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    Roger is a decent human, but I won't deny that his choice of artists in his exhibitions have become predictable. And I say that as an artist highlighted in two (or is it three?) Gastman publications, and one of his exhibitions. That said, I would not want to be responsible for taking on a show of this magnitude. You're never going to please everyone on your choices of who is in and who isn't, you're never going to be able to show the things that true writers see as most important, and you're never going to have a space big enough to give every writer who has made an impact in our culture room to shine. I assume that's why he continues to show the same people and mostly the same content. Those artists are solid representations of our culture directly or as artists who came from Graffiti, but also these artists are easily digestible for people who aren't writers. Personally, I'd love to see an exhibit about bombing, true Graffiti. Like, if the books The Official Bootleg Series and Also Known As were an art exhibit. I love seeing artists do their thing, it's beautiful, but an exhibition that shows the grit of bombing would be absolutely amazing. Eventually someone is going to have to have the real conversation about the differences between Street Art and Graffiti. They're not the same so they shouldn't be lumped together as if they are.
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    This is my life. i work at a tattoo shop. They have my name on the window. Gary Martin painted it, for those who give a fuck about hand painted lettering. i make sharpie shirts for fun in my free time. Punk i donโ€™t drink or do hard drugs for well over 7 years now. im just trying my hardest to be a decent human ok thank u
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    A few things I was lucky enough to see while checking out this exhibit which was pretty well done IMO. Went twice, had so much fun Saturday night and was able to score free tickets to come back and bring my wife who couldn't make it Saturday. Actually took flicks on Sunday, the last day of the exhibit. Complete list of Artists ect. https://beyondthestreets.com/pages/artists Personal fave both art, and general personality wise almost as soon as I walked in. Incase you haven't met him yet Futura 2000 is the man. Dude lives by his own rules very well. Probably should have shot more of the freight stuff. This giant miniature of the Southern Pacific box car was pretty dope. For scale, not sure why this looks like a bad pano but you get the picture. 2019-09-28 18.34.42.mov Cool installation, lots of foreign currency on display. Out of all the stuff I hadn't seen before, this piece above got me really stoked the most. Not that I didn't come across a lot of cool shit I hadn't seen before, this is just so dope to me. Not even sure who the artist is. Now I realize why people were taking pictures of the little signs next to the art lol. Photo does no justice it was huge, I want to say 8 feet tall maybe. Beastie Boys exhibit was pretty dope, a lot of cool details I'm sure I overlooked some of them. Taki and early NYC gang era wall. Right across from Taki, the one and only true pioneer himself. West coast pioneer/original as well. They had the uni's, and the mini's... Took a quick oontz break. I've seen this artists work before online, doesn't do it justice. Cleon Peterson I think. Really dig the style, the use of color, and the confirmation bias I get as an Anarchist. At least that's the statement/message I walk away from it with. Government is violence. Artists that have hands on shit for kids to do at art shows earn automatic respect. IMO these are the most important, and most overlooked people at any art show. Couldn't resist a quick one liner. Lady Pink shot by Martha Cooper, Jesus Christ she was dope. That's all I got, hope you enjoyed.
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    Also remember that time i married someone from 12oz and then moved to Germany for 3 years lol. life is wild
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    My life is photo based. ive been trying to say less & do more. I work a lot. I have two cats as roommates. i havenโ€™t been on a date in over 2 years because I got my heart broken and it hurt too bad for too long so now I keep to myself mainly. I probably smoke too much weed. I get tattooed frequently by artists that I never thought would be within my reach. But now they watch my ig stories & smash emojis in my DMs, so i think that means we are friends. Iโ€™m probably just a regular adult. which is not exciting to most..Iโ€™m just surprised that Iโ€™m still alive.
