With that said, the browsers that don't log user info also aren't safe. Most sites, and the advertisements on them run so much javascript they don't even need to have access to your browser's source code to track your browsing habits, and build psychological profiles. What happens to all this data? Some is used to build profiles for highly profitable targeted advertisements. For example, the department store Target uses a system to identify pregnancies, using simple inputs like buying unscented lotion, and other small innocent factors. They can predict with a great degree of accuracy when a woman has entered the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. They send her targeted coupons so she'll start buying things like diapers and potentially become a lifelong repeat shopper at a time when her spending habits have the greatest potential for change. Other things can be done with your browsing/shopping data. For example, if you pissed off the wrong person in the government, your data can be used to build a profile and find anything possible to against you. Roger Ver once made a speech condemning the ATF. Little did he know there was a group of ATF agents in the audience. They basically investigated him by building a profile of all his online activity, found he was a prominent Ebayer and looked at everything he sold, eventually finding commonly availiable firecrackers that he sold, commonly used to scare of birds. This somehow violated a bullshit law and they ended up using this info to send him to federal prison for a little over a year. Considering many ebayer's sold these, along with sporting goods stores like Cabellas wasn't important, this was clearly targeted enforcement. Basically, everything you do online can also be used to build a psychological profile on you, and you can also be targeted for mind control techniques to influence your political views like in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. With that said, protecting yourself from data collection is more important than most people realize. Protecting Yourself 101: Download and use the Brave Browser, it blocks all advertisements by default, no plugin needed. Unlike Adblock, it doesn't sell a backdoor to advertisers to circumvent their block and serve you the advertisements, and deliver harmful tracking scripts. It blocks everything by default which can sometimes fuck up the way a site works/looks, but you can obviously choose to lower your shields if you trust/need the website that's fucked up. They even have iphone/android apps.It also uses https:// everywhere it can as opposed to http:// Erase any unnecessary personal data stored by google by going here: https://myaccount.google.com/dashboard It will give you a list of google services you use, go through and delete anything you feel isn't in your best interest for them to have. Stop using spyware like Google Chrome/Safari, and most other browsers that send google/apple your data in the background. Even Firefox is questionable these days and the need for add ons like ad blocking software etc. lowers the chance of spyware being slipped in. If you must use social media, try to keep your accounts unlinked, and for gods sake delete any app from your phone that you're not using. I have a special browser I use that's built into my password manager on my phone that I'll log in and out of facebook if needed,. The app itself sends data in all day, even when you're not using the app. Keep unnecessary apps to a minimum on your mobile. There's currently a lawsuit against Bose(I should get in on it) because they used their iphone app to listen in on your conversations via bluetooth connection to make a little extra money on the side selling their customers data for targeted adds. Ever had a conversation about a topic and get an advertisement for a related product immediately afterword? Start using duck duck go as your default search engine. It's as good as google 99% of the time but without the intrusive strings attached, and without logging your data. If you look at anything like anti government sites, anything involving illegal stuff like the dark web, or something you don't want to run the risk of the government, your ISP, or anyone else finding out use TOR, what TOR is is complicated but I've dropped a video below that explains it more. Use a VPN, I'm using Nord VPN, paid $99 for the 3 year plan and can't complain. Protip: If you're using the brave browser just click: [ File > New Private Tab With TOR ] and boom, you're now browsing using TOR. Brave Browser: A video explaining the future features coming to the Brave Browser: I'll probably edit this later to add/clarify some points.
