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    Pretty interesting to see how many more people are doing exactly that. Wasn't going to post this publicly, but no reason not to. This week in particular I'm seeing a significant uptick on here. Obviously a few threads almost feel like the old 12oz. Seen @seekingdrop through, @blood farthas recovered her account and is posting again, seen OG mod @sofarokregularly maintaining the travel and UK train threads, @STYLEISKINGstill swings through and throws in on a bunch of threads (be great to see him throw into the Toys thread and keep holding down the Burners and style thread, Seeing @One Man Bannedand @micahhawaiiessentially making the new forum about the best place to look at frights on the internet once again and certainly awesome to see how @Jokerwent from thinking he was just too busy with life to post regularly to almost single handedly holding down the Toys post here thread (freakin over 2000 pages now), and then there's a few new people and semi established lurkers (including @Limeliciouz, @aufand @ndvto name a couple) that have been logged in most days this past week or three for most of the day. This morning saw a massive spike in my start of day activity feed (165 new updates) which is substantially more than I generally see between the time I leave off before bed to start fo day each morning. Based off my own experiences with the forum, I believe the tipping point will come at anywhere between 3 - 5x the current traffic levels, which is actually an exponential increase smaller than what we've experienced in the last 12 months. Not specifically saying it'll happen in the next year as there's just too many contributing factors that can shift this wildly in either direction, but for example, when we released the forum reunion tee, there was a very large increase in activity that has mostly sustained itself since. Crazy that I still regularly get messages form people that are just finding out that forum is back, but I still get them regularly. I do think that the clear (and getting more clear each day) decline of Instagram presents an interesting opportunity not just for our forum, but for online culture in general. Obviously I'll keep pushing to the best of my ability, keep spreading news, likely put together an another tee that celebrates the forum somehow and other programs that give us and everyone else an excuse to talk about the forum (outside the forum), come check things out and register or recover accounts. I also communicate with @Dirty_habiTon a daily basis and am constantly looking into server and software tweaks or other methods / references / ideas on how we can perhaps improve the '12oz experience'. (Actually planning a big site update for the main site so it isn't just an online store, that I believe will make swinging by the site in general a more compelling thing that in turn, should also bring additional attention to the forum as well). Anyhow, you guys should remember vividly where we were 2 years ago... Literally 2 or 3 people logged in and even the popular sections showing threads that didn't have responses for days or even a week. Admittedly it does feel slow to me sometimes, especially when I have a bunch of extra time to pound the forum, but then again when I start exploring sections and threads I don't normally look at, I also come across some really interesting stuff. You guys might have also noticed that I've made it a point to contribute to the content as well. Not just posting comments, but taking the time to pull from daily life and interest and build out proper new threads. I try to think through a topic I find interesting, aggregate a few links and / or files that relate to a specific POV or help frame up the discussion and then release them. Sometimes they take off pretty quick, other times I need to sort of baby them along and cultivate them, but I will often hit up a handful of members I talk to pretty regularly and shoot them a link to go check it out. If I had a little more time on my hands, I'd treat some of these threads like blog entries and include a leading image and maybe some supporting images so it reads almost like an article. Perhaps even convert that into an Instagram post like other news sites do with their feeds so we can pull traffic over. Anyhow, point is that its pretty amazing that we're here having this conversation at all considering people had written off the forum as entirely done back in 2014 or so and it was essentially dead only a couple years ago. At least at this point we can all acknowledge there is a true community on here, even if for now its still a little small when comparing it to the old forum or the major players like Instagram. But we'll get there...
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    A few things I was lucky enough to see while checking out this exhibit which was pretty well done IMO. Went twice, had so much fun Saturday night and was able to score free tickets to come back and bring my wife who couldn't make it Saturday. Actually took flicks on Sunday, the last day of the exhibit. Complete list of Artists ect. https://beyondthestreets.com/pages/artists Personal fave both art, and general personality wise almost as soon as I walked in. Incase you haven't met him yet Futura 2000 is the man. Dude lives by his own rules very well. Probably should have shot more of the freight stuff. This giant miniature of the Southern Pacific box car was pretty dope. For scale, not sure why this looks like a bad pano but you get the picture. 2019-09-28 18.34.42.mov Cool installation, lots of foreign currency on display. Out of all the stuff I hadn't seen before, this piece above got me really stoked the most. Not that I didn't come across a lot of cool shit I hadn't seen before, this is just so dope to me. Not even sure who the artist is. Now I realize why people were taking pictures of the little signs next to the art lol. Photo does no justice it was huge, I want to say 8 feet tall maybe. Beastie Boys exhibit was pretty dope, a lot of cool details I'm sure I overlooked some of them. Taki and early NYC gang era wall. Right across from Taki, the one and only true pioneer himself. West coast pioneer/original as well. They had the uni's, and the mini's... Took a quick oontz break. I've seen this artists work before online, doesn't do it justice. Cleon Peterson I think. Really dig the style, the use of color, and the confirmation bias I get as an Anarchist. At least that's the statement/message I walk away from it with. Government is violence. Artists that have hands on shit for kids to do at art shows earn automatic respect. IMO these are the most important, and most overlooked people at any art show. Couldn't resist a quick one liner. Lady Pink shot by Martha Cooper, Jesus Christ she was dope. That's all I got, hope you enjoyed.
