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    Nice one, @Ray40- definitely keep going. I like the outlined ones the most. As for the Y, try a leg like the one I drew at the bottom of the page. Don't curl up that descender...
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    Been thinking on this thread title... I think the point I’m going to make can be seen in the posts within this thread. typing out long drawn out responses is a bitch on a smart phone. I think I can tell who oontzes on a computer by how long their posts are lol.
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    I've been benching for years, when I go check out the layups I take pics but I don't really do anything with the flicks. Since Instagram is limiting in the image quality and facebook is dead to me, I decided to do my part to get this forum back into the swing of things. I just got a new camera so I have energy to get out there and check shit out. It will start with the fresh bench but eventually it will go to the archives. I have about 5+ years of bench waiting. Enjoy!
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    Relates back to what I was saying above, US deployments are more than just the action on the ground. sometimes they are geopolitical in nature as well. It's a real question, how much do we risk having authoritarian states like that of Russia and Turkey increasing in power?
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    Just turned off game 1 of the World Series to watch this before my rental ends cause I’m 95 and had to red box it then forgot I gotta return that bitch.
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    You're killing me @kults that friends phone one is awesome!
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    My other sketches from at school today, my teacher took it away for a whole period😡 anyway, constructive critiscdim would be nice, thanks
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    Inside joke about a coworker but its still funny
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    Oh for sure, likewise. I’m not a bike guy and I’m just poking ya lol
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    Do you keep two sets of wheels, one for offroad and one for street? I recently was riding trails and ran into a guy in the woods that was really stuck. He had this really nice, larger bike that was a 650 enduro of some sort. Much larger than my 200 in size and displacement. He couldn't get up some of the ledges back there @ Emma Long Metropolitan park (look up videos, it's considered "advanced"). Dude was so happy we found him and helped him get out of the woods. HIs bike wasn't made for that kind of technical stuff because it's quite a bit more than just "trail riding."
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    Some of you guys have more shoes than my gf does lol.
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    Part true, but on the other hand, sucks all the way to the bank, right? Some of these "celebrity" chefs have a rep for being d-bags IRL so the flip side is it pays to be humble and realize your place- you're a pseudo entertainer getting paid to eat shit, you show fat America how to further enlarge so don't go getting all self-important. I bet Guy Fieri bathes in pan drippings and bastes himself throughout the day so he won't dry out. I find a good costume mashup pretty funny though. Kim Jong Fieri?
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    What Kilz said. I never had a credit card until in my 30s as well. I finally got one after an iffy situation where i needed additional funds in a pinch and didnt have it. I built damn near perfect credit in a matter of a fee months. Small purchases, and pay them off immediately. This will allow you to have a higher line of credit eventually and then you just repeat and build and build.
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    ^^ Oh man, I've used that before and totally forgot about it. Good tip, thank you.
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    Some U.S. troops may stay in Syria: Pentagon chief https://www.reuters.com/article/us-syria-security-turkey-pentagon/some-u-s-troops-may-stay-in-syria-pentagon-chief-idUSKBN1X010M KABUL (Reuters) - The United States is considering keeping some troops in northeastern Syria to stop oil falling into the hands of Islamic State or others but no decision has yet been made, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said. President Donald Trump decided earlier this month to withdraw all 1,000 U.S. troops from the region, a move widely criticized as a betrayal of Kurdish allies who had fought for years alongside them against Islamic State. U.S. troops crossed into Iraq early on Monday as part of the withdrawal process. Trump began pulling U.S. troops back from northeastern Syria in early October, opening the way for Turkish troops to launch an offensive against the Kurdish fighters. “We have troops in towns in northeast Syria that are located next to the oil fields, the troops in those towns are not in the present phase of withdrawal,” Esper told reporters during a visit to Afghanistan. “The purpose is to deny access, specifically revenue to ISIS (Islamic State) and any other groups that may want to seek that revenue to enable their own malign activities,” he said. Esper said there had been discussions about keeping some of the U.S. troops, who were with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in place. He said he had not presented that option yet, but the Pentagon’s job was to look at different options. The SDF, spearheaded by the Kurdish YPG militia, has been the main partner for the U.S.-led coalition in Syria. “There has been a discussion about possibly doing it (keeping some troops), there has been no decision with regard to numbers or anything like that,” Esper added. A Reuters cameraman saw more than 100 vehicles carrying U.S. troops crossing from the northeast tip of Syria, where Turkey has agreed to pause its offensive for five days under a deal agreed between Washington and Ankara. The truce expires late on Tuesday. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has warned that Ankara will resume its military assault in Syria when the deadline expires if the SDF have not pulled back from its proposed “safe zone” area spanning the border. Ankara considers the YPG a terrorist group because of its links to Kurdish insurgents in southeast Turkey.