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    The following is a true story: In the days before Instagram, and after myspace, those of us skilled in the arts of efame used to bag selfie Queens on Tumblr. I messaged this girl I followed on there, got her number, and started texting back and forth. Finally rolled by her crib in BK to meet up with her one day. Hot latin chick, cute face with freckles, and a really nice body which was surprising, because even back then I knew these girls made an art form out of hitting the right angles so they didn't look fat. Anyway, first date was a bust, went to meet her at her place but she lived with her dad, and couldn't leave her daughter there. She was someplace near Avenue N, and Ocean. A long fucking drive from Woodside Queens. So a week or two later I had a car service drive her up from Brooklyn to my spot in Queens. Figured we'd go get some drinks and see what happens. I was sort of let down when she got there, because she rolled through with her daughter. Anyway, I played it cool since we'd be hanging out in the crib anyway. Threw some cartoons on the TV and the cockblocker kid was instantly distracted. So I started putting together a game plan. We were on the couch and I noticed she had a "fashion rip" in her jeans, so I pointed at it and said "what's that?". Keep in mind it was half way down her thigh, and I never touched her. I just pointed at the rip and she smacked my hand, put her finger up in my face, and said "WE ARE NOT HAVING SEX!" I'm like "Calm down, I didn't say anything about sex I was asking about your jeans". She was a little bit embarrassed I found out she was a psycho that fast, and played it off. Anyway, the kid started getting tired, I put out some blankets on he floor by the TV for her to rest on, and she started to doze off. Next thing you know, I'm smashing her mom on the couch. Everyone who's been to my old crib in Queens remembers the old shitty Ikea fold down couch/futon. It was made of cheap metal and was squeaking mad loud from the first super soft pump. I didn't want to wake up the kid, but no matter what I tried couldn't keep the strokes Quiet. By then she was over being a prude and obviously down, so I said lets take this to the bedroom. About 5 minutes in (missionary) her pussy seized up on me. I never felt anything like that before, it gripped so hard I couldn't pull out, or try push in without bending my dick. She let out a little moan and straight gushed on my bed. I never in my life had a girl squirt on me up until that point. The gush that came out blew my balls back (not so hard that it hurt). I even stopped to make sure the condom was still good before continuing. I had these blue sheets with a huge wet spot on them that looked like an explosion. I was so proud I thought about flicking it, but I had to play it cool like this happens to me all the time. Anyway, sent her home that night, and we had plans for round 2 at the crib that never happened. Instead, I would roll through during my lunch break if I was working in her neighborhood. I'd park someplace quiet, move all the tools and stuff out the back of my work car to the front seats, and take her in the back to smash. Later I found out her kids dad was in jail for domestic violence, and could tell that was kind of her thing. Like she'd get super angry for almost no reason at all, and could tell if you fed into that shit you'd be the next one in Rikers. I could definitely see her getting so far out of hand she'd need someone to smack the shit out of her, but I' not that dude. She started in with wanting some commitment from me, like "I need a boyfriend". Never the fuckboy, I always kept it real, just said "you live too far away for that" (plus I'm not trying to go to jail), "so lets enjoy what we've got, or just call it quits". I'd try to turn her feminist logic against her and it worked. Either way, I haven't gotten to the baby wipes yet, so here goes. One day I'm working next to Sheepshead bay in small neighborhood called Mill Basin, so I hit her up and she's down. So I pick her up mid day, drive to a side street and move all my tools/equipment to the front seat so we can go in the back. About 2minutes in I felt some weird shit on my asshole, but knew where her hands were so I knew it wasn't her. Earlier that day I took a shit, but must not have wiped very well like a common barbarian. Normally I just shit in the morning right before I showered, but that day I was off and shit at work also. There must have been at least a half gram of shit stuck to the hair in my ass crack. Somehow, when we were fucking, it must have been pulled apart by my ass hair, when my cheeks spread so it broke open. Inside of the dried crust was a little bit of moisture left, enough to make the entire car smell way worse than your average fart. It was hot back there, I almost had to stop fucking the smell got so bad. I just ignored it, breathed through my mouth, and tried to nut ASAP, before she peaced the fuck out of that shitbox. Needless to say it was awkward as fuck, she was a mad quiet when I dropped her off. Till this day I keep a pack of flushable wipes in the car just incase I need to shit so I don't ever get caught slipping like that again. I'm to the point now where I don't understand when people don't have some in their bathrooms, fucking barbarians. Moral of the story, If you don't shower after a shit, you better use wet wipes or you might end up like your boy Mercer. Needless to say I never hit her up, or heard from her again after that shit. A shame, not that I'm embarrassed, but because even though she was psycho, she had some amazing pussy.
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    Actually yeah I'm good now - I was in a body cast for like 9 months and had to re learn to walk. I had to learn a bunch of crazy body compensation shit - like I don't hold my upper torso up with my back anymore it's all done with my core and abdominal. I was a test market case for big pharma on some of the highest level painkillers on the market for about 5 years before I put myself through detox and just went the natural route. I'm actually probably in better health now than I was before the accident at this point because of all the necessary muscular maintenance, I know I'm definitely faster now and more agile and have better muscle control. Also I have zero debt , sued the homeowners insurance, paid all my medical, finessed my way out of my student loans , invested what I had left over, and bought some property. Ironically my life is probably better now than it was before the accident. I just gotta do Hella karate stretches and shit to keep from locking up. I was kinda wildin out before so being forced to literally lay down like that makes you approach things differently. So yeah. Happy ending for sure. Still got a vandal squad file and no Fs too.