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    I have zero experience in creative industries (in terms of art) other than the fact that I have to come up with creative solutions to solve technology problems. "Scope creep" is an industry term we use when the scope of a project begins to expand naturally as the client asks for more and more things or the project your trying to complete begins requiring other things to be done first that were planned for. My suggestion is that you intend to be firm and assertive, people will respect you but you must navigate this carefully to not come off like a hard headed asshole. It's not easy for someone else to tell you how to establish your position within the work place (not quite the same as kicking someone's ass on your first day in prison) without knowing your co workers and workplace specifically. I've gotten way more respect from people higher up than me by saying "no" when I felt it necessary along with having good reasons why "no" is the answer. I know that's vague, but I hope it helps you. Main point: having a back bone makes you seem more like a partner than a peer or subordinate. I make it very clear to everyone I work with that once I leave for the day I'm doing me shit..... and not thinking about work shit. I don't want to stand around outside talking shop.... if i'm not at my desk working on computer shit, I don't want to talk to you about computer shit outside. I work to live not live to work, I will never understand people that let their job consume them when their job is working for someone else. Running your own business, fine work long hours talk shop all day if you want..... but don't spend yourself like this one someone else. You only get to live one time, is this how you want to spend your time? If the answer is ever "no" to that question, that's a clear sign that it's time for you to figure something different out. Don't rock the boat. Wait for your boss to give you tasks. I made the mistake of thinking I wasn't doing enough at work, but if you go making it obvious that you need something to keep busy, they will find something for you (and not in a good way). The part that is worse than that is that you may be highlighting that your boss doesn't have anything for you to do to others. For instance, my team is small (5 people) and we have one boss.... there are several other managers that we work with from other teams. The last thing I want to do is make any of those other managers think that our department is slow or anything about what we're doing is "not enough". So, I find things to occupy myself that are related to work while I wait for my manager to give me things to do. The fact that I complete the tasks I'm given so quickly and properly means that I get more time to figure other things out and do what I want while waiting for the boss's next tasks. I'm on an R&D team so it's probably a little different than other roles people are in but the same ideas should apply. I have salesforce experience. I think it's garbage software but it's very widely accepted. I never wrote custom add-ins for it but I did use it quite extensively before. Honestly, I'd go another route if it's up to you. I don't like all the 3rd party "hosted in the cloud" services that people use all the time now for business reasons. Atlassian software is a perfect example of an entire software ecosystem that I think is straight hot trash. I've had some pretty poor experiences working with women in my profession, and I've had some ok experiences. I've had way more poor experiences than not though. I'll say straight out, I'm not a sexist person. I believe everyone deserves a chance to do any profession they want to be a part of..... but I will say that in my profession, there is absolutely zero room for emotion. We don't use emotion to fix computer problems ever and when your chemical makeup is prone to making you react to problems in an emotional manner, it creates issues for people like me. At one of my last jobs, the directors said they wanted "people managers" that weren't technical to manage my department. Welll, here's the problem with that, what we work on is HIGHLY technical and if the manager has no clue what we're doing, how can they manage us or know if we're doing our jobs right? They cannot. Anyway, my last job, I dealt with being under 2 non-technical female managers. On more than one occassion I was ready to walk out of the job because of how they were acting about our technical problems for the day and lack of respect for work life balance. I had to tell one manager that belittling me on the support floor is not something that I'm going to be ok with. I told her that the way she talked to me in front of others was absolutely unprofessional. Of course she said sorry in a 1 on 1, but that's no the point..... the point is that she thought it was ok in the moment to make a scene. I've also had "technical" female coworkers before.... in software support roles. They were ok but I saw them getting a LOT of coddling from males in the department due to them being the only female working as a peer with us. Constantly being asked for "friendly" lunch dates and stuff, guys trying to be cool and shit.... whatever. I only go to work for the money. In the future if my manger is going to be a female, I'm going to think very very very long about whether or not it really is a job I want. I've just had bad experiences I think, I'm sure there are great women managers out there..... I just haven't worked with them yet. Now, one last thing.... now that I'm in an R&D dept, I'm working with a different caliber of professionals. The women that work here as software engineers are smarter than I am when it comes to writing code..... and they don't act like a bunch of hormone driven kiddos. It's nice and comforting, I would probably be ok with working under one of them because I know they think logically and rationally about problems. @auf- my suggestion on the "saying thanks" thing is ..... for one, don't say "thanks". It's lazy and sounds like you aren't really all that grateful. "Thank you" is what you should say when you intend to express gratefulness for something someone has done for you. With that said, I'd use good manners in the professional space all the time. It will get you much further in life and people within earshot will recognize that you're not a cave person when it comes to the pleasantries of communicating with others. The best tip i could give you for navigating difficult coworkers is to focus on your work and minimize the damage they can cause to your progress. This comes in many forms from distractions, long conversations that don't have to do with work, the coworker that constantly complains about SOMETHING, the guy that takes 4 cig breaks every hour, etc..... avoid all that shit and you'll shine in the eyes of your superiors if they're not morons.