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    @Ko SprueOneI have a grid ready.
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    I'm gonna take it to dms so as to minimize the derail on this.
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    Jesus Titty Fucking Christ. @Mercer Apparently posting a meme from the Princess Bride really got your panties in one hell of a bind and desperately felt the need to call me out, so I'll give you this response: I don't actually participate in these threads because I don't have the time or energy to do so. I only "chime in" because that's the energy I have to give towards conversations in here. I owe @misteraven @Joker and you, Mercer, and a half dozen other people real responses in threads that I find worthwhile elsewhere on 12, I actively choose not to spend hours typing on this forum because I think my time is better spent away from a screen. I don't find value in arguing online like I did a decade ago (when all these arguments were already had with AOD and Frankie Fiver and Theo to some degree.) There is nothing new in your arguments, @Mercerthat those guys didn't say long before Ron Paul was all the rage, and I don't expect to change your mind (or want or need to). I don't care if you value my opinion, I'm not here for you or for Crossfire, but I will call out bullshit when I feel inclined (1A!), which your posts are rife with. If you think I am tactically only engaging when you're busy with others, you are simply delusional. (It looks like christo and @abrasivesaintare already posting in this thread, so I guess that's what this is afterall?...) I had intentions of responding to you when I asked about environmental violence, but then you said something about you being a performer and @Hua Guofangwas a heckler interrupting your show and decided that you weren't worth responding to (in the meme thread) . If @Hua Guofangasks you a barrage of questions and you provide unsat answers, that reflects on you and your weak stance, not on those asking questions. "The more you know, the more you know you don't know shit." It seems like every adult in the moderate lane of politics can accept this, and say "there are no easy answers." I'm not sure why that is so difficult for you (or libertarians in general) to accept. When he posts a slew of articles do you read them? When he mentions a dozen historically relevant events to you even acknowledge them? It certainly doesn't seem to be the case. You already have your mind made up--that doesn't make you right. Your accusation of me as a brown killin' warmonger reinforces that you don't know the first thing about me, btw. Maybe that's my fault for not taking the time to define my ideology that values humanity and the environment at the cost of individual freedoms and capital gains, I don't find it necessary. I'm comfortable with agnosticism on any front, why does it bother you so? Do you think your surety plays into the rightness of your arguments? Why do you insist on oversimplification of every political situation? Nothing is simple. Do you think typing WE SHOULD NOT HAVE MILITARY FORCES ON THE GROUND IN SYRIA does anything of value for an argument? We don't live in a vacuum, and history *exists,* so that brilliant hardline stance is wholly pointless to have. What is the point of saying it aloud and in caps? Neato. I think you're an intelligent person, but I think developing your global ideology primarily through an economic lense is moronic and short sighted. Successful redistribution of wealth took you to Germany to see socialism failing on the other side of the wall. And I'm gonna cop out and make dinner instead of clarifying my stance on why we owe it to the Kurds to stay and support them, and that our "team America: World Police" role is the result of markets with too little regulation. In conclusion : I was gonna quote DAO's red HAHAHAHAHHAHA for a page, but there's no real value in it.
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    Obama's foreign policy record is not great at all, especially in East Asia. His admin allowed China to get the jump on them and they have the upper hand in the South China Sea and are really pressuring Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. Russia has been probing everyone's airspace over the last few years, it's not solely that of the US. The US has not just been sitting on its hands when it comes to Russia either. Many would say that the greatest mistake was during the Bush/Clinton era in pushing NATO into the Baltics and everything after that is a foregone conclusion. The Deal with Iran was based on a good strategy. Iran, is a far better potential ally than Saudi Arabia. It would take generations to make the change and the clergy over there are a bit of a problem but the US would be much better to drop KSA and move closer to Iran as it has been KSA that has been exporting jihadism and causing serious harm in South Asia, Southeast Asia and Europe. Iran is pretty fucked up as well, but far less fucked up than KSA. Iran is a modern country with a very educated population that if not threatened by Sunni states (like Iran and Saddam's Iraq) has little reason to export instability. The JCPOA was the first cut at moving in that directions, it was not an end in and of itself and when seen as a stepping stone, it's a pity that it was trashed and things are moving backwards. I'm keen to see what your reason is for saying that Trump did what Obama wasn't able to do with ISIS. I haven't seen many people other than Trump saying things like that and keen to read some stuff if you have credible folk saying otherwise.