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    Three things -A pic of you and Cope, with him pointing at something. -A pic of you and Banksy, in action, painting a girl and a flower. -A pic of you and Shepard Fairly, cuddling in bed, like that John Lennon and Yoko Ono bed pic.
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    Hard to describe how crisp this tee looks in real life. But here it is out in the wild. (Shown here in Medium).
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    Going to try this on mobile.... Photos from a recent trip to CDMX, with bonus pix from Cancun & Tulum: One of the oldest & most famous cantinas in Mexico: Respect to all the taco vendors. That's me trying to look cool for the gram. #TacosRuleEverythingAroundMe Museo Sumaya:  El Fin.
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    Dear beautiful people, I have kept you in my head and heart. I miss our interaction and lookin forward to more. I forget when and what my last posts were about but my life is completely different and I am genuinely and soulfully happy. Pittsburgh living. (Left Vegas 2 yrs ago today) currently changing into different career path and my lil (college grad) baby is so-cal living and recently made it to ‘finalists’ for being a Laker girl. But no further AND equally as proud! I hope you all are happy and healthy or at least on your way. sizes
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    Lets see what you collect. I collect vintage skateboards. If anyone has boards collecting dust in a garage somewhere please message me. Seriously.
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    Please read... Okay, so there's been many threads talking about OG members, who's missing, who's back, 12oz reunions, etc, etc... Likewise, I've posted a bunch of other stuff ranging from the early history of 12oz, to what I'm up to now and everything in between. Obviously anyone thats been here for more than a minute has witnessed the ups and downs... When there was more posts than you can follow and new members overwhelming every thread. Things were booming and companies like Dr Pepper and Ford were reaching out to buy ad space. Then you also saw how technical problem after problem made logging in impossible and how it all imploded. Then the 12oz dark age when all of this was all but dead; just a couple die hards clinging onto the remnants of a bygone era, sifting through old threads and the carcass of what once was. When I started reaching out to people to let them know I was resurrecting the forum, most said it couldn't be done. In fact, I still hear from some that this is all an anomaly... A glitch with a handful of old friends living in the past. If you've been around long enough, I think it's pretty obvious how incredible our progress has been, as well as how its starting to accelerate with more and more old members not just popping up, but starting to post regularly. The forum was dead, plain and simple. Now anyone can clearly see evidence of a small community forming up again. People are reconnecting and catching up, posting new adventures and rehashing old threads. I'm seeing a fairly steady stream of threads being created, more and more of which pick up momentum and break out into multiple pages over night. I'm sure you guys are seeing it too and obviously word is starting to get out about how we're bringing the conversation back home to 12oz. I'm regularly getting emails and DM's asking to recover accounts that havent seen a login for years and a post in even longer. I think many are realizing the negative consequences of social media. How we gave up real conversation for a caption and mega threads of comedy for a meme. Wasn't that long ago that we used to pour through a near infinite supply of hi-res photos, to now scrolling past an endless stream of teeny images taken on a phone, cropped into squares and processed to death with shitty filters. Worse, we've seen corporate douches like Zuckerberg grow to become gatekeepers to the internet and sell off our private info for mind boggling wealth. We gave up tight online relationships and steady conversations with each other for a useless list of followers and "likes" that have become grown to become far more effort than they're worth. Anyhow, I believe we're pretty close to a tipping point here on 12ozProphet and hoping I can get the crew on here - all of you - to rally up, coordinate and help push this over. There was a time when 12oz sub groups like the Night-Owls and NightBats would rally up with enough force to overwhelm rival boards and crash entire sites. We could muster up and fuckin' pwned Draw Ball for weeks at a time. I have faith that we can all come together and put the forces in motion that'll see this community grow into something capable of even more. Most of you are aware of the forum / reunion tee I announced. I thought the idea up for this release and designed the shirt with all of you in mind. Something that would pay tribute to the top 1000 members that made this place so amazing for so long. I also designed it with the hopes we could use it as a tool we could use to accelerate our outreach to old members and maybe a way to also pique the interest of new ones. To serve as a catalyst to help tip all of this over. (I'm doing all I can to release this very, very soon.) The details: On the 