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    Nyc is blessed, having some good exhibitions out there like: Beyond the streets, Art vs transit (Henry Chalfant) and latest the Rooftop Legends
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    Probably just got to the flea market or an estate sale and buy a pile of junk. Being inside a strangers home and being encouraged to dig thru their lifeโ€™s collection is fun. Smoothie ($12) and entrance into Barton Springs Pool ($5) then walk across street to Zilker Botanical Garden ($3) nature is fun
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    The Chase, which is my favourite Charlie Sheen movie.. outstanding comedy i love it ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
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    I have zero experience in creative industries (in terms of art) other than the fact that I have to come up with creative solutions to solve technology problems. "Scope creep" is an industry term we use when the scope of a project begins to expand naturally as the client asks for more and more things or the project your trying to complete begins requiring other things to be done first that were planned for. My suggestion is that you intend to be firm and assertive, people will respect you but you must navigate this carefully to not come off like a hard headed asshole. It's not easy for someone else to tell you how to establish your position within the work place (not quite the same as kicking someone's ass on your first day in prison) without knowing your co workers and workplace specifically. I've gotten way more respect from people higher up than me by saying "no" when I felt it necessary along with having good reasons why "no" is the answer. I know that's vague, but I hope it helps you. Main point: having a back bone makes you seem more like a partner than a peer or subordinate. I make it very clear to everyone I work with that once I leave for the day I'm doing me shit..... and not thinking about work shit. I don't want to stand around outside talking shop.... if i'm not at my desk working on computer shit, I don't want to talk to you about computer shit outside. I work to live not live to work, I will never understand people that let their job consume them when their job is working for someone else. Running your own business, fine work long hours talk shop all day if you want..... but don't spend yourself like this one someone else. You only get to live one time, is this how you want to spend your time? If the answer is ever "no" to that question, that's a clear sign that it's time for you to figure something different out. Don't rock the boat. Wait for your boss to give you tasks. I made the mistake of thinking I wasn't doing enough at work, but if you go making it obvious that you need something to keep busy, they will find something for you (and not in a good way). The part that is worse than that is that you may be highlighting that your boss doesn't have anything for you to do to others. For instance, my team is small (5 people) and we have one boss.... there are several other managers that we work with from other teams. The last thing I want to do is make any of those other managers think that our department is slow or anything about what we're doing is "not enough". So, I find things to occupy myself that are related to work while I wait for my manager to give me things to do. The fact that I complete the tasks I'm given so quickly and properly means that I get more time to figure other things out and do what I want while waiting for the boss's next tasks. I'm on an R&D team so it's probably a little different than other roles people are in but the same ideas should apply. I have salesforce experience. I think it's garbage software but it's very widely accepted. I never wrote custom add-ins for it but I did use it quite extensively before. Honestly, I'd go another route if it's up to you. I don't like all the 3rd party "hosted in the cloud" services that people use all the time now for business reasons. Atlassian software is a perfect example of an entire software ecosystem that I think is straight hot trash. I've had some pretty poor experiences working with women in my profession, and I've had some ok experiences. I've had way more poor experiences than not though. I'll say straight out, I'm not a sexist person. I believe everyone deserves a chance to do any profession they want to be a part of..... but I will say that in my profession, there is absolutely zero room for emotion. We don't use emotion to fix computer problems ever and when your chemical makeup is prone to making you react to problems in an emotional manner, it creates issues for people like me. At one of my last jobs, the directors said they wanted "people managers" that weren't technical to manage my department. Welll, here's the problem with that, what we work on is HIGHLY technical and if the manager has no clue what we're doing, how can they manage us or know if we're doing our jobs right? They cannot. Anyway, my last job, I dealt with being under 2 non-technical female managers. On more than one occassion I was ready to walk out of the job because of how they were acting about our technical problems for the day and lack of respect for work life balance. I had to tell one manager that belittling me on the support floor is not something that I'm going to be ok with. I told her that the way she talked to me in front of others was absolutely unprofessional. Of course she said sorry in a 1 on 1, but that's no the point..... the point is that she thought it was ok in the moment to make a scene. I've also had "technical" female coworkers before.... in software support roles. They were ok but I saw them getting a LOT of coddling from males in the department due to them being the only female working as a peer with us. Constantly being asked for "friendly" lunch dates and stuff, guys trying to be cool and shit.... whatever. I only go to work for the money. In the future if my manger is going to be a female, I'm going to think very very very long about whether or not it really is a job I want. I've just had bad experiences I think, I'm sure there are great women managers out there..... I just haven't worked with them yet. Now, one last thing.... now that I'm in an R&D dept, I'm working with a different caliber of professionals. The women that work here as software engineers are smarter than I am when it comes to writing code..... and they don't act like a bunch of hormone driven kiddos. It's nice and comforting, I would probably be ok with working under one of them because I know they think logically and rationally about problems. @auf- my suggestion on the "saying thanks" thing is ..... for one, don't say "thanks". It's lazy and sounds like you aren't really all that grateful. "Thank you" is what you should say when you intend to express gratefulness for something someone has done for you. With that said, I'd use good manners in the professional space all the time. It will get you much further in life and people within earshot will recognize that you're not a cave person when it comes to the pleasantries of communicating with others. The best tip i could give you for navigating difficult coworkers is to focus on your work and minimize the damage they can cause to your progress. This comes in many forms from distractions, long conversations that don't have to do with work, the coworker that constantly complains about SOMETHING, the guy that takes 4 cig breaks every hour, etc..... avoid all that shit and you'll shine in the eyes of your superiors if they're not morons.
