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    I wont bore you with prejudice stereotypes of Americans, lets just say that you wont find "healthy" on top of any list if you ask around.
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    Okay, banned JackSmash and cleaned this thread up. Now back to the regularly scheduled content. Thought I’d hit on a fun new direction for S/T by introducing scenarios dilemmas as an added layer. please proceed.
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    Yeah, she sent me a DM complaining about you and your attempt.
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    I prefer heavy uncivil construction, fuck you. My grocery WAS 100% out of bread, the only meat was some johnsonville sausage and the store brand italian sausage which is garbage, most pastas, eggs and dairy were raped. I'm still no panicked and if I get $700 from the government I think I'll try and invest it because I think long term outlook is still solid.
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    Smash both... It's cool, I can deal with crazy, as for the airborn hep, thanks, but not thanks, I strapped up with an N95 mask. Good for take off!
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    I was in HEB (Houston) this morning. They had a line out front waiting for the store to open, which we didn't wait long (about 5 mins) Got everything we needed, store was being stocked while shopping. Plenty of products from produce, breads, dairy of all types, meats, and everything you can imagine that is on the shelves a year ago. Everything is good here in Houston. Far as I know? I mean, this morning Halliburton is beginning to furlough employees, half of the work force off for a week and half on in rotation. I am a small business owner, and right now I have plenty work coming in and working around the clock right now for multiple O&G jobs. Spoke with a few other small business owners and they are all swamped with work. Some industries just can't shut down and a lot of jobs just cannot work from home like myself. Honestly, regardless, of what is going on tight now in you country, in a few months, I would get ready for a influx of work coming in domestically. It's gonna hit everyone like a Tsunami. Which is a good thing. Anyhow... PS - Where is the Covid Sales? Everything must go! 19% Off! Just waiting... This is Stupid...
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    corona virus can suck my fucking dick, I've been working 13-14hr days getting people and stores water.
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    Earlier view. Watering third tier
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    Almost posted this to the thick thread. Fuck corona. I’m gonna die as god intended. Heart disease.
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    Theyre still fully stocked in CAN. They also got the first restock
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    @misteraven 24 year old me- smash ruthless toothless. She looks like she's having a blast. I would tell the girl on top to kick rocks. She looks like her idea of 'appreciate' is a bottom tier handjob and then get hella grossed out if any cum got on her. Grown me- pass on ruthless. She has made some hard life choices that I cant get with anymore. Tell #1 that I couldnt respect her or myself after taking seconds from ruthless. See how that plays out.
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    The Red Dot indicates a previous visit, now I'm Higher and getting HIGHer....
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    Mossberg 930. We were lucky we got it too, they were all sold out and the employee happened to find one in the back for us that wasn't on the computer inventory.
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    I’ve been wanting to rewatch the wire for a while now. Just such a fucking investment of time
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    I mean i will stay at home, my respect for this disease is high I just don't think it's the end days, thats all
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    Its really a bit unfair, as this pandemic is a huge thing to comprehend, and my reality is about 10-14 days ahead of yours. And I know its hard to accept strangers opinion online, especially when they contradict your own world view. But trust me on this one. Stay at home!
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    8================================D 8===========================D 8=====================D 8==============D 8========D 8==D
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    yea...canada is chill as fuck legal weed and everything, i wouldn't be panicking either
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    quoted from Lorne Malvo in the memes thread
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    the lead singer of green day
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    I'd keep it the way it is tbh.... just because it was a gift. Buy a different one used to saw off if that's what you desire. Just my 2 cents. The one we got is nylon so it has no wood that you could saw. What is the shotgun you have btw? If you saw it I think it makes it illegal too. I don't know what the laws are on that still. I also ordered a German made RWS Model 34 .22 caliber pellet rifle today. It shoots 800fps and should be good at deterring toilet paper looters from a distance.
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    Her name is Rona.
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    Facts. 2nd one can wear a face mask and It’s all goodie.
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    my brother is just out quarantine in beijing said it's very quiet. shit like christmas trees still in shopping malls since they've not been taken away during the panic. reckon this is a good way for product feedback for manufacturers people obviously don't like that pasta or that cereal people have no idea what to do with leg ham or turkey necks/chicken hearts \but they love onions in bags spuds even asian noodles are mostly gone now.
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    I just listened to this podcast, which did a lot to put this whole thing in perspective. In case you havent seen me mention these podcasts before, I've been listening to this dude for a super long time... Probably over 10 years at this point. Anyhow, he's been 100% on point about a lot of other events. He called the financial crisis in 2008 far ahead of it happening for example. Anyhow, for whatever it matters, I may not trust 100% of what anyone says, but I trust this guy 99%+ based on years of listening, observing, looking things up and experiencing it myself. Whether you're freaked out about what's happening or not, go give it a listen. Its worth the hour or so of your time. If nothing else, it'll be new stuff to discuss so go give it a listen. Episode-2616- The Lessons America Should be Learning from CoVid-2019 http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/learning-from-covid-2019
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    Yeah thats what Italy said 1 month ago... Mark my words, the US will be hit the hardest of all countries, and this will be bigger than 9-11 and all the hurricanes combined, plus give and take a few wars. But go ahead, listen to this guy instead of the worlds medical establishment... Stay at home, now!
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