12ozProphet web shop, all short sleeved tees sell for $40. For this release, I'm going to do something different... If your name is on the tee or if you have a registration date from 2015 or older and you login and post here in this thread or private message me here on the forum, I will send you a single use coupon code that'll allow you to buy one of those tees for $12. If your name is not on the shirt or your registration date is 2016 or newer, if you post in this thread or private message me, I'll send you a single use coupon code so you can get $12 off this $40 tee, so $28. Many of you have bought tees, books and other 12ozProphet products (thank you for that!), so you know the quality I chase with what I do. You also know I always throw in free stickers and often throw in extras if I recognize the name or notice you paid a bunch for shipping (talking about you Australia). The real important part of this long ass post and the real hope I have for all this is that you guys will work with me to help make all this happen. Obviously buying anything from the shop shows support and helps all of this along. This release however, is more than that... It's intended to be a rallying cry to each of you to band together, coordinate and start charging forward on pulling all of this together. To mobilize real efforts towards reaching out to as many people as you can and really help spread the word. To spread the message far and wide that 12ozProphet is back and that we're bringing the conversation home. ------ I genuinely hope one day we'll be a truly massive community again and we'll look back at this moment as the turning point I intend it to be. Fuck Facebook, fuck Instagram and fuck the rest of them. This is for us, by us and a real chance to make a dent in this fucked up era we find ourselves in and genuinely change the status quo. It starts with a couple people... 10 turns into 20... 20 morphs into 50... 50 quickly becomes 100... Before you know it, it takes on a life of its own, and we start to catch the attention of a broader audience. We start to unplug person after person from the fucked up matrix that is Facebook and their social media platforms. It starts with the tight group we have on here now and if we do this right... if we coordinate and put real efforts into it, if we maybe stumble on a little luck, we tip this over, blow it up and then 12oz becomes legion. So I'm asking all you guys for a huge solid... Join in and help me do this. Thanks for hearing me out. Cheers, Misteraven ------ More details about this tee will be coming soon.
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    HHere's a teaser photo of my old paint wall.
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    I was posting on this shit and fell through a balcony rail. Yall chipped in to buy me a dope ass ostrich leather Pimp cane (which I still have) and smoked me out at the westin after I got outta Mass general. DOS and Chupa and a few others came thru. I love yall for that.
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    adamsblock takedown where 12oz made the San Francisco paper
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    I forget where I heard it explained as this: We listen to drug dealer music, kids today listen to drug addict music.
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    Alright I didnt have time to post them the other day but this was my day at Evo2018 in vegas. Short story long, evo is a fighting game tournament in vegas. I got drunk and entered for street fighter V. I finished something like 247 out of 2500. Just outside of the money. I was hungover for most of my matches. It's pretty nerdy but it's my hobby.
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    Only flick I have taken today - thought it was pretty tight.
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    Friends and Fam - I am back. Misterraven and several others have dug me out of the homo dungeons of solitude and breathed fresh air into my woefully bankrupt lungs. Good timing - and thank you. So here it is. I just got out of rehab. 30 days of a 90-180 day program in Berkeley. Long story short - "long story short". If that makes sense. They wanted to keep me but I did not want to be kept. That being said - I left on good terms. Anyways... Medi-Cal covered everything - Thanks Obama! A lot has gone down this year. A lot more than I ever thought possible. But it is what it is. Big changes... I'm once again homeless and single. Well - not all that single. I just picked up my doggies from the kennel. I had to board them for the 30 days I was in rehab. Bankrupted me. $50 a day... But I needed to get sober and detox from my crazy as fuck girlfriend of 6 years. I'll write more about how the past 6-7 months unfolded in a bit. I'm in Nevada City, CA at the moment, staying at a friend's crazy ass compound. Deep in the woods, Saunas hot tubs pools and cabins, all in solitude. In the coming week I'll return to SF, pimp out my van a little more, and start driving to Wyoming to clear my head and get the fuck out of dodge. I finally realized after breaking it off with this girl and losing my mind that I fucking hate living in the bay. I haven't been happy in five plus years - ever since I moved there. So fuck it. Done with my abusive partner, done with living in a giant city. Ready for new adventures.
