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  1. Giving first crack at this to the peanut gallery here on the forum... We are officially hiring several positions for both 12ozProphet and 12ozCollective. Link to job listings: https://12ozcollective.com/careers/ As all of you following along for more than a minute know, we quietly shifted into building out a screen printing facility about two years back. Well, I'm happy to say that things have been going super freakin well, despite the rest of the world being a dumpster fire and we're at the tail end of building two nice new buildings and have placed orders
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  2. Went up north to wrigleyville/boystown with my girl to check out this "thc" coffee shop.. it's Delta 8 thc so it doesn't get you baked or anything but I mentioned it the other day and she actually remembered about it so I ended up taking her.. here's how the day went.. the coffee I got was just a regular cafe con leche and my girl got a lavander vanilla latte.. you remember those Mr. Sketch markers as a kid that smelled like fruit n shit? The purple one? Well if that purple one had a taste that would be it.. not bad tho but I kept thinking about that marker so I
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  3. The quiet drop in from myself. Moved house again, got married, have a two week old baby, am now a social worker? Didn't see that coming. Top interests are my retro JDM car pursuits, reforestation of the lawn at the place I've moved into and taking three months off to meet my baby.
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  4. My mask smells like work and I ain’t even mad.
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  5. Been shitfaced for a more than a decade now. Most of my circles dabble in harddrugs, mainly cocaine, amphetamines and mdma. However, i noticed im starting to notice a shift in myself. Im taking less frequently and starting avoiding heavy users. Can i borrow 50 bucks by th way
    8 points
  6. went off trail camping in 10 degree weather like a bunch of retards. Broke out to breakfast at the crack of dawn cause the homie was getting frostbite lol.
    7 points
  7. Miss me with that pro social shit.
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  8. As long you're not fucking up anyone else's life (that didn't volunteer for it) your boy Mercer will always put some respect on your name no matter what. I mean if you're about living that life it's on you, for me it would be a waste but what's good for me sure as fuck isn't how I expect other people to live. I've tried just about anything you can think of including shit I don't even know what it was lol. Only physical addiction was tobacco. As far as mental addictions go, I've had an almost life long mental addiction to weed that I still enjoy, and a bunch of other non drug shit t
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  9. I have friends that still drink and do cocaine multiple times a week and get up and go to work and lead normal lives. I also have friends that dabble in hallucinogens and are fine. Some of these people manage dealerships, work in hospitals, have masters degrees.. as long as your “responsibilities” are taken care of, who gives a fuck. If you’re feeling holier than thou about the way others chose to live in their free time, keep your bullshit to yourself. Alcohol is a fucking hard drug and nobody bats an eye at the average user of it. Alcohol can seriously fuck your life up and
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  10. I finally triggered one of these scam callers hard enough to make him break character and go full Indian ape shit on me. He told me to suck his dick and I was a cock sucker mother fucker and some more shit. I didnt know where eles to post this achievement.
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