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    That was a lot of fun, thanks! Anyway, in the attempt to repair hurt feelings I'll put some markers down. Should the US remain in Syria? I have no idea, but the first thing that has to be answered is "to achieve what". If it's to block Iran gaining ascendency in the region, there's a serious discussion to be had there. To say that it's not the US's fight is to ignore the fact that when a whole region is controlled by an organisation that is against you they have the capability to fuck you up, regardless of where you are in the world. Is that a risk you want to take? Again, its a serious discussion that needs to be had because there are credible positions either way, it's not black and white. Why is the battle in Syria largely about Iran? It's largely geopolitical - Iran is allied with Hezbollah in Lebanon and has a big hand of control in Iraq, thanks to the disaster of the US invasion. Should Iran gain control in Syria (by resting Assad's survival on the presence of Al-Quds Brigade and Hezbollah), Iran will then control territory from the Persian Gulf to the Mediteranian, cutting a "Shia arc" across the Middle East. If you're a Sunni, a Jew or any other that the Iranians threaten, this is an existential crisis. This is an excellent piece that explains the religious affiliations between the Alawi and Shia and goes into detail how that transfers onto a map and becomes geopolitical. This article here also talks about Iranian geographical interests but details how and where that support has occurred - although it's very dated and goes back to early in the current unrest. There is another layer on this in that Assad has Russia as an ally and Russia and Iran are only friends of convenience. Russia has a base at Tartus, which is its only warm water port in the Mediterranean. But should Assad's survival only rest on Russian supprt, the Syrian government will support Russian interests over Iranian interests. Therefore, Iran also competes with Russia to be the #1 ally of Syria. This article details how Russia and IRan compete, where there have been many clashes on the ground between Russian backed forces and Iranian backed forces, competition to influence appointments in the military/militia and the competition to control strategic assets such as ports and airports. So when you consider the US pullout, you have to place it into a full context, not just the immediate situation on the ground. Has the US deployment to Syria been a success? Largely no, partly yes. It failed spectacularly to remove Assad and to curb Iranian influence. Indeed, it provided an opportunity for Russia to display to its allies that when Russia says it will support you, it will support you to the end. Where as the US has just shown that if you ally with the US in combat, you risk being fucked over. This is a major fail and countries like Korea, Japan, Philippines, India etc. are all taking note as they watch China expand in the Indo-Pacific. One of the biggest problems is that the US has to choose an ally and stick with it. This piece here that I posted in another thread goes into detail how the US can get trapped between allies and end up damaging its reputatioin with all involved, it's a good and short read, give it a go. The US deployment in Syria/Iraq partly succeeded as it destroyed the ISIS caliphate. However, it has not destroyed ISIS and the fight does go on. I've listed up the page numerous people who operate in the region, who work in the region and who have worked on the M/E all their professional careers who say that ISIS is still a threat and if we take our eye off the ball they will reconstitute from a scattered organisation back into a serious and coherent force. The fight is not over, at all. ISIS is still a threat and I will reinforce that fact in this thread as time goes on by posting evidence. Good times!
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    Fuck. Yes. @Ko SprueOne
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    Thanks again @Joker,I did what you said with each letter on the page, I did drop shadow cause I was trying to learn that skill please give me your opinion or anymore advice
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    Downtime while Vray renders...
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    As an ideology, sure it’s still around. As a functional organization for all intents and purposes it’s dead. A few pockets of insurgents claiming ISIS doesn’t negate Mercers point Should I copy pasta walls of text I likely haven’t even read myself to back my case or Na?