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    Seems a lot of people are in a similar state of mind... Sick of social media or already giving it up, tired of retarded rents and crowds, tired of scraping out a meager existence in the rat race... Realizing that the world seems eager to keep driving full throttle towards the cliff. Obviously there's a lot of opinion on this subject that keeps popping up across different threads. In general, I've seen lots of people sort of realizing that we seem to be on one of those hamster wheels chasing the latest iPhone or whatever gadget and then quickly realizing that its just a temporary happiness before your back running on the wheel chasing that next thing. Just a hollow existence that leaves you suddenly realizing how miserable everything seems to be. Anyhow, many of you guys know that I made a pretty big move myself a year or two back. I had an apartment in Soho and brand consultancy / creative services agency around the corner, lots of invites to private / industry parties, more free sneakers than I can wear, etc... Yet, I was miserable. Seemed like everyone around me was miserable. Seemed like anytime I made an extra dollar, my cost of living went up an extra $0.98. I realized one day that some of the guys that lived in my building earned many, many times what I was likely to ever see and yet they lived the same basic life I did. At at the same restaurants, obviously lived in similar apartments, walked the same streets. No doubt I wasn't in a place to own a Mclaren GT or mansion in the Hamptons, but I also realized those guys owned shit they never used because it was a hassle to pull an exotic car out of parking, drive it down bumper to bumper cobble stone streets, just to zip around NJ for a few hours. Or wait in Friday / Sunday traffic fighting bridge and tunnel traffic to hit the Hamptons, so they didn't bother. Even worse, they had that same hollow look that seemed to me to be the same misery I saw in everyone else's eyes. I used to skim IG and Tumblr looking at these amazing cabins with mountain views or photos of dudes fly fishing in these amazing landscapes and figured if I could only win the Mega... Then it occurred to me that you didn't actually need to win the Mega to live that lifestyle. That the organic vegetables for sale at Dean & Deluca I could really afford and the cabin with spectacular mountain views was accessible if I approached it a different way. So I started making some changes, rearranging plans and eventually dropped out of that situation. Managed to work some stuff around to buy a place in the Mountain of NW Montana, grow my own organic vegetables, raise a flock of free range chickens and ducks and live a more satisfying existence. Finally get back to the stuff that was important to me (12oz) and actually be available and involved with my kids and family. So that's the Cliff Notes version of my story. If you guys are interested I'll post some pictures and always happy to answer questions. Mostly, I was just interested in hearing from you all and seeing if a thread like this and some advice from the few of us that have made this type of move, might inspire some of you other guys that are trying to figure it out.
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    12oz, i am ashamed. i think i just did the grossest thing i've ever done. mother of 3. lives in the trailer park not far from my place. as her shirt came up i could feel all the stretch marks like cracked concrete on her side. i started to smirk thinking this will make a funny story, she thought i was aroused. i led her to my room. we strip. I think about taking my glasses off (i'm nearsighted) so I can pretend I'm elsewhere. I knew what i was doing was not good. and it kept getting worse. she smelled like trailer (i've lived in parks, i know). that mix of papa john's garlic sauce and cigarette smoke with hint of litter box in the finish. I've hogged before. sober. I've whaled and made it out okay. I'll make this too but its all wrong. all wrong. her bra was one of those super stuffed ones. she says, "my bra is a bit deceiving but no one has ever been disappointed." she lost 4 cup sizes to reveal gnarly near-pancakes with oversized aereolas. leopard print too. stupid. its truly amazing what a pair of jeans can hold in place. pudding in human shape. stretch marked pudding in human shape. pudding thats been exposed to air and gets that cracked film across it from drying. ugh. mud in national geographic films that dries in the summer droughts. she got under the covers. we made out and i tried to be somewhere else while i fingered her. i've never felt like i could outright fist someone without lube and yellow kitchen gloves. i didn't. i asked what she wanted. "you. is that okay?" i put on a condom and push her knees to her chest. her fat leaks out to her sides. she looks like a hot water bottle leftover from the 70s. but gross pale white, like white walled tires discarded in arizona desert dumps, cracked, yellowed and faded under an unforgiving sun. a tulip's