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    Does anyone even browse? Does everyone just post? If you read this give me the "truth" props!
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    I just copped the limited Off White version
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    No Ladder Required: Plus you should see me dip from cops and pull bitches in these. Also available in grey.
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    BE38B72D-CDD8-4C67-8F38-C115FB788F8D.MOV 467B81F3-5D10-46D0-B878-213A3DA7C350.MOV
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    Telescopic ladder is your friend! Know of people that use them just to get access to spots and others that use them to paint up high.
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    Insects (all self caught) and animal skulls (not self caught)
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    Chicken ramen with soft boiled egg, spring onions & red chillis.
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    Met this thicc ass horse at the library. And made some wontons and mini eggrolls. The chicken filling was amazing, ask about em. Oil temp was hard to control, toddler things.
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    Imagine fkn Smash Mouth weighing in on Politics in 2019 and thinking anyone in their right mind would give a shit what they had to say lol
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    Thanks man, appreciate you dude. Pre sale ends Wednesday. I'll likely over print these so I can have a few on hand and help out some stragglers, but this will be the last opportunity to get them at the pre sale discount. Please let people know...
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    Lets see what you collect. I collect vintage skateboards. If anyone has boards collecting dust in a garage somewhere please message me. Seriously.
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    Don't you dare throw Chris dorner in with the rest of those fuckos.
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    Where does it say anything about Antifa? “Kill every fascist?” Hardly a proclamation of membership of any organized group.
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    Would love to see evidence of the above if anyone cares to dig it up. That way, I’m not parroting back bad info next time someone brings this up.
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    Is there a link to the whole thing? Curious what else the comrades are concerned about besides sensory overload from excited chatter and non-gender neutral nouns / pronouns.
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    Confucious say- Girl meet boy in park // boy park meat in girl
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    - Work - Work - Work Last couple weeks have been the icing on the cake to a savage couple months, piled on a brutal past year and a half. Would like to think I’m very close to turning a corner. Hopefully.
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    One of the cooler pollinators I get, the hummingbird moth
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    I have to take an opportunity to remind you both what exactly the executive branch of the government is responsible for, it's Enforcement. The President is essentially commander and chief of Federal Enforcement. These candidates can vocally support tax cuts, or economic policy, but the actual work and negotiations done for that go mainly through the legislative branch. If you think Obama, or Trump play a role significant enough to claim responsibility for economic growth, you need to re-take civics 101. Even the legislature itself cannot stimulate growth through policy, they can only choose between the least destructive economic policies to enact in the hopes the market can support the policy. With that said, Coming from the same thoroughbred race as Obama I can't be credibly accused of racism like any of you common inbreds. Therefore I feel a responsibility to rip into Obama for a while now and dispel these bullshit sainthood myths shat surround his Presidency. No offence to you Cali but I'll quote/respond to your post. Huge difference between being forced to pay into a super expensive ACA plan that doesn't cover shit, and having an actual real healthcare plan like what I have. My wife had that shit before I met her and it was trash, deductible was so high it never covered anything and to get the deductible down it would cost you twice as much in payments. We spent endless nights weighing her options. There's no way more good than harm came out of that money grab. IMO you've actually presented a negative and by the tone of how you've presented it even you have doubts about it's net effect yourself. Look, if any plan makes sense, people will buy into it voluntarily, if a plan is mandatory, it's almost always guaranteed to be shitty. Nope, the funds were provided by me, you and everyone else, Obama, and Bush both supported the bailouts but that was the legislations job. I can tell you what he didn't do, he never once used his power as the head of the executive branch to go after the people who caused the collapse which is technically his job to do. Not a single arrest, or large legal bill for one of these people. Only a message that it was OK to do it, and continue on. Major Fail, Iceland didn't bail out, and actually locked the people responsible up in their country, guess who's economy recovered better. Took him three years (longer than most U.S. wars ever last) and he expanded bombing civilians with flying robots, and military raids beyond Afghanistan, and Iraq, into Lybia, Syria, Yemen, Somalia etc. and those are only the unclassified raids/dronings. Murdering piece of shit, and I hope history and this sainthood myth of his never let him off the hook for these war crimes. Many in the region is still suffering from his direct callus actions. Supported one that was in the legislature, and promoted by Bush before him, yes. *golf clap* Sorry if this opinion of him is offensive to you but I had high hopes for him myself voting for him. The day he won I was actually very stoked. Don't forget he basically ran on the fact Hillary, and McCain voted for the Iraq war. Then reality set in, he decided to just continue the war for 3 more years, never shut down Gitmo, (another campaign promise), never prosecuted the torturers, and continued along the same violent path of aggression (outside of the Osama raid, none of his defensive actions were done in defense). Half the problems we have now with the lack of due process that allows ICE to lock you up until you can prove your citizenship/immigration status did come from Obama. This, (and the trade wars) are my biggest beefs with the current administration and please believe me when I tell you Obama started this mass deportation crackdown long before Trump. I know it sounds like Trump BS talking points but it's the truth. That's why even though I have a lifelong thing for bad ass Hawaiian chicks, there's absolutely no way I would ever trust Tulsi to fulfill her empty promise of peace once she's in office. Ive been duped too many times, and apparently a significant number of people are still believe this bullshit promise of "hope and change" lol. There will only be more of the same.
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    2/3 of my cats. I have 2 dogs too.
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    I sort of collect records as well.. Not to the point where i need first pressings or rarities and that shit, it’s mostly albums i wanted “forever.” They’re all back home in storage at the moment though. So here’s a photo of the shelf i made to house them when i actually had them in my house.
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    Definitely had to look up what the fuck numismatic meant.
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    Home made frittata made with farm fresh eggs and pork chorizo.
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