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    My personal favorite was "Look, I was in the military buddy, you can't possibly have a valid point on ammunition" 🤣
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    Likely to have already been discussed but figure some here might appreciate: Facebook isn’t free speech, it’s algorithmic amplification optimized for outrage Jon Evans@rezendi / 12:00 am AEDT • October 21, 2019 https://techcrunch.com/2019/10/20/facebook-isnt-free-speech-its-algorithmic-amplification-optimized-for-outrage/ This week Mark Zuckerberg gave a speech in which he extolled “giving everyone a voice” and fighting “to uphold a wide a definition of freedom of expression as possible.” That sounds great, of course! Freedom of expression is a cornerstone, if not the cornerstone, of liberal democracy. Who could be opposed to that? The problem is that Facebook doesn’t offer free speech; it offers free amplification. No one would much care about anything you posted to Facebook, no matter how false or hateful, if people had to navigate to your particular page to read your rantings, as in the very early days of the site. But what people actually read on Facebook is what’s in their News Feed … and its contents, in turn, are determined not by giving everyone an equal voice, and not by a strict chronological timeline. What you read on Facebook is determined entirely by Facebook’s algorithm, which elides much — censors much, if you wrongly think the News Feed is free speech — and amplifies little. What is amplified? Two forms of content. For native content, the algorithm optimizes for engagement. This in turn means people spend more time on Facebook, and therefore more time in the company of that other form of content which is amplified: paid advertising. Of course this isn’t absolute. As Zuckerberg notes in his speech, Facebook works to stop things like hoaxes and medical misinformation from going viral, even if they’re otherwise anointed by the algorithm. But he has specifically decided that Facebook will not attempt to stop paid political misinformation from going viral. I personally disagree with this decision, but I think it’s something about which reasonable people can disagree. However I find it deeply disingenuous to claim that this is somehow about defending free speech. If someone were to try to place a blatantly false political ad on any platform or network, would anyone seriously consider a decision not to run that ad an attack on free speech? Of course not. And they shouldn’t take the converse argument seriously either. The larger issue, though, is that Facebook seems to think that if an algorithm is content-agnostic, it is therefore fair. When Zuckerberg talks about giving people a voice, he really means giving those people selected by Facebook’s algorithm a voice. When he says “People having the power to express themselves at scale is a new kind of force in the world — a Fifth Estate,” what he actually means is that Facebook’s algorithm is itself that Fifth Estate. The belief is apparently that any human judgement based on content beyond the absolute minimum required by law and implied by the social contract — i.e. filtering out hate speech, abuses, or dangerous medical misinformation, all of which he stresses in his speech — is dangerous and wrong, and that this goes for both native content and paid advertising. According to this belief, Facebook’s algorithm, so long as it is content-agnostic, is definitionally fair. And that belief is just flat-out wrong. As we’ve all seen, “optimizing for engagement” all too often means optimizing for outrage, for polarization, for disingenuous misinformation. True, it doesn’t mean favoring any side of any given issue; but it does mean favoring the extremes, the conspiracy theorists, the histrionic diatribes on all sides. It means fomenting mistrust, suspicion, and conflict everywhere. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all lived it. Facebook’s decision to accept political ads regardless of content is essentially a logical extension of how their algorithm optimizes for engagement. It speaks to their belief that as long as they don’t pass judgement based on content, their ongoing, ceaseless editing of what people see and don’t see — and please call it censorship if you think this is any way about freedom of speech — is therefore fair and just. This belief was defensible ten or even five years ago. It is not defensible today. But it is also not going to change. Facebook’s original sin is not political ads; it is optimizing for engagement so that their users see more ads of all kinds. That’s what needs to change for Facebook to become a positive force in the world … and it’s also what never will, because that engagement is the fundamental engine of their business model.
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    Are they gundams? I'm shit with later airman Wore these today
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    I'd like to hang on to this thing because it's smothered in all sorts of stickers, labels and slaps that I'll never be able to get again. I guess that's the price I pay for being one of those guys lol Thoughts on chrome books? @misteraven @Dirty_habiT
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    Truck designs are the best. This is is a sick old Chevy used primarily as a permanent pizza joint sign. I know the dudes that do a lot of the shit around here and this piece got ragged not long ago. Old graffiti.
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    I've got a handful of friends who have worked at Colossal Media since day one. They do some pretty incredible work, but I always love the lettering stuff more than everything else.
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    Take this weak shit and park it over in the News section which is the appropriate forum for politics.
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    Looks fresh man. I recently got back into it and I'm fucking digging it all over again. Being old af sucks tho.
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    Fairfax? Sooki, please send chocolate rugelachs from Canter's deli STAT!
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    This is on Fairfax you say......?
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    http://cobras.clevelandsgs.com/videos/behind-the-sign/ Lots of good content on this website.
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    Something really special about hand-painted signs. Here's some more recent ones I've shot: Los Angeles, CA Fresno, CA Fresno, CA San Bernardino, CA San Bernardino, CA Colton, CA Rialto, CA Crestline, CA Las Vegas, NV Fontana, CA
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    A few more recent ones:
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