wilted stalk after an early freeze, turgor pressure gone, cells burst, only an exterior membrane holding a memory of what nature had intended. as i push into her i feel the stubble on her calves and inner thigh rub my side. "what am i doing?" i think, she says, "tell me when you're going to cum." i fuck for a few minutes. I slip out a few times. she's smiling, moaning. i can smell her. i flip her over. roll really. there is no muscle in her pudgy ass. the cheeks flap apart like old flags in a wind storm as she moves to be face down. her butt hole looks ravaged. i grab her shoulder and force my dick back into her. my penis didn't want to play and after 5 minutes of boning my dick decided game-over. i pushed rope as long as i could but that marsupial flap of belly evilT mentioned, the in-grown vagina hair (if you're chubby why bother with a landing strip?), the stretchmark sun rays emanating from her nipples, the backne i'd felt grate my fingertips as i'd undone her obscenely deceiving bra... i tell her its done. "it is not going to happen." she points to her face, "come up here for a minute." i'm about 1/2 mast. she has a tongue ring. haven't had that since high school. "this might work," i think she sucks. i get maybe to 3/4. if my dick had wanted to play i could have rough-face-fucked for all she was worth. she was into it. i couldn't get my mind back in the game. the funny-story-game, that is. or the boner game. she had a few white heads on her face that were pissing me off. i lay down beside her, she kind of rolls over and grabs her pants/panties pile and pulls them on together. "i guess i should get back to my kids..." "yeah probably that would be the right thing to do." "k..." i walk her to the door. i notice that my porchlight is a joke, it doesn't really light shit beyond the front step. she says, "i'll see you around." "yeah." 5 minutes passes. she texts, "question. might be dumb. have to ask and want an honest answer. was it me?" "i don't know." i don't want to be a dick to her. i'm not angry yet, still recoiled into a dark place i haven't been in years. "its ok if it was. just wondering. sorry if i didn't seem to be what you expected." "k" its all too much. i need to shower. i washed my hands but i can still smell her as i type. i need a shower beer and a shower. goodnight 12oz. TLDR: i fucked a trailer park mother of 3 and gave you guys the details of shame. now i'm going to shower.
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    Drunk af off of mojitos. Squeezed out a smoked prime rib and cream spinach. Like a mufuckin boss.
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    Currently at a cow auction with my girl Lalinda -----getting a lot weird looks-----Anything goes down Ill keep you fucks posted
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    Here's a couple shots before I start up a full thread on the stuff I was hinting at. Just want to get it all done so I can supply the full recap and plenty of pictures as well as finalize a couple more details. But basically, been working since January to open a screen printing facility. You guys here on 12oz are the first to know, but soon we'll start announcing officially via social, email, etc. After years (especially this last year) of struggling with screen printers... Mega expensive OR bad communication OR massive delays OR inconsistent quality, etc... I started looking into how I could solve the issue. After a ton of research a zillion calls and plenty of negotiating, I managed to pull it together and buy a state of the art, computer driven automatic press and all the bells and whistles that go with it. For the last three months, I've been MIA due to haggling with contractors and ultimately doing all the associated provisioning myself (with massive help from a friend staying with me). Literally doing research, making calls to people and endless online instruction and YouTube videos to learn how to run plumbing (water and drainage), pneumatics and hard lines for compressed air and commercial grade electrical work (upgrading a transformer with the electric company, installing new service and putting in a new breaker panel with three high ampacity dedicated drops to various machinery). The technician is set to arrive today (literally the day after Christmas) to install the press that got delivered a few weeks ago, and do all the configuration and fine tuning leaving us with full control over future screen printing (tees / textiles and capable of prints on paper as well), with a press spec'ed with the absolute tightest tolerances in the industry. Anyhow, that's the summary and as stated, I'll take some time when the dust settles to put a full thread of pictures and updates together as well as go into some detail on how this will be a game changer for 12oz for those that don't immediately see the implications this has. Here's to closing out a long hard year and to setting up a hell of a foundation for 2019!
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    It's a trap! Fuck it, where's my slayer shirt?