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    Smoke crack, lose your job, house, wife and kids and spiral down into a living hell. Stonks
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    @STYLEISKINGI know there is a fair amount of politics in the artists' invitations, too. Cope2 threatened to beat me up because I made fun of him for not being allowed in. And then actually had a conversation with dude about it. Like you said, it seems to be a gastman history of graffiti, not necessarily a complete one. All that said, I wish I could have made it. Oh well, a few cans that I dug up were on that wall.
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    I was hoping this would be a place that we can seek professional input from one another. There are plenty of talented people here and we can use our community to help each other. Bounce estimates around to see if costs are reasonable, help with DIY projects, real life connections if doable - basically a place to seek and share professional input or collaboration. For example: @Mercer - you work as an electrician, right? Yesterday I was upgrading the security light on my front porch. I switched off the breaker but it still seemed like I got a small shock when I came in contact with the black wire. Is there residual power left over even if a circuit is turned off?
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    So, I haven't fucked with IG for years now, but recently decided I no longer wanted it to look like I follow accounts I no longer had any interest in. Just didn't want to add to their metrics as a "follower". Nike is one of these accounts, great shoes and gear, but I didn't want to follow for several reasons. I honestly liked when they stood up for Kapernic, even though as a minority I think police violence is a policing problem, as opposed to a racial thing but whatever. One thing I'm really big on is free speech no matter if I agree or not, so was kind of glad they sponsored Kapernic just from the free speech perspective alone. Now that Nike has exposed themselves as fake, by censoring athletes from speaking out on China, that changed my perspective. Clearly I'm 100% for the Hong Kong protesters, so fuck Nike (I'll still wear their shit though) but I'm not going to make myself availiable for their marketing campaigns, and def don't want to look like I am. Decided I should unfollow, so I logged into IG via my desktop web browser because I refuse to install IG (or any other spyware) on my phone and unfollowed the official Nike account. That's when a weird thing happened, my account automatically re-followed them. I was scrolling for other accounts I no longer wanted to follow, and noticed a Nike post. WTF? So I did some experimenting by unfollowing several verified accounts. Half of them wouldn't allow me to unfollow, no matter what I did, I eventually ended up blocking those accounts, at least blocking them finally worked. Here's proof: Unfollowgate.mp4 Anyway, I unfollowed close to 75 accounts this morning before I left, mainly targeting the verified ones which is bullshit to begin with. Why are some accounts verified, and other's aren't? It's using the platform to play favorites. I ended up blocking every verified account that I couldn't unfollow, which was a little more than half the verified accounts. Hard time believing this is just me, or a technical error. Out of curiosity, if any of you have IG on your phone are you able to unfollow verified accounts?
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    Fucking unfollow gate is real. I have not noticed this as I don’t follow any of those accounts. But it makes total sense. Blue checks cash checks and the check cashiers keep the ship afloat. 🧐🧐 Surely, someone somewhere makes it harder to get away from those folks with the checks. You guys are the computer nerds though. How is this possible, from a technical stand point??
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    Damn. I need to revisit that whole era of spoof movies. So fucking stupid, but exactly my sense of humor . Can't remember the name of the one now, but the jotunn is one of the coolest monsters in film, imo
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    Google calls it a tiki toss. I also, love that game. It can be a giant pain in the dick though. I I forgot about the og beer prices. Some places really got them deals fer real.
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    These are definitely much better than where you were, but your line weights are still all over the place. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with that, and something you should keep under your belt for the future, but right now I'm hoping to teach you how your letters truly are... how they truly interact with one another. I can tell you really want to do your own thing, and I want to support that, but let's focus on nailing the basics, first. The throw-up: definitely have fun with those, but let's focus on your pieces right now. As for feedback on it... it's not terrible, but it's not something I would encourage getting up with at the moment.