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    Smoke crack, lose your job, house, wife and kids and spiral down into a living hell. Stonks
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    @STYLEISKINGI know there is a fair amount of politics in the artists' invitations, too. Cope2 threatened to beat me up because I made fun of him for not being allowed in. And then actually had a conversation with dude about it. Like you said, it seems to be a gastman history of graffiti, not necessarily a complete one. All that said, I wish I could have made it. Oh well, a few cans that I dug up were on that wall.
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    I was hoping this would be a place that we can seek professional input from one another. There are plenty of talented people here and we can use our community to help each other. Bounce estimates around to see if costs are reasonable, help with DIY projects, real life connections if doable - basically a place to seek and share professional input or collaboration. For example: @Mercer - you work as an electrician, right? Yesterday I was upgrading the security light on my front porch. I switched off the breaker but it still seemed like I got a small shock when I came in contact with the black wire. Is there residual power left over even if a circuit is turned off?
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    Google calls it a tiki toss. I also, love that game. It can be a giant pain in the dick though. I I forgot about the og beer prices. Some places really got them deals fer real.
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    @ElbowMack187that looks cool
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    Oh man, you just solved my costume woes...
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    Whatโ€™s the one where he car jacks a hottie using a butterfinger ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    @kults - that one you posted looks like it's about to fall apart from rust! Look how bad the kick panels along the bottom are, wow.... surprised that thing is driving lol. Due to the influx of new drifters in Austin, our local Walmart (which I avoid like the plague regularly anyway) is now being used quite heavily for extended stay camper people. This got me to thinking, really.... given Walmart's business model.... it makes sense to let people sleep in the parking lot. When they need something they go inside walmart and buy it. Keep your customers living in the parking lot, solid!
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    Is MySpace even accessible ๐Ÿง๐Ÿง๐Ÿง
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    me personally would like to see more "StyleWriting" in the show a lot of writers are left out and deserved to be presented there, but it all comes down to Roger Gastman taste...
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    Acting like I donโ€™t wanna be drinking real beers. The experimenting is quite delicious though...Especially into the cbd stuff.
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    @misteravencan u make a thanks button by the likes and stuff ๐Ÿ˜‚ wud make my life so much less cheesy and make comments much more to the point....that said much appreciation @Jokerand @LUGR for the incredible help and comments ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿ‘Š
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    some random Bedrolls/Swags stashed in the bush went home to report Koala sighting and of course the train I was waiting for went through took the kids up to see Koala because it gets them away from house did some school holiday homework with my son. he's learning to write and has been filling books slowly with random words so I thought I'd have a laugh. wife not very impressed kids wanted to have a boogie and it was 92 degrees outside so youtube ( yes Justin timberlake on the screen - no point in hiding it ) making chicken katsu for dinner - bit heavy on the crumbs flipped up the lid of the vegie scraps bin and killed a fly on the window behind it. couldn't achieve that deliberately in lifetime of trying sister in law came over so back to show Koala one more time this time little fella was further up the tree from mum debating about trying to get to NYC to see this Henry Chalfant thing. mate of mine got green light off his wife so now I have to work on mine. anyways hope you liked.
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    Stroll through the wood then the hood to rest the brain on my pup peaches rip day. ๐Ÿ˜ž Hike some, eat, some, lurk some, eat some. Can an you spot the ๐Ÿธ toad?
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    Days are getting shorter and colder so riding time is tapering off. Some pics from recent jaunts and a recovery beverage.
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    Colette x undefeated x lamjc new balance
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