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    So yesterday Fish & Game picked up their traps after two nights of nothing. They'd gotten a call about a bear a few miles away and thought maybe it had moved on as this particular bear has been ranging pretty far. They later confirm its a different bear as they got it on some camera and saw there was no radio collar, so nobody knows where it ventured. Then around 8:30pm I'm going to let my dog out for his last piss of the night, flip on the outside lights as I open the door and catch a huge dark blur about 25 feet in front of the door. Huge thing that spins and charges to the tree line and then sounded like stampede of elephants breaking through the bush. I was calling my wife over to look since she was walking by right behind me just as we hear something huge jump into the river and splash its way across and then more sounds of bushes being rustled. Anyhow, pretty crazy experience. Even knowing we have bears, having a bunch of chickens eaten and having two traps that are the size of a small boat parked in my yard for two days, it was still a bit of a shock. It was fairly dark and had it not been for the extended sound of the thing charging through the bushes and across the river, I would have doubted even really seeing it. We did note that usually if you sweep my pasture with a flash light at night you can see the eye glow of a dozen or more deer bedded down and last night there was none. Also, the thing was so freakin fast! I can honestly say that if it had charged in my direction instead of to the tree line, its very unlikely I could have done anything in time even with a bottle of bear spray and a shotgun about a foot beyond arms reach and a large pocket folder clipped to my pocket. Being honest with myself, even having a holstered gun on my hip probably would not have made a difference unless the thing decided to hesitate for a moment. I think to have gotten a shot off, you'd literally have had to have a shotgun in hand, safety off at the low ready and possibly, you'd have been able to bring it up and fire off a shot. It was that fast and I was that close. In any case, pretty amazing and eye opening experience. Figured I'd keep updating you guys of the latest.
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    as many of you know, there is a disabled dude that lives in my apt building. he doesn't have to work and he apparently is paying some girl to live there and blow him for rent or something. he used to have a wheelchair wife but she got arrested for trying to shoplift some kind of dog appliance and her wheelchair battery went out in the door at walmart so she just had to wait for them to get to her. a friend of mine works there and said that they were real smug about it, like they would take a few steps then stop and talk about some stupid shit, then take a few more and stop, etc. But anyway, dude just sits at home or outside being useless and he is my enemy. a few days ago, i heard his whore outside on the phone talking about how this fat fuck cannot achieve an erection and she has to give him flaccid head no homo. i made a mental note of that for the day i would need it. that day was today. i was going to work and dude was out there and he goes 'enjoy working' and started laughing like i was some kind of goddamn loser. brehs, without missing one beat i go 'enjoy not being able to achieve an erection.' i kid you not, dude's face turned complete red, like a cherry or some shit. i was in such a savage state of mind, that i waited for his comeback cause i was gonna go in on his ass. none came, he just sat there being fat and making this weird gasping noise like he couldn't' breathe and shit. so anyway, another victory for myself as well. DISCUSS
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    08AC1980-8035-4B6E-922D-75A378E82F6F.mov D4AFDA91-B525-4F64-8929-D4997BB669AA.mov
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    Dear 12oz, Your boy got the promotion! I will now have my own retail store to run. Achieving life long dreams. superstokedmicahhawaiioner
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    A couple views from my deck this morning looking west towards Tennessee and some from earlier this week.
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    I will go out on a limb and post a “cool website I found” in the graffiti subreddit- which is a horrible subreddit btw Im an older meme kinda guy.
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    So... This place used to be a fucking wicked place back in the day. It was a huge source of inspiration to me as an artist, and it really did feel like a sort of online community (albeit of hilarious wierdos at times). Then in 2007 or so life happened and I've been gone. I got old and the internet just kept getting bigger, scarier, and newer, and as any old person I was like "WTF". I missed the feeling of sharing and involvement that was had here at 12oz. Not really sure if anyone comes to The Babble anymore, which is fine. It can be the secret get-away from all the rest of the noise! This is "Your Art Thread - Volume 2". Curious to see what you all are up to in your non graffiti game, and pretty stoked to share some of the stuff I've been doing. I've been on a "whale thing" lately. More will come. These are all colored pencil on paper drawings unless otherwise stated. Post your work!
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    I think the forum is hitting on you too
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    pet portrait game like woah
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    I’m keeping up that end, I got told to pull things back last week after drunk posting every Friday night on the corporate twitter account, for like 4 fucking months. Pussy academics had a whinge. Anyway, some progress shots of my keezer lid in the making.
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    First login in years. I've stopped by a few times here and there , tried logging in and had forgot my password or page was under construction. Today after 3 attempts, My screen name and password still work! Anyway , was definitely not a heavy poster but hey, I'm back for a bit at least.
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    I missed yall----------------
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    Been working on some sculptures lately. Figured I'd swing in and share. Glad to see this thread is still alive and well.
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