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    @misteravenand @Dirty_habiTbest bet is using a church parking lot.
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    Groundbreaking of the Astrodome in Houston...Done by pistols lol
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    Not sure man. Has to be a huge liability for a corporation with massively deep pockets. Seriously doubt the dozen or so cars camped in the lot even hint at scratching the surface of sales for a mega store like that.
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    2 for one sushi 8 dollars. 6 dollar movie, sun-tue. 2 2 dollar hollers at the bar afterwards (with a shitty tip) (my area only) (helluva bang for 20 dollars) (could be wrong I’m fucking retarded in math)
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    My homeboy moved there 5 years ago in a final attempt at making it on art. He’s a sauce lookin 6.5 halfy like myself. Dude is fucking crushing. Banging Korean pop stars, hanging in good galleries, acting in movies....I live vicariously though my guy. Can’t wait to visit Seoul. Also the best horror movies coming out are from there. and rip. Mental health is fragile af and although it’s a huge problem, unfortunately it’s not up to any other human being to be sensitive to us because of it. No person should bully or cyber bully but at the end of the day if you’re fucked up enough to commit suicide to you’re already there on your own. Other people arent going to be that much extra of a contribution imo. Suicidal snare going to do that shit or not.
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    Is Cope2 the man-child in real life that he comes across as online?
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    In Ohio you can buy a brewery worth of shit beer for $20, and thats alright with me...
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    Bruh, I can't give vice any of my $1.99's. Gonna sit this one out and wait for more of @Kultsdank meme show to return.
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    I do not, but try https://www.lynda.com/Salesforce-com-training-tutorials/6051-0.html
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    Nothing to really add to the suicide conversation other than highlighting it's a mental health issue worth learning/teaching about. Just came in here to say Korean women are smoking hot. I could def live in Seoul for no problem. R.I.P.
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    me personally would like to see more "StyleWriting" in the show a lot of writers are left out and deserved to be presented there, but it all comes down to Roger Gastman taste...
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    Acting like I don’t wanna be drinking real beers. The experimenting is quite delicious though...Especially into the cbd stuff.
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    I was hyped for Friday till bossman told me I had to come in Saturday !!! Love that money but I need to get my freight fix in !!! IMG_2255.MOV
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    Stroll through the wood then the hood to rest the brain on my pup peaches rip day. 😞 Hike some, eat, some, lurk some, eat some. Can an you spot the 🐸 toad?
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    I really dig this thread. This is sort of what social media could be if it wasn't so... Ya know, not 12oz..
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    I have a mullet Gotta respect them dark arts
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    Any tips on healthy ways to set boundaries at work? Clients/ Higher ups, all that. Learning to say no more often but realized I can be a little snarky after some "new details" or wants emerge. I guess I really need tips on keeping emotions intact and segregated while navigating through creative industries. I have no patience when it comes to other parts of a "team" being lazy and not taking accountability and I often find myself succumbing to stress and anger.
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    U like his stuff? Check out blek de rat - if ur into stencil art. Banksy copy’s all his stuff. It’s almost comical if it wasn’t so popular but it is, so it’s just sad. i actually appreciate political humor and seeing it on the street is okay I guess but honestly it’s coming from banksy so...Graff belongs on the streets yh, street art? It’s wierd. It’s contradictory. The fuckers want street art but not graff and that’s fucked up. Graff started that shit. Seeing banksy fuck graff and then getting accepted by the public is such a spit in the face to the whole scene. We concentrate more on celebrating robbo rly then thinking abt banksy tho we cbb wasting time on him lol
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    Oh no shit. As a rep from the uk I think I can say we hold a general opinion of fuck him...at least those of us that actually graff. Was talking to a fam friend the other day about art in general and she mentions ‘street art’ and ‘oh banksy...talented guy isn’t he, his graffiti no?’and I was like trying not to give myself away but was like ‘hell nah he’s not a writer and he’s some disrespectful fucktard’. Pretty subtle?. Can’t believe the idiot is so liked. Team robbo all the way ???
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    @fat ralphyThe circuit you're working on is either: a) not on a breaker at all (dangerous AF), or more likely just on another mislabeled breaker. Either way the important thing to remember here is that circuit is live, don't touch it until you get it shut off properly. For reference: Black wire: 110v hot (ouch) White wire: 110v neutral (also ouch) the green/bare copper wire: ground (no ouch). I'd either shut everything down as @aimersaid, and then test to make sure it's off by grabbing the exposed wire with your bare hands (just kidding don't, you'll die and it will be very painful) while standing in a puddle, or using electrical test equipment like a meter to make sure it's off before proceeding, risking your life, or risking your arm again like Kase 2. Although it wouldn't be a bad look to be the first one armed Purple Belt king of Styyyyyyyle.
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