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    I pulled up on the ig acct......Ohhhh lawwd... These hot funny chicks need to quit playin out here in these streets. They all need to get patreons for perverts like myself and quench the tease. Let a nigga pay for a peak god dammit. How you gon just let them big ol naturals hang all over the place like that? Ol’ selfish ass hoes.
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    Any guy turning into a woman already took a much more serious cut than pay.....
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    Pretty much sums it up. I just don’t like it. This picky choosey faggetry is infuriating. Im bout this life right here, g.
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    Gentleman, gentleman, let’s take this over to the me too movement thread.
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    Luigi's Mansion 3 on Switch came out at midnight last night. I'm going to probably spend most of the weekend playing that and neglecting any of the other fun stuff I would normally want to do. Also RE5 and RE6 were released I think last week on Switch also. My girlfriend has agreed to co-op the RE6 game with me in exchange for foot rubs.
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    Once this girl peed my bed she warned me and did it anyway should’ve punched her.
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    I was lucky enough to order this jacket from them before they got caught
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    me staring into the surviving soul of the oontz as it begins to crawl out of the coffin.
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    And a relevant one for the derail hassle.
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    SIck angle. Dudes would probably go for that too. I wouldn't, but many would. I was also thinking, with how "fluid" people "can be" with their gender now..... if the pay gap is real.... why would any guy take that pay cut by turning into a woman? And wouldn't women just identify as a man for the negotiation phase of the job offer to get that man-pay bump?
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    If women were smart they would learn from the internet and demand to be paid more, and when the boss asks why, simply say "Because: Tits."
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    I know we're off topic here, but there are women at my job that make more money than I do..... because guess what..... the write code better than I do. It's almost like they're paid more because their skillset is higher than mine. Interesting. edit: The difference here is, I understand and am willing to admit they have more skills. I'm not so big headed that I'm looking at it like "that's unfair, how come they make more money than me." Also, you cannot say "if two people are the same and do the same job, but one is a man and one is a woman they should be paid the same." You cannot put a money amount on someone's good natured personality and willingness to do things. If my boss told me to clean the toilet, i'd gladly do it because i'd be like the highest paid janitor in the city. No questions asked. Anyway /tangent
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    Way to downplay his achievements lol Yeezy shoes destroyed whatever market share Jordan brand had. For a new brand thats beyond impressive. I dont like his shoes or his clothes but trying to minimize it like you just did isn't really a fair assessment.
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    Not much we could do on that last one when half the team bailed on us. We held it down! Same man, gotta remember to just make it to mid map and camp my balls off like everyone else. Flanking is a risky proposition with these maps. I get that they wanted to move away from the 3 lane structure but will all this verticality and how porous the maps are, really gotta just get into power positions and lock it down. Theres gonna be a learning curb for guys like us for sure, always so tempting to push forward and shoot some campers in the back though.
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    @KultsWord! Good times! I played like dog shit the last game but you held it down consistently. Its def taking me time to adjust to this years game. I never really played or got into Battlefield series other than BF1 (+ war simulators) and this is very reminiscent to that. I guess I’m too used to arcade-y shooters like Apex, Quake, Halo, Destiny, etc. I’ll catch on tho!
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    Me and @cruzxctrlgot a few rounds in last night. Its fun stuff. Gotta take it real slow this year though, you get punished hard for rushing
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    @Media One your package arrived Nice ork mate! will be on the case over weekend with a view to postign everybody's on Monday. @nicklesndimes would you be interested in a trade?
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    I bet Sarah Beattie is very familiar with cavernous vagina. She looks the part.
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    @Hua Guofang- speaking of dumbing down.... http://maddox.xmission.com/c.cgi?u=not_your_dude
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    If stickers is all you can do right now... do stickers. It's better than doing nothing (types the old guy who does nothing).
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    Behold! Creepy boner face! (Not intentional🤷🏽‍♂️) Better late than never. Went in for the kill last minute. Not complete 100%. Final photos